Prior Gets a New Hat

Commander Prior Bumble was observed clicking around madly, left to right, before the tournament battle Monday afternoon and shouting, “I FEEL LIKE A COMMANDER AGAIN!”

On CPATG, Prior used to wear the exact same outfit as all the other RFCP soldiers, including the plain black hockey helmet. He did not have a red cocked hat to distinguish himself by, like the one he wears on CPR:

All that changed today.

Major Kailey taught Prior an astonishing little trick. !ai is a command you can use in CPATG to receive any clothing or furniture item in the Club Penguin database. This includes, believe it or not…

Red hats.

“!ai 495” were the magic words. Suddenly, a very sacred item appeared in Prior’s possession…

Not simply the One Man Band red hat Prior uses in CPR…

Image result for club penguin marching band hat

But the Marching Band hat!

Related image

Yes, that’s right! The very same hat Prior wore as Commissar in the PRA.

Overjoyed, Commander Prior shouted RFCP victory chants. “RFCP! RFCP! RFCP! LOOK AT MY HAT!”

Even the leader of the RPF commended him. “Ulti!” Prior cried, addressing RPF leader, Ultipenguin. “LOOK AT MY HAT!”

“Truly a historic hat,” Ulti replied diplomatically.

The Commander was a proud and happy Prior, endearing his onlooking soldiers.

The hat made its debut battle moments after in the Summer Circuit tournament brawl against GSG, where RFCP crushed with an easy victory (RFCP maxed 12, GSG 2).

Despite it being a shoe-in victory, Ultipenguin, casually spectating, expressed admiration for the rapid fire tactics we displayed. RFCP bunched up on Ulti briefly and asked yet again if Ulti liked Prior’s new hat. Ulti chuckled as he slipped out of the crowd.

This battle also saw the debut of the new RFCP formation, the claw, as experienced before only in practice:

It finally ended with a rather odd Greek-wedding vibe with RFCP forming a circle around the two dancing GSG members in the Puffle Shop (the rooms were Docks, Dojo, Puffle Shop. Prior would also like to note that the Dojo is a less than navigable arena to fight in, as the Card-Jitsu pads make clicking around the floor difficult).

RFCP ended with an E+P (puffle emoji) bomb in the shop, yelling, “The puffles are escaping!”

So ends the first action Prior’s new hat sees.

Like the rule of the One Man Band Hat in CPR, no RFCP enlisted shall be permitted to wear the Marching Band Hat in battle or at official RFCP functions on CPATG.

The Commander’s hat is a monumental addition. Prior has decided to wear it in his official portrait as the first Commander of the Recon Federation of Club Penguin. This is the portrait that will be used on his CPA Wikipedia page (if he ever earns one) and in the halls of RFCP history as the 1st Commander-in-Chief of the RFCP.

Currently, he is deciding between four backgrounds for this portrait:

The hat, however, you can count on.

REBLOGGED: DMT’s “Where do we go From Here?”

Commander Prior found this to be a concise overview of how CPA armies operate, its history, and the compelling challenges and situations currently faced in this political climate.

But first, today, we celebrate seven weeks in a row on the CPA Top Ten Army list:

The DMT Doctrine: Where do we go From Here?

Posted on July 8, 2019 by DMT

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Offices- As Club Penguin Armies nears it’s three month anniversary, I’ve taken the time to reflect on the community and it’s current status.  The growth has been steady since our inception, which only begs one question: what now?

The DMT Doctrine is an editorial series that comes from the mind of CPA Spokesperson and Administrator DMT.  Thus, the concepts conveyed in this article do not represent the viewpoints of Club Penguin Armies an organization.

I wish I had acquired wisdom at less of a price.

Some folks from the original era of Club Penguin armies headed up a group to host a reunion on Discord, to commemorate all the good and bad times in the communities lucrative history that spans over a decade.  As I was gearing up to actually use Discord, I received an Instagram direct message from my friend Greeny.  We did some reconnecting just days before the reunion launched, and he showed me what the army community had become, or been reduced to.  At first I was pleasantly surprised to see such a big part of my childhood (7 years in fact) still alive, but my happiness quickly transitioned to confusion and borderline disgust.  The army community was fragmented and segregated by different private servers.  Old heads from days past had risen up to create “leagues” that lost the purpose of armies.  After convincing, I got on board with Greeny’s plan to bring back the organization known as “Club Penguin Armies”, that was originally founded by Commando in 2016.

