Dad, How Do I…? Make a Phone Call to Adults

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–The blog premiers a new series called “Dad, How Do I…?” in which Prior Bumble, i.e. “Papa Prior,” the Father of RFCP, walks you through how to do things a dad would teach you. The series is inspired by a YouTube channel with the same purpose and is especially aimed at helping our soldiers who do not have fathers, have unideal relationships with their fathers, or just need a father figure’s love and guidance.

Hey, kids! Welcome to this new blog series. I’m really excited to teach you, well, all the things dads teach! Everything in this series will be applicable to real life, and is designed to help you navigate the challenging and sometimes intimidating facets of growing up. That’s what dads are for!

Your feedback indicated that one of the most pressing matters you’d like a “how-to” on from Papa Prior is how to make phone calls to adults. I know it can be scary–phone calls mean you can’t think long about your responses like you could in an email, text, or Discord message, and it requires reading verbal cues and being clear and attentive. That’s a lot to handle! It’s actually very easy, though, and I know you can be great at it. Here are the steps:

  1. Remember that by Calling, You’re Already Ahead

Most adults over 40 really appreciate phone calls. To them, it’s a sign of respect and character that you took the time (and had the guts!) to actually call. To them, it sets you apart from other people your age. This means that no matter what you say or how awkward you think the call is, you are already ahead of the game. You already made a choice many Gen Z and Millennials won’t–and that means you’ve probably already impressed the adult you’re calling. Remember this!

2. Schedule Calls Early in the Day

People are fresher and less jaded by everyday annoyances when you catch them earlier. You run no risk of calling when they just want to clock out and go home. Now, you know I’m a night owl, and I think there should be no shame in that, so “early” for me means as early as my day normally begins! The best thing about doing crucial calls early is that you don’t have to worry for the rest of the day, and can treat yourself to something fun later.

3. Avoid Using Speakerphone and Be in a Safe Area

Good phone calls are conducted when one is not driving or distracted by other things in his or her environment. Papa doesn’t want anyone driving and using a cell phone at the same time. Using speaker phone is not a good option, because calls are usually less crisp and clear. Avoiding speaker phone reduces the risk that your call will be cluttered with, “What? Sorry?”

4. Know Your Goals, and Keep Notes as an Option

Make sure you know what you want to say or accomplish with each phone call before dialing. I don’t think having notes is a “must do,” and in fact they may force you into awkward sentences or unnatural segues. But having a short bullet-point list of things you don’t want to forget on the call is fine.

5. Keep Your Introduction Short

When the person picks up, keep your introduction short and give them a chance to respond before you jump in. For example, “Hi there, my name is [name] and I recently had a job interview with you. Did I catch you at a good time?” This tosses the conversation back to them at an appropriate time. Try not to launch into your questions before then. Once they reply (“Yes! How can I help you?”), then go into what you need. “Great! I was just wondering if you could tell me…” etc.

6. Remember that it’s only 5-10 Minutes or so of your Life

We tend to blow up the idea of big phone calls. But really, they’ll be over in a heartbeat. Try not to work yourself up about them so that you can instead project confidence and coolness.

7. IMPORTANT! Send a Follow-Up Email or Text

Ahh, back to the comfort zone! But don’t forget this step. After a professional phone call (or even a customer service call that resolved some important issues), it is extremely polished to then send a brief follow-up message. For example, “Hi, [person]. Great discussion today on the phone. Thank you so much for you time, and please reach out if you had any more questions.”

Phone calls can be a little nerve-wracking, but now you are armed with knowledge and have nothing to fear!

Kiddos, I believe in you, and I am so proud of you for taking big steps out of your comfort zone when the situation calls for it [dad joke intended].

I love you so much.


This new blog series will be a REGULAR series posted at IRREGULAR times. We are excited to debut it! What “dad skills” do YOU want Prior to teach you? Let us know in the comments!

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