RFCP Ratifies Official Constitution

Last week, the Recon Federation of Club Penguin ratified their official Constitution. Officers Prior Bumble, Redovyco, Cabin0416, Shallissa, Tumbling, and Kailey310 signed the document into power and became what many consider to be founding fathers of RFCP’s longevity and directorate.

The Constitution, written by Commander Prior Bumble and offered up for revision to the entire army, was born August 9, 2019. It was finalized at 3,712 words.

The entire Constitution is offered below.

Copyright: Prior Bumble, August 9, 2019

The Constitution

of the

Recon Federation of Club Penguin

To ensure the permanence and legacy of the army, protect against corruption, and secure a monolithic position as a unified body in the digital tunnels of Club Penguin history, we the officers of the Recon Federation of Club Penguin do ordain and establish this constitution.

I. Mission

The Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP) shall be an independently governed army centered in the Club Penguin digital landscape with the objective of securing dominion, power, and victory against competitors while maintaining a devotion to honor, community, and values. Some ways this may be accomplished are through server acquisition, event hosting, intelligence gathering, and cooperation with other prominent figures and armies.

II. Values

The values of the RFCP include but are not limited to:

  1. When it comes to it, putting the person before the penguin
  2. Militant seriousness
  3. Dedication to the family of RFCP
  4. Impassioned and dignified warfare

III. Representation

Articles under this section are declared official representative characteristics of the army.

  • The army’s name is the Recon Federation of Club Penguin, and its acronym is RFCP (not RF)
  • Its colors are dark purple, black, and brown
  • Its flag is the Cabinian style RFCP flag est. 2019
  • Its motto is Erat Ipso Sacra! (Hold the Sacred Ground!)
  • Its Certified Club Penguin Army badge is to remain on its website
  • The History of RFCP as authored by Prior Bumble is to remain unchanged on the website
  • The army’s uniform is subject to change, but shall adhere as closely as possible to formal modern militant attire

These representative characteristics may not be changed throughout history or under new leadership. 

These articles also may not be sold or franchised without consent of the Commander.

The name of the army shall be understood as representative of the army’s origins. Recon is derived from the army’s conception in Club Penguin Rewritten’s Elite Penguin Force room. Federation represents the independent penguins making up the military who unite together under one nation, leader, and army.

IV. Procedure of Initiation

No user shall be named a soldier of the RFCP until they:

  1. Take the oath
  2. Join the Discord server
  3. Acquire the uniform
  4. Accept the Constitution of the RFCP

The oath shall be:

I, (Penguin’s full username), swear my allegiance to the RFCP, and to my brothers in arms. I will follow orders, defend, and serve with all my honor, and all I am.

Penguins not active for more than one week after their recruitment are revoked membership. Formerly active penguins that become at-large are demoted to the status of “Ret.” (retired) at the will of the Commander, unless in cases of acts-of-God, or if previous permission for a temporary leave is granted. Retired penguins may not re-enter the army at their latest rank or participate in RFCP events without authorization from the Commander.

V. Technological Use

a) RFCP shall use Discord as its base of operations. No other Discord server shall be made in RFCP’s name.

The RFCP Discord server rules are:

  • If you are visiting, please state your name and business (ex., who you are from and why you have joined)
  • No pinging @everyone unless you are Colonel and above. Anyone may @here, however, if it is urgent. One exception is in the #rfcp-summit channel
  •  No advertising for other groups (ex., posting Discord join links) in our server
  • No trolling, harassment, or spying
  • Use the channels for their given purposes
  • No spamming channels with gifs/photos/mantras
  • No posting about sensitive RFCP mission/news in the open chats

The purposes of the channels, and general channel etiquettes are:


  • #general-chat: Used for casual and communal conversation. Open to all
  • #news: Used to announce blog posts, CPA updates, important thoughts, changes, events, and general announcements. Times should include time zones. Restricted posting to officers. Visible to all
  • #rfcp-summit: Used to discuss army-wide matters on an equal level with all members. Open only to RFCP members and occasionally foreign diplomats