The idea transformed from hosting the map to becoming a hybrid of CPA and Club Penguin Army Central, the former media juggernaut.  It was an ambitious idea, but I was excited to have a fun little side project for a few months.  But I had no idea about the community I had entered.  Before CPA had even posted their first top ten, the infamous organization known as CPOAL approached us with a proposition.  At first, I couldn’t even entertain the offer; seeing CPOAL was what made me want to return to the army community.  As my good friend Eden once said, “CPOAL is basically an army internment camp”.  But as negotiations went on, my consideration for a merger increased.  Luckily, I was talked off that ledge by Greeny and some others once I was exposed of the wrongdoings that high ranks at CPOAL and CPO had committed.  Horrible, horrible things that put the status of community members on the line.  CPA retracted from negotiations immediately.

This sent our lives into an immediate hellfire inferno launched by CPOAL.  Every vile thing one could think of was threatened towards us for not conforming to the demands from Epicmaster101.  Yet, it only made us thirst for a better community more.  Thanks to our benefactors, such as DrFlen, Commando, CSY, Eden, Superhero, and many more, CPA was able to solidify itself as an organization to be trusted.  The rewards soon followed, as we were entrusted with housing big name armies such as the Elite Guardians and Rebel Penguin Federation.  If one had told me this is what would’ve happened in 2 1/2 months, I would’ve said “then my work is completed”.

Yet, there is something still keeping me here.

Sure, the foundation for CPA is amazing.  We have two of the largest, legitimate armies in the community, and other quality armies such as Mopia, the Lime Green Army, the Wild Ninjas, and the rest of the lot.  Yes, I am able to work with two of my longest friendships and great partners in Greeny and Memmaw, who get stuff done., but I feel that the hardest part of the journey lies ahead of the community now.  How does the community continue to grow?

The pool of community members is currently experiencing an imbalance.  It wouldn’t be outrageous to assume that more than 75% of our community is in RPF, EGCP, or Mopia.  These three armies have established themselves as the cream of the crop in terms of consistently large sizes.  With how hard recruiting is for members who are just getting their start in armies, it’s easy to attribute the success of the aforementioned three to a single trait.  RPF has been an army juggernaut for 12 years now, EGCP is the largest Portuguese army in the community, and the idea of a gang of mops over at Mopia is appealing to the casual player.

The problem with such a majority of the community being in the top three armies is how it saturates the community.  Loyalty means so much more now to this community, from what I’ve gathered.  Seldom will one see a troop leave it’s army to start their own.  And why would they?  When there’s an upper echelon group of armies that’s leagues ahead of the rest, what’s the point in putting the effort in to build something from scratch?  Their are so many pressures that are put on leaders of small armies that it’s daunting.  Claim land, maintain diplomacy, find a way to recruit without getting banned.  The roadblocks to success are thicker than they ever have been.

The server map itself is a wonderful idea that gives armies a much more political purpose.  No longer is the main prize a top ten calculated by some dork at 2 AM on a Sunday morning.  The extra depth the map brings is crucial to keeping armies; leaders and troops alike, motivated to stay in the community.  The problem is that every army on the server map is large enough to the point that they will most likely trump a freshly registered army.  The repeated failure of trying to get on the map will weigh hard on a first time leader; and make them some enemies in the process.

With the integration of Discord into the army community, armies are as personable as ever.  There was never a central hub for armies on Xat, and no one had the ability to carry Xat in their pocket to check up on things.  Everyone in the community is much more connected than in days past, which is both good and bad.  It allows everyone to stay up to date on the happenings in the community, but at the same time, it creates a whole new level of diplomacy.  Everything that’s said in a server can spread easily.  It forces army leaders to keep a filter on themselves in public discord servers, and save important matters for DMs.

Perhaps I am overestimating the difficulty of recruiting nowadays.  Maybe building up an army is not as much of a challenge as I think it is.  But then, I question the amount of dedication behind an army.  Once summer ends, there is no doubt that many armies, while not officially closing their doors, will slow down their event count; even going a full week without an event.  Years ago, this was manageable, because there were enough armies and people in the community to maintain a shape.  Now, I fear for what will happen when the inevitable regression takes place.

Armies are such a captivating concept.  Putting a kid in charge of a group of more kids, and having many groups enter a fray involving real word concepts such as foreign affairs, land management, and productivity.  The community is truly a sight to see when there are multiple armies operating on all cylinders.  But, this is hard to do when the position of leader is not attractive.  There must be a way to return the status of being a leader to it’s former glory.

