I-SPY Scavenger Hunt

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–Former Janitors 1ic, Da Best, leaves to join RFCP as a soldier and reporter. In his first ever post, he introduces a scavenger hunt all across the blog! Can you find all the hidden Easter eggs?

Hello troops of  RFCP!

I have come up with an idea to do a logo hunt around the whole of the RFCP website. Your goal is to go and look for every logo (the RFCP flag) in old blog posts, and in that logo will be a unique number so no one can cheat. For more information, read below!

How to Play

There are 12 logos with numbers hidden in old blog posts. When you find them, you take a picture of where it is and note the number (as you will need to report the total sum of all the numbers when you submit your entry to DA BEST). This competition will last for a week.

The first person to find all the flags wins $500 BB

The second person to find all the flags wins $250 BB

The third person to find all the flags wins $100 BB

Everyone else who finds all the flags wins $50 BB after that!

This is the logo you are looking for. The number is on the top right corner. Note that this isn’t one of the flags to find, it’s just an example.


Do not ask Da Best or Commander Prior where the flags are as they will not tell you, and you might be disqualified! Do not give each other answers! If found doing this, you will be disqualified along with the person you helped out! You must submit all 12 flags to win. Flags/logos can be found in ANY old blog post!

Lastly, everyone who is playing must first submit the opening round, found below!

How to submit?

To submit your opening round and your final entry, please dm Da Best#6362 in this format:

+ Opening Round image with all stones circled
+ Pictures OR blog post links of all 12 flags and where they are at
+ The sum result when you add all the numbers up

Submit your opening round photo first, right away, so we know you are playing.

More notes:

Please be nice to everyone and follow all the rules of the server and this tournament! Have fun! We will be releasing clues during the week to those who are stuck on any of them!


Instructions: Find and circle all of Commander Prior’s kidney stones from RFCP’s kidney stone water park event we held last week after he went to the hospital with a 4mm kidney stone (lol). Send it to Da Best! There are 11 (some are a little transparent!) and they look like this:

Ready? Go!

Click to zoom!

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