  • #orders: Used to relay orders during battles and events. Orders should follow a count-down procedure (3…2…1). Open to all, but only officers should submit orders
  • #missions: Used to announce and discuss specific RFCP missions. Open only to RFCP members
  • #command-room: Used to discuss the most sensitive and critical matters of the army. Open only to officers
  • #zero-cap-alpha: Used to discuss the operations of ZCA. Open only to ZCA members
  • #silver-thirty: Used to discuss the operations of S30. Open to all


  • #rules: Used to pronounce the rules of RFCP. Visible to all, editable only to the Commander
  • #website: Used to provide the links to various official RFCP websites (currently: the website of the army and the Wikipedia of the army). Visible to all, editable only to the Commander
  • #uniform: Used to display the uniform of the army. Visible to all, editable only to the Commander
  • #formations: Used for quick reference of formations and their names. Visible only to RFCP members, editable only to the Commander
  • #relations: Used to inform of the status of foreign relations. Visible only to RFCP members, editable only to the Commander
  • #gallery-and-media: Used to post photos, videos, memes, and elsewise of RFCP. Open to all
  • #new-recruits: Used as the entry point into the Discord for new recruits. RFCP welcomes them and provides information, as well as the RFCP survey. Open to all

     Off-Duty Channels


  • #rfcp-after-dark: A NSFW channel for adults to converse, play, and joke. Open only to members and allies aged eighteen or older. RFCP is not liable to those who lie about their age to gain entry
  • #storytime-with-papa-prior: Used to discuss when the next story time will be and for Prior to post storybook illustrations. Open only to RFCP members

Voice Chats

Voice chats are opened and closed only on whim of the Commander.

More channels may be added by the Commander at any time and do not need to be revised into the Constitution; they can be added in during the next revision.

b) The army shall be valid and functional across all Club Penguin servers including Club Penguin Rewritten (CPR), Club Penguin Armies: The Game (CPATG), Club Penguin Online (CPO), and any Club Penguin Private Server (CPPS). No other organization may claim to be RFCP across these digital landscapes

c) Additional social media and internet expansion must be approved of by the Commander (however, non-official discussion of RFCP on personal social media accounts is not restricted. See Article VIII)

d) No RFCP member’s private data shall be shared or sold without said member’s consent at any time. Likewise, no RFCP soldier shall be formally cyber-investigated by the army beyond the parameters of their activity in the Club Penguin digital landscape (personal research of members to other members cannot be enforced, and investigation of activity in the Club Penguin digital landscape is fair game)

e) RFCP adheres to the necessities of the safety of its members, especially its underaged members, and does not engage in illegal online activity

VI. Warfare

RFCP shall conduct battles in keeping with the latest Club Penguin army warfare standard. This includes unified emoting/chanting (known as “tactics”), taking formations, and performing organized charges and snowball volleys. RFCP warfare may evolve and adapt.

RFCP acknowledges:

  1. Tactics
  2. Charges/Volleys
  3. Formations
  4. Noise
  5. Adaptability
  6. Size of Army

as the main pillars of successful battle. Effectiveness is based on the speed in which these pillars are executed, the creativity in which they are done (creativity of chants, use of the surrounding environment, and symbolization of formations), and the preciseness of the timing and placement of these strategies.

No battle is the same, and RFCP reserves the right to innovate and challenge standard Club Penguin army warfare practices.

The iceberg is considered RFCP’s sacred battleground. RFCP honors the veterans who have disrupted the snow there, its founder included.

RFCP tactics shall not include racist, sexist, ableist, or personally derogatory language. It also shall avoid expletives (not including soft expletives such as hell and damn). This does not mean that RFCP tactics are to be gentle.

Competitive, aggressive, assertive, playful, and teasing behavior is permitted.

No such language restrictions apply in the #orders channel between tactics.

