Sunday Fun-Day: Vol. 3, Issue 6

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA— The RFCP Times-Dispatch is back with a brand new issue of the Sunday paper!

Weekly Recap

The Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP) had a very eventful week this week! We are trying a new format for our Weekly Recap, so make sure you leave us a comment and let us know what YOU think.


  • Commander Prior Bumble taught an RFCP-U (RFCP University) class on Penguin Latin. This specific class covered the 5 “foundational” words in Penguin Latin that are only one single letter. Max–5.
  • We also had a Bob Ross painting event! A video of Bob Ross painting was streamed in #KrispyTV, and everyone recreated the art themselves. Look at these masterpieces! Max–4.
Bob Ross’ version
Our versions…
With a modern art spin…


  • We started the evening off with a game of Skribbl. Max–6.
  • There was also a training event held on NewCP, but we can’t say more until the blog post on this experimental event is out! Stay tuned! Max–5, but 6 attended.


  • For Casino Night, we had an online Cards Against Humanity game. Max–6.
  • Then we had our first ever KrispyBall™ lottery! Tickets were bought with Bumble Bucks, and everyone tested their luck to see if their numbers matched up with Prior’s draw numbers. Look for a blog post on this soon!



  • Friday was an exciting night. Commander Prior unveiled THREE new medals! You can read more about them on our updated medals page. Sorry to keep teasing you, but we’ll have yet another individual blog post on this soon!
  • Unfortunately, our regular Friday movie night was canceled due to our resident streamer having an unforeseen conflict. Back to normal next week!


  • We held our first ever Career Day! Division Heads went to the #expo-center, a brand new channel made for general purpose event/convention space, to hand out fliers and recruit people for their divisions. Each division had a posterboard diorama made as well. There were a total of 6 Booths representing various different divisions.

These were all the awesome posters:

Soldier of the Week

This week’s Soldier of the Week is… *drumroll*… Cpt. Chocolateyness! 

The announcement was made by Col. VoidWalker on Friday night between medal introductions. Commissar Coolj chose them, and gave the following quote explaining his decision:

Congratulations, Choco!

This Week in RFCP History

  • This week, in 2019. RFCP had continuous battles with LGA (Lime Green Army) in the War of Smoke and Sour. July 13, 2019, RFCP officially took control of Northern Lights. 
  • On July 14, 2019, RFCP officially declared Northern Lights as our capital. Later that same day, the Council of the Auroras met to discuss the ongoing war and various other points of diplomacy.
  • TODAY– July 17, 2019, RFCP officially added Corporal, Sergeant, and Major as new ranks.
  • TODAY– July 17, 2019, RFCP competed in the first battle in the 2019 Summer Circuit.


Click to enlarge.
Click to enlarge.


And as promised…

Here is the first comic strip in Prior’s comic series he submitted to Disney over and over again trying to get published in the Club Penguin newspaper…

Prior would have been between 10 and 13 (to be conservatively vague) years old, and a Commissar in the People’s Republic Army (PRA). If you like it, let us know, as there were MANY more of these comics where that came from (lol).

Adorable/cringe Baby Prior

What did YOU think of the revamped Weekly Recap? Leave us a comment below and give us your thoughts!

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