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HISTORIC! RFCP and LGA Form Close Bond

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: As both armies face big next chapters, LGA, the oldest enemy of RFCP, becomes its new closest ally. 

It started slow–a positive comment here in DMs, another one there in the LGA chat. But neither side predicted this.

Greeny, Karma, Snapple, hippieFRESH, and DMT combined share 1ic positions in the Lime Green Army. At around mid-July, these representatives began reaching out to RFCP with goodwill. Cena sent Prior a screenshot weeks ago of Greeny saying he’d like to be on good terms with Prior Bumble, and that maybe the two could talk. 

LGA has seen much transformation in 2020, including a shift towards general gaming as opposed to exclusivity on Club Penguin. Greeny, its creator, said he wanted to make this new generation of LGA one of peace and friendship. No bad blood transferring over.  

And RFCP, which also made strides to call for heightened kindness and respect in the CPA community, had no desire to turn an offer of harmony down.  

“I was cautious, of course,” said Prior. “Part of me will always be cautious now when someone is kind to us.” 

That didn’t used to be the case. Prior’s trusting nature historically has gotten him into trouble (such as when he let his heart be won over in the past by Shad and Ghostactual, two figures planted in RFCP for spying purposes all along).

And other major changes needed to happen in order to make this unprecedented friendship a reality. Cena, Prior’s battlefield brother, revived CANC (a trolling club), but commands no army at this time. Pizza Federation (PZF), RFCP’s second-closest ally since the closure of EGCP, also made some disappointing choices that distanced the two armies. Indeed, RFCP truly was on its own.

The timing of LGA’s olive branch could not have been more perfect. A close alliance now is official.

The RFCP blog gathered an interview from three of the LGA leaders: Greeny, Karma, and DMT. They each got the same two questions.

1. Why did you want to ally with RFCP?

2. What do you hope for this new and surprising friendship?




Some of the first interactions the armies had with one another were:

a) Coveted entrance into the real RFCP server for the LGA leaders

b) Prior remembering and defending LGA in careful debut negotiations as RFCP tiptoes into CPAH

c) The striking of the following treaty, in which LGA and their proxy army, Takis, acknowledge RFCP as the true owners of Northern Lights (CPAH), but where RFCP pledges to defend that territory for LGA/Takis should RFCP decide it refuses to participate in CPAH.

RFCP high command expresses its desire that LGA not be RFCP’s only new ally.

“Of course we want to grow our base of allies again,” said Prior. “We’re not begging. We can stand alone securely. But the door is open, and time is short for the other armies reading. Making one ally naturally closes doors to others. We’d love to talk with you and figure out where we will lie in the political spectrum moving forward.”

What do you think? Are the veterans of past wars rolling in their icy graves, or is this a hopeful leap into the future?

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