Round One of the Summer Circuit Tournament


RFCP faced off and won against our friends, the Winged Hussars, in the first round of the CPA Summer Circuit tournament!

The attack was led by what Prior affectionately called “the Colonel and the Commissar” duo at 12 noon EST July 16, 2019, as Prior had an in-real-life appointment. RFCP maxed 9 to WH’s 6. We experimented with new formations (an O formation) and tactics, showing that our training event on Monday night payed off well. During this event, RFCP soldiers worked out at Corporal jakemoody’s gym. Prior and the Commissar sparred (no boxing gloves!) in front of the LGA-dressed dummy penguins.

RFCP also practiced with a new equal (=) sign formation. At the end of the night, Prior gave the troops an acronym to stand for the different formations and he blew an in-game whistle which meant “change formations.” The soldiers ran through this with dexterity.

Remember, – R formation

Even – Equal sign (=) formation

Prior – Pinpoint formation

Didn’t – Delta (upside-down triangle) formation

Call – Cross formatiom

Orders – O formation

Friday – Federation (F) formation

X – X formation

Notice Prior’s whistle.

Judging vote for the tournament battle was unanimous (3-0) in our favor.

Both sides experienced in-real-life emergencies it seems, as at one point, with officers needing to duck out temporarily, command dwindled all the way down to then-Ice Agent Lucky Quinn for a moment! Good job under pressure, Lucky.

We congratulate the Winged Hussars on a good battle and look forward to our continued friendship in the New Viking Alliance.

The next tournament battle is Thursday, July 18, 3pm EST against another ally of ours, Elite Guardians of Club Penguin.

Let’s fight RFCP all the way to the gold cup.

And if there isn’t a gold cup, we’ll goddamn make one.


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