The best part of armies will always be subjective, but for me, it was the aspect of managing foreign affairs.  Even the prospect of world wars excited me.  A chain reaction of armies ticking each other off and getting their allies involved as separate entities.  I believe that wars and external struggles are the peak of the army community.  Right now, many army leaders are afraid to make official declarations of war.  Instead of having an imperialistic outlook on the map, or having an aggressive approach in diplomacy, most armies schedule individual invasions to slowly build an empire.  While an effective strategy in achieving it’s primary goal, it’s not very good at exciting troops.  Sooner or later, the concept of a battle will wear off it’s allure, and it will become almost as pedestrian as a training session.

My time in armies was such an enriching experience throughout my childhood.  Many of my days were spent in and out of the hospital, battling various illnesses, mental and physical.  The army community can truly be a remedy, a way out of all the bullshit reality hands us.  Our own little word where the friends and enemies we make on the battlefield are hundreds of miles apart.  I’m healthy now, but the everlasting effect that the community gave me is something I want to ensure for the long term future.  If I was lucky enough to receive a community that gave me life, so should others in the community.

Our work is far from over.  I, as do my partners, have so much to offer to the new generation of leaders.  Together, the guidance of the veterans and the willpower of the leaders can unite to create a thriving community.  While the growth of Club Penguin Armies has been nothing short of amazing, it’s a long road to reach equilibrium in the community.  As time goes on, the new generation of leaders will learn from those who owned the battlefield before them.  In years time, when I look back on the story of the new community, I hope to see it as a story of endurance.  A community, united through it’s struggles.  All it takes, is a people, together.

The Earth, the water… they have no pride.  They endure, and we must endure.  My only boy… my precious boy; do not mistake my strength for weakness.


CPA Spokesperson

BREAKING! Mopia Withdraws from CPR, Leaves Territory to RFCP

In an astonishing turn of events, RFCP received Mopia’s server, Marshmallow, late last night and declared it the new RFCP Capital.

Marshmallow is the 2nd largest and most powerful server on Club Penguin Rewritten. It swept into Mopia’s grasp during the peak of the mopping fad, and they “cleaned up” the entire island. It was their only server on the CPA map, but it is a mighty one.

On many days, it has as many penguins online as Blizzard:

And on some days, with users ping-ponging between Blizzard and Marshmallow for space, it is FULL:

On July 27th, 2019, CPR endured one of the worst security breaches in its history, with an estimated 4 million users affected. Personal information (including email addresses and passwords) from accounts were leaked to a public database due to an in-staff quarrel. RFCP joined almost every army in CPA in alerting its soldiers and cautioning members to take security measures such as changing their passwords. CPR apologized in a letter, but that’s about where it ended for them. They brushed off their hands.

Meanwhile, CPR, almost without a moment to spare, turned around and “cracked down” on Club Penguin armies in a statement on its Discord, appearing rather hypocritical, and said armies and recruitment activity will “leave a bad impression” and if caught sharing Discord information on CPR will be “permanently safe-chatted.”

Mopia leader Sage and his council took great issue with CPR’s overall behavior, and the safety concerns it fostered. “It’s a big mess,” said Sage. “One even Mopia can’t clean this time.” In what must have been a grueling decision, the Mopia staff moved to withdraw from CPR officially and no longer hold events there.

This included abandoning their Capital, Marshmallow.

What followed in their decision-making is behind Mopia’s closed doors. However, Sage approached Prior and made an astounding announcement.

Commander Prior’s request for Sage to delay until Prior could speak with the officers was strategic. With such an enormous server comes the duty of defense. The officers immediately counseled about steps RFCP would take to ensure its possession. Votes were cast, and the choice was made:

RFCP moves it Capital from Northern Lights (CPATG) to Marshmallow (CPR).

This way, if anyone (RPF is currently sandwiching us on CPR) seeks to take it from us, they’d need to declare war upon us and succeed in invading every other RFCP server first, per CPA’s rules regarding the Capital procedures.

So, late Friday night, Sage and Prior, in a coordinated maneuver, executed the server transfer. Sage posted the deed, and Prior, a millisecond later, posted the capital change in CPA’s #capital-registry.

The RFCP now holds four servers. With growth comes responsibility. The officers are working overtime to ready the army for the future ahead.

