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Soldier of the Week: First Quarter Recipients!

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: RFCP Senior Reporter, Captain SupremeP0wer, M.M., covers all the recipients the SOTW award in the first quarter of the award’s existence.

Readers of the RFCP blog, this is a very special post. In the following article, important individuals within the army will be highlighted. Ever since May 8, 2020, we acknowledge these unseen heroes weekly with a prized award that recognizes their sacrifice for our brother and sisters. 

Every Friday, officers choose a soldier and bestow to them the SOTW (Soldier of the Week) Award. This award is presented to enlistees of RFCP who worked exceptionally hard that week in comparison to their fellow brothers and sisters. Basing their decision off of event attendance, recruiting, and other courageous acts, an officer announces the recipient of the award in the #news channel of RFCP for everyone to see:

Before taking leave, Col. Liam pioneered this weekly ritual. Soldiers of the Week receive various prizes like Nitro, portraits of their penguin, and a special blue role that places them above the other soldier ranks.

Included in today’s blog, RFCP interviewed the award holders to gain their perspective. The interviewer presented them with these following questions:  “What do you love about RFCP? And what motivated you to put in the work you did for the army?”

Prior Bumble also conducted an interview of SOTW #4, Spooky (back when he still had ambitions of posting SOTW blogs once a week :hehe:):

RFCP salutes all previous and future Soldiers of the Week. Thank you for your work. Thank you for your dedication. Thank you for your discipline. Without you, RFCP would not be the same, and we are excited to see you rise through the ranks as our honorable brotherhood rises in sync. You are the future of RFCP.

Erat. Ipso. Sacra. Comrades.

Senior Reporter

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