Flag Etiquette Formalized by Prior Bumble; Official Salute and Holidays Ordained

One item has, and always will, be free in the RFCP store: the army flag.

Possession of the official flag of the Recon Federation is, “a right of enlistment,” according to the Commander. And many soldiers have proudly exercised that right and ordered this real life banner to display in their homes.

In fact, being the “army of record-keepers” as said by Cmdr. Prior, the government of the army keeps track of just how many flags are “out there in the real world.”

That current number is 17.

“Honestly, I’d love to see that number with a zero behind the seven by next year,” said Prior.

With more soldiers acquiring flags, the Commander realized it was time a formal doctrine on proper conduct with the flag be established. Prior wrote out these rules and, in the process, declared three new national holidays and standardized an official RFCP salute.

Exciting stuff!

See it all below (be sure to click to enlarge) and consider requesting your free flag today!

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