Successful Battle of Yukon; More Questions About the Future

On July 22, 10:30 p.m. EST, RFCP maxed 34 and dominated the Templars (TCP) at the Battle of Yukon. This opened the War of Higher Calling.

Templars reached 25–unknown how many of those were Xing. In fact, Templars discussed before the battle that “no one would come” if TCP didn’t call on allies under the table.

In this battle, Gen. Coolj, M.M., M.V., led the debut room, the stadium. Prior wanted him to have the firsthand opportunity to knock the guts out of racists. Then, the Commander directed room two, the forts.

Templars did not surprise by bringing their toxicity with them. Their tactics alternated exclusively between antisemitism, doxxing, terrorist cries, and accusing RFCP of multilogging. CPAH judges ruled RFCP victory at the opening moments of room two, and TCP logged off midway through this room, but RFCP endured until the clock struck :50. The Recon Federation ended with a powerful show of pride.

All of this, of course, followed after the Templars refused RFCP’s demands to cease their offensive, line-crossing behavior. CPAH reporter, Rosiee, covered our declaration and included an interview with the Commander

RFCP indeed succeeded in “wiping them off the map”: following this RFCP victory, Templars transferred all their land to Ice Warriors (IW).

So, what next? RFCP has won the CPAH server, Yukon.

Prior Bumble even entered the CPAH server; causing such a reaction that slow-mode had to be enabled in the chat.

Grace, former Shock Troop merger who quit RFCP and talked mad shit despite literally no one doing anything rude to her, pinged Prior with some vitriol. She asked if Prior gave himself a passport (a.k.a. permission to enter the server), or it RFCP passports are only for Prior’s “underlings.”

She was wearing a Templar role! Part of the most toxic army in CPA! Wow. Not the best moral ground to stand on, there.

At the same time, some CPAH authorities, to our surprise, and appreciation, defended RFCP.

Pookie also defended us against the Templars’ line-crossing tactics.

Currently, three RFCP reps are monitoring conditions in CPAH. No more RFCP reps are authorized to enter at this time, and the embargo on other army servers have not been lifted. But at the moment, the only clear intentions RFCP have in CPAH are to keep Templars from reemerging. As far as our intelligence understands, IW could transfer Templars back their land at any time, prompting a perfect recipe for a Whack-A-Mole War 2.

There is no current information about whether RFCP intends to further engage with CPAH. As of yet, HICOM have not even bothered to declare Yukon a capital or go after Northern Lights, and Prior has the server muted.

But if Ice Warriors move, or if the army community expresses more acceptance, kindness, and fairness, to the Recon Federation…

Could we return?

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