Upon completion of the battle, the Commander never immediately accepts defeat in close situations (where the numbers on either side flutter between being even and being one or two above or below the enemy’s). The results are debated. Judges may be called if an agreement can’t be reached.

VII. Leadership

RFCP follows a quasi-military, autocratic structure and enforces deference of ranks as an important part of its culture.

Compulsory respect and obedience is to be given to those of a higher rank from those of lower ranks.

The Commander-in-Chief is to be addressed as “Sir,” “Commander,” or “Chief.”

a) Ranks

The ranks of the RFCP, in descending order, shall be:

  1. Commander-in-Chief (shortened to Commander or, less frequently, Chief)
  2. Commissar
  3. General
  4. Colonel
  5. Major
  6. Lieutenant
  7. Sergeant
  8. Corporal
  9. Ice Agent
  10. Agent
  11. Enlisted (Non-Combat)

No rank shall be dissolved.

Ranks and promotions operate on a meritocracy basis, not on a time served basis.

Deference of ranks in terms of respect applies to allied leaders as well, but no allied leader’s orders shall be followed without consent of the Commander or without the allied leader being formally delegated to lead in place of the Commander, by the Commander.

b) Commander-in-Chief

RFCP shall be led by only one Commander-in-Chief at a time. The role is perpetual until resignation.

Ultimate authority is his.

The Commander may declare war, execute treaties and contracts, establish colonies and empires, enter and exit leagues, make/overrule decisions, form relationships, delegate responsibility, write manifestos, open/close the nation, manage permissions and technology, declare policies of administration, and order all ranks below him. Matters in range of his authority are not limited to those laid out in the Constitution. He may utilize “Martial law” to act in opposition to the Constitution, with the understanding that this may be contended, nullified, or ratified at a later date.

Only the Commander may award promotions or medals. Likewise, the Commander may demote anyone. He has sole control of the Discord channel.

The Commander must have served in the RFCP for at least thirty days before being appointed to office. Candidates for Commander shall be tested in knowledge of RFCP history, warfare understanding, and Prior Bumble.

Newly-appointed Commanders must meet with all allied leaders and league admins in Discord PM within 1 week of being appointed to office.

Peaceful succession of the Commander includes transferring of the Discord ownership. The departing Commander has the right to retain all Discord clearances of the authority.

The Commander shall be required to hold “office hours” to meet with troops of any rank, in Discord or in-game, at least once a week. He must reveal how he votes and moves in foreign affairs.

His first duty is to the care of his troops. His second duty is to the international stature of the army. A good Commander is consistent, welcoming, well-spoken, aggressive, and resilient.

c) The Commissar of the RFCP

RFCP shall have only one Commissar at a time. The role is perpetual until resignation and is considered the second highest rank.

The Commissar’s authority includes the ability to engage in foreign negotiations and discussion. Upon the Commander’s resignation, the Commissar may either resign, accept the new role of Commander, or step down and acquire the rank of General. If he/she chooses to step down, he/she must sponsor a new Commander. That candidate is then put to a general vote of 2/3 majority rules. If the candidate either does not pass the vote or refuses to accept candidacy, the Commissar is to choose another candidate.

The Commissar shall be the head of ZCA. He is the primary supporter and upholder of the Commander. 

d) The Officers

Ranks Colonel and above shall be considered the officers. In general speech, the Commander is also an officer.

Officers have the authority to give orders to soldiers of lower ranks. At least one officer must be present at any official training event. 

The officers are responsible for leading in the absence of the Commander. Note that only the Commander and the Commissar may speak on foreign matters to foreign parties, but officers are authorized to answer all questions of the soldiers. Officers are further responsible for keeping the peace among the army and enforcing the Constitution of the RFCP and the orders of the Commander. They support and uphold the army and the Commander.

Officers may schedule army-wide events (except for events involving foreign parties) at any time without consent of the Commander, given it does not conflict with a prior RFCP commitment. Likewise, officers may @everyone in the Discord.

