This Blog Post is 10% Off! Three Coupons Announced!

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–Have you always wanted to purchase your own blog post but couldn’t afford it? Well, we have a coupon for that…

If there’s one flaw Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP) soldiers have these days, it’s that they’re a little too excited when it comes to Bumble Bucks (BB). Yes, they’re a lot of fun: The designs are so quintessentially RFCP, and the satisfaction of receiving a bright, bold dollar bill with your name on it is hard to beat. Even the most frugal savers of BB, however, might find that the prize they’ve been eyeing is just a little too expensive. Up until today, their only option would be to keep earning.

But this is the RFCP, where anything is possible, and some might even call this new era under the returned Commander Prior Bumble a second renaissance. Indeed, so much creativity has recently engulfed the server–and one of the latest products of this environment is the introduction of three coupons to the RFCP store!

Coupons, clearly, are symptomatic innovations arising from the #study-time channel. There, it was decreed that one of the prizes awarded to those who completed their study/work goal would be one 10% off coupon to the RFCP store–and such a coupon had not yet existed!

So, on June 20, 2022, Prior announced that an army-wide contest to design the 10% off coupon would be held. This resulted in three wonderful submissions, and Prior decided that instead of choosing just one, he’d authorize all three coupons under different values: 25% off, 10% off, and a meme 6.9% off. See the official coupons below:

The 25% off coupon was designed by Gen. Microhamster, the 10% off one by Capt. Chocolateyness, and the meme 6.9% off one by Capt. Krispy. To acquire the 25% off coupon, you’ll have to take advantage of various army challenges hicom offers which might award it. The 10% off one will still be the main prize for #study-time progress, but might also be offered in miscellaneous ways. The joke 6.9% off coupon will be awarded rarely, and probably with a large dollop of humor. Its informal meme style is similar to the -$10 BB bill.

Please note that Krispy, who is the designer of the meme coupon, and the other contributor (who is the other face on the coupon next to Krispy), both gave public consent to RFCP to publish this coupon with their likeness visible. Proof:

All designs had to include the terms of the coupon:

Good for [25%, 10%, or 6.9%] off one item in the RFCP store. Cannot be combined with other discounts. Never expires.

But wait! There’s more!

Once in a blue moon, the weekly Sunday Fun-Day will print a coupon in the paper. That coupon is only available to the FIRST person who claims the coupon by screenshotting it (include some of the paper so we know it’s a screenshot) and posting it in #contest-submissions. Even more reason to RUSH for the BLOG.

In that spirit…


Select ONLY ONE of the coupons above, screenshot it, and post it in #contest-submissions to claim it! If someone else before you does the same with the same one you chose, you don’t get it. So, should you try for the 25% off one, or would it be safer to screenshot the 10% off one now…?

Choose wisely, and happy discount shopping!

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