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Another ex-RFCP Antagonist Admits to FALSELY Testifying Against Us; Is Welcomed Back in the Army

Just days after Rowan Alden removed and redacted his open letter, Ratlord, otherwise known as Oli, admitted to falsely testifying in another hate letter against RFCP.

Oli was a former Corporal in the RFCP, who defected back and forth between RFCP and ACP during the War of No Return. Later, Oli joined PIC.

Recently, Oli stepped back from armies and felt that much growth and self-awareness had occurred. Like Rowan, Oli saw the letters of Shallissa and SupremeP0wer and heard about the RFCP Supporters server. The former Corporal made use of the server and requested an appointment with Prior Bumble.

Nowadays, appointments with Prior and a foreign party take place in a special server called “Prior’s Office.” Strict moderation is enforced to prevent cyberterrorists ambushing this meeting. A Priortorian Guard is always present.

At 8:00 p.m. EST, Oli and Prior met. Things began simply.

“How may I help you?” said Prior.

From there, Oli apologized for misjudging RFCP, and the healing and love flowed freely once more.

In late winter of 2020, yet another article (or “open letter,” as we call them) was published against the RFCP. In this article, a fellow code-named “Vincent” testified the following:

Acting on suspicion, Prior asked Oli to give us the truth about “Vincent” and “Vincent’s friend.” Oli admitted that he indeed was Vincent, and that Vincent’s “friend,” and everything Vincent told the author of the article about RFCP, was false.

Justin Cooper published this public article under his real name, and thus we are not doxxing his name and will not disclose his account name.

After this, the two were finally able to have closure.

The RFCP blog asks readers to reflect: if one testimony in an open letter was pure falsehood, how many others could be?

Please join our supporters server for the truth.

RFCP has welcomed Oli home. He’s been enjoying his time reenlisted, playing Minecraft and Terraria, connecting in the chat, and attending army events. We applaud his bravery, his honesty, his goodwill, and his love. We encourage all enlisted readers to send him your support.

Finally, we note that Oli expressed consent for this truth to be publicized.

Oh, here’s that meme we promised:

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