Officers may confront the Commander in interrogation (see Article IX)

No officer, including the Commander, shall negotiate with terrorists. This includes but is not limited to those trolling, spamming, threatening, or doxing. Officers must agree to use a separate email for RFCP related accounts or swear that they will never cave to giving up RFCP security in favor of their own interest, even when threatened with doxing.  

e) The Soldiers

The term “soldiers” when spoken by the Commander may mean all of RFCP, including the officers. However, it is more commonly used to refer to enlisted RFCP with the rank of Major and lower.

Soldiers are responsible for carrying out the orders of the officers. They are further responsible for embodying the values of the RFCP and generating a positive community in the army. They are expected to attend all events possible and contribute their talents to the army to the best of their ability.

RFCP supports and promotes the in-real-life happiness and success of its members (soldier and officer).

VIII. Rights

All members of the RFCP wield the following rights:

  • Be treated with dignity
  • Vote in all army polls
  • Experience no discrimination based on gender, race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or age (not including restrictions of NSFW material)
  • See how the Commander votes in international polls and how he moves in foreign affairs
  • Swear in new members
  • Retire at any time
  • Make suggestions
  • Ask questions
  • Be warned (once) before serious disciplinary action is taken against you (some exceptions apply, such as treason and vulgar behavior)
  • Exercise freedom of press (all soldiers may blog and report on CPA/RFCP events without censorship, given that they do not claim to be an official RFCP source. This does not mean they do not face repercussions/discipline in response to what they say; only that it cannot be forcibly deleted)
  • Access to the Discord and the channels: #missions, #storytime-with-papa-prior
  • DM the Commander
  • Meet the Commander in-game on an appointment basis
  • Request a trial to defend yourself of offenses

All officers of the RFCP wield the following additional rights:

  • Interrogate the Commander if more than one officer agrees there is serious reason for suspicion
  • Declare a trial of the Commander after the interrogation, resulting in possible removal from office
  • Discipline the soldiers without consent of the Commander
  • Lead in battle
  • Schedule events (see Article VII)
  • Access to the #command-room and posting privileges in the #news and #missions
  • Be consulted before the Commander declares war (NOTE: this does not say that they must give approval)

All Members, in order to ensure to all of them the rights and benefits resulting from membership, shall fulfill in good faith the obligations assumed by them in accordance with the present Constitution.

Revocation of rights and expulsion of membership in the RFCP may be enacted if they are found to engage in:

  1. Membership in another alliance
  2. Forwarding information to other alliances
  3. Disobeying the lawful order of a superior, or any leading authority.
  4. Desertion in war
  5. Actions unbecoming of an RFCP member
  6. Disobeying any other laws of the RFCP
  7.  Performing Harmful acts to the Ecumene.

RFCP does not extend the right to any soldier or officer of the RFCP to be enlisted in more than one army, even allied armies. This will result in termination of membership in the RFCP, if membership in any other army is not immediately renounced and annulled.

IX. Judicial Actions

a) Impeachment

In the unlikely event that the Commander needs to be removed from office, the following steps may be taken.

  1. If evidence of gross offense exists, two or more officers must agree to interrogate the Commander
  2. If, after this conversation, suspicion (or downright proof) is apparent, the officers may declare that the Commander is on trial
  3. No promotions, demotions, or military action (except in case of national emergency) may be taken until the trial is resolved
  4. At this point, evidence from both sides must be presented in #rfcp-summit
  5. 1 member from each rank, chosen by members of the same rank, is to be selected to form the jury
  6. Foreign and domestic witnesses may be called by either side
  7. A poll of guilt or innocence will then be made, which only the jury members may vote in. It will be live for 24 hours
  8. If found guilty, the Commander is removed from office and from the army. Authority falls to the Commissar. The exiled Commander may make amends and rejoin as an Agent at the mercy of the new Commander
  9. If found innocent, the Commander resumes his role, and the accusing officers are either retired at their present rank or demoted to the rank of Major; it is their choice

b) Small Court

If anyone in the army feels mistreated, unheard, or unfairly disciplined, they have the right to speak privately to the officer of their choice about the Commander or any other RFCP individual without threat of treason. If understanding is not met, the plaintiff may request the second opinion of one other officer.

