Ex-Hater of the RFCP DELETES his “Open Letter,” is Welcomed Back into the Server

And just like that, words of anger and accusation are wiped clean from the Internet, and peace and brotherhood emerge from it.

Rowan Alden (aka, Gabriel Laurent), known to many as the CPA Wikipedia curator, did not leave his Brigadier position in RFCP on good terms. He joined PIC, an army once full of ex-Recon, and published a two-part open letter against RFCP.

After time passed and RFCP released its two letters of defense and evidence against unjust claims, Rowan’s heart began to change.

He deleted his open letter.

Prior and Rowan reunited over DMs. While Rowan typed, Prior silenced him with action, not words.

The two embraced, and the love and old friendship flowed sweetly. Shortly after, Rowan was invited “home” to join the server again. He was extended a job offer on RFCP’s upcoming Wikipedia fandom site (a Wiki just like CPA’s, but dedicated entirely to RFCP history and lore). And he’s been active there, reveling in old pals and in the uplifting chat, ever since.

“I misjudged you [Prior] and I misjudged RFCP,” said Rowan.

Later, Rowan agreed to give an interview about this turning tide. Such a decision did not come easy. Rowan hesitated, knowing the stigma of supporting RFCP he would face from the larger community. But it didn’t take him long to go from a place of trepidation to one of, You know what? Yes. I’ll do it.

RFCP supports him, acknowledges his courage, honors him, and loves him.

Please take the time to read his interview below:

Q: It’s really brave of you to speak out about your support of RFCP. Thank you for being here.

You recently took down your “open letter” article criticizing RFCP. Can you tell us why?

A: Thanks for having me! I took down my open letter simply because I felt that it didn’t represent where I stood now where RFCP and Prior are concerned. I don’t necessarily regret writing it–it was a huge help in venting my problems back then–but I regret publishing it for the world to see. I think we could have done all of this a lot earlier if I hadn’t posted the letter and caused more problems, which could honestly have been resolved within DMs.

Q: How would you describe the current atmosphere of RFCP, now that you’ve been welcomed back into the server?

A: It’s a very positive place! I think it’s a lot better compared to how it occasionally could be at times back in the day; I haven’t seen a single argument, or any form of blow up. I haven’t seen anyone not following the NSFW rules, which is amazing compared to how things sometimes got back in the day.

Q: What do you think the larger CPA community misunderstands about RFCP? How about Prior Bumble?

A: I think that what most people get wrong is that it’s now July 2020. It’s been more than half a year since everything that happened. It’d be nice if people would stop judging RFCP by mistakes it made coming on for a year ago when they have clearly been putting the effort in to do things right. As for Prior himself, I think people should learn to judge his character by their own experiences instead of secondhand accounts (not to mention outdated accounts, since again the majority of stuff happened over half a year ago).

Q: What are you doing now in the army community?

A: Personally, I retired about a month ago after some months in another army’s HICOM. I’m not up to much these days; I monitor the wiki (cue the wikiboy jokes) as ever, but besides that, I’m more interested in keeping the friendships I’ve made here. They’re what matter to me now.

Q: What future do you hope to see for RFCP?

A: In an ideal world, it’d be nice to see RFCP become a part of CPAH again, but I don’t see that happening, really. CPAH seemed to have made it clear they have a dislike for RFCP and I doubt that’ll change any time soon. CPAH seem to be happy promoting an ‘RFCP bad’ narrative, and I doubt that’ll change unless the management changes. It’s a shame, but what can you do? You know what? In the end, everyone needs to get a pen and draw a huge line under everything that happened in the past, and create opinions based on what RFCP is now. Not what it was back in 2019 or the start of this year. There were issues back then and there were problems between people and Prior. But all that happened in the past. And, really, it’s about time we all started living in the present. I think that’s all I really have to say on things. Thank you again for having me back here. It’s been amazing seeing everyone.

During his time in RFCP, Rowan earned RFCP’s third most prestigious medal, the Medal of Valor. Despite Rowan’s open letter and outspoken antagonism towards Prior Bumble in the past, Prior never chose to strip him of this medal.

We believe Rowan renewed his deservedness for such an award today, by giving this interview.

To our enlisted readers, please consider reaching out to Rowan’s DMs and giving him your gratitude and love.

To our foreign readers: will you be an ally in making Rowan’s dream of peace at last–Dru T’un hallkam’un, in Penguin Latin–between CPA and RFCP a reality? We’d love to talk to you in our supporters server: https://discord.gg/VedtKC6

Erat ipso sacra.

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