BREAKING! RFCP Issues Warning to Templars, Threat of War Within 24 Hours

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: Commander Prior Bumble issues formal warning to TCP in response to their behavior of doxxing, racism, and sexual content in the presence of minors. RFCP threatens war in 24 hours. A mature content note applies to this post.

Addressed to the HICOM of TCP:

Several screenshots of Templars (TCP) doxxing, making antisemitic and anti-black slurs, and brandishing flagrant sexual content in their public/general chat (named #commons) in the presence of youth have been brought to my attention. Many of TCP’s actions have also been directly against RFCP, with RFCP as a frequent target of TCP’s hatred.

Although we are doubtful TCP is unaware of the affects of their behavior, we feel compelled to issue a straightforward warning before launching war. We understand, from experience (although from experience nowhere near to the degree or with the malicious intent of TCP), that realizing you need better moderation in your server (and not being fully cognizant of the problem), in the interest of protecting young users, sometimes takes a well-intended person pointing it out to you. We are that person.

Clean up your general chat, cease the doxxing/threats of doxxing, and desist from discriminatory slurs within 24 hours, all of which are colossally and disproportionately contributing to CPA’s toxicity, or we will declare war. Proof of your heeding this warning will be accepted in the form of the following messages in red boxes, and ALL doxxing messages of anyone in CPA, being deleted by your moderators by the deadline:

Swaztika formation praised
Swaztika formation performed

Further, RFCP understands that this war and post likely will prompt considerable backlash in personal and inappropriate attacks against us by the Templars; including more doxxing, NSFW assaults, and hate speech focused on RFCP. We also realize that this move is in temporary discordance with our policy of Ukahala. Despite this, we feel that we must live what we have been preaching to CPA/CHAH: that tolerance in the face of injustice and cruelty is supporting the injustice and cruelty. Like always, RFCP is the war army that pushes activity and force into the community when others won’t. We accept this risk.

Therefore, if war be the answer from the Templars, we shall call it the:

War of Higher Calling

Our first battle will be announced at 6:30 p.m. EST, July 22nd, 2020, if the Templars do not respond.

Oh, and Xing:

Papa Prior won’t be there to log into your Discord and lead competently for you.

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