All Members shall settle their disputes by peaceful means in such a manner that tranquility, and security, and justice are not endangered.

c) Treason

Those accused of treason do not enjoy the privilege of innocence until proven guilty. They are immediately banned, but may appeal in DM’s.

X. Divisions

RFCP may have operative divisions within the army at consent of the Commander.

a) Zero Cap Alpha

Zero Cap Alpha (abbreviated ZCA) shall be a recon division of the RFCP. Its objectives shall be:

  1. Operate as a secret service, protecting the Commander from harm and insurrection
  2. Execute special non-battle missions
  3. Ensure the security of the Discord server and websites

ZCA shall be run by the Commissar of the RFCP, under supervision of the Commander. Either Commander or Commissar may appoint ZCA servicemen, and the potential ZCA serviceman must accept the responsibility (it cannot be enforced).

No ZCA member may leave the army without being debriefed.

b) Silver Thirty

Silver Thirty (abbreviated S30) shall be an interpersonal and expansion-focused division of the RFCP. Its objectives shall be:

  1. Generate media, art, and connective material for the RFCP’s morale, image, and foreign relations
  2. Carry out tasks suitable to younger-aged soldiers
  3. Cultivate an educative aspect to the army in terms of cooperation, task-completion, and overall healthy functioning
  4. Take servers we don’t need the whole army for

Anyone aged 12 or younger is automatically in this division. Membership to those above this age is at the will of the Commander.

XI. Obligations and General Codes

Each June 5th shall be commemorated as RFCP Day, the day the army was founded.

RFCP may never merge into another army. It may, however, allow other armies to merge into it.  

Property and franchises run by RFCP, such as in real life and in-game venues and offices, are to be owned and run exclusively by the RFCP and may not have joint use or sponsorship without official permission from the Commander.

RFCP shall operate fairly in accordance with the rules of the leagues it decides to join, but shall swear no indefinite exclusivity to any one league, neither shall it allow any league to override and overtake RFCP’s governmental powers.

All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the political independence of any user or army, without an approval from the Commander-in-Chief or the Commissar.

All Members shall give the RFCP assistance in any action it takes in accordance with the present Constitution, and shall refrain from giving support to any army against which the RFCP is taking policing action against.

Members may tend to their routine as they please, however they must come to the aid of a fellow member when under attack and when called with orders from the Government, and they shall uphold the core values of the RFCP.

Allied members and non-affiliated are allowed to be in our Discord or shared spaces, but hostile personnel are subject to the judgment of the Commander.

RFCP shall always have a Capital, and the Capital shall serve the ecumene. No RFCP server may claim independence from the Army. Likewise, there shall be no unauthorized parties inside the RFCP with the aim of division. Resources shall be utilized equally to the aspiration of keeping the RFCP unified and autocratic

XII. Amendments

No RFCP poll may violate the Constitution. General polls of a political nature must be up for at least 12 hours before action is taken on the subject of the poll, except in cases of national emergency.

Formal amendments to the Constitution must be proposed and posted for 72 hours and must pass with 2/3 majority vote.

Non-formal, general details about the army and its server (ex., updating the Constitution if the Commander adds another channel) may be revised in the working document without going through the amendment process and does not need to be signed, but these changes may be contended in trial if necessary.

The Constitution of the RFCP may not be re-signed or have its signatures replaced upon any revision. However, all formal amendments must be signed and posted by at least the Commander and the Commissar.  

Amendments shall be established only as separate documents; the original Constitution shall not be changed.

Erat ipso sacra.

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