Now that the rest of the army knows what only officers knew yesterday, all of RFCP can come together and celebrate this incredible gain. Prior himself requests that, as a way to thank Mopia for their entrusting us their only server, all RFCP troops continue to uphold the values of the army and treat each other with respect. If any of our artist soldiers would be willing to draw pictures of Mopia and/or this historic exchange to share with both our soldiers and present as gifts to Mopia’s moppers, the Commander would be pleased.



Exclusive Look into RFCP Bar, “Lucky’s”

Today, the RFCP gets an exclusive look into the official bar of the army, “Lucky’s”, and speaks with the owner and proprietor, its own Sergeant Lucky Quinn.


Sergeant Lucky Quinn is one of RFCP’s most vibrant soldiers, and no doubt will be the first to read this latest blog post, which he calls his daily “cuppa joe.” By his own request, Lucky provided a unique photo of himself in lieu of the player cards we usually include in our series, “Interviews with the Soldiers.”

Sgt. Lucky Quinn

The bar began construction on July 7, 2019 and enjoyed its grand opening the same night, costing an estimated 20,000 coins to furnish and complete. The tables are climbable for dancing upon, and its trademark gnome tends the bar when Lucky himself isn’t around. As for its structural design, the bar utilizes an igloo model with a secret steel door that gives it an RFCP-speakeasy vibe.

Lucky’s has become extremely popular among RFCP soldiers, and even its allies. It is open to the public, but hosts the army for its major victory celebrations. The notoriety of the venue has even inspired EGCP to create a similar bar for themselves:

We are pleased to now share an interview with the man himself, Sgt. Lucky Quinn.

Q: What are your special skills here at RFCP?

A: Me think one of me special skills is more in the R&R part of the army. R&R meanin rest and recreation. Fo sure theres always time fo me to get serious, but whenever Im ’round I always wanna make sure me fellow lads are all in good shape and avin themselves a good time, whether it be comfortin or just avin yaself a good ol’ laugh. I think I always shine in tryna make other lads ave a good day and I consider makin others happy one real special skill hehe. also i got me a bar, grab yaself a drink too

Q: You had a unique origin story to RFCP. Tell us how it happened that you enlisted.

A: Ah well one day I was on CPR avin meself a coffee and i was talkin to a bud of mine when the subject of Club Penguin Armies from them old days got brought up. I used to be a part of an army back in OGCP, even tho i aint play a huge role in it (like being second in command in the army hehe). So we was talkin and me friend brought up the RFCP, who the lad saw promotin/recruitin n stuff like that. He said he saw em a bunch round the island. did me some research n ended up runnin into the Blog and i kinda just showed up on the discord, n’ i saw big papa Prior n started talkin to em, where i asked for a real formal enlistment, oath n such. it all came together after that me think

Q: Which army?

A: Original UMA

(Underground Mafias Army)

Q: What makes RFCP different from your experiences in other armies, and what makes it the same?

A: fo difference, i’d say RFCP itself got itself a real tightknit groupa fellas, we like one big happy family n’ we real close. kinda like em fellas in Dora. except less animals mo’ on the friendship part. me think thats a bad example. anyway the point is, RFCP aint just an army, its a nice cozy family whos there for ya fo similarities, i guess we’re both armies hehe n’ did similar stuff in battles n what not

Q: Is there still room for aggression and warfare in all that love?

A: fo sure, theres always time to get serious, we are an army after all. but if there aint love between soldiers, ya dont move as smoothly, it’ll turn more into a chore than somethin ya enjoy. like eatin ice cream in the sun, it aint fun, becomes a chore its like if ya got all this icecream all over ya, but if ya eatin ice cream not in the sun, ya can enjoy firmness of it. i swear me example is related to the topic–IN SHORT, THERES ALWAYS TIME TO BE SERIOUS BUT ITS IMPORTANT THAT YA STILL ENJOY YASELF–with family

Q: Let’s move onto Lucky’s bar. It’s open to the public, but is the official bar of the RFCP. Explain how that works and what that means.

A: when i was fairly new to RFCP, i told the fellas i was gon make a bar n’ Prior came n’ asked if he could make it the bar of the RFCP. this means that the bar can be used for anythin RFCP-related or even just fo hangin out. RFCP members get exclusive access to the bar (like if iggy is locked) and the fellas can enjoy emselves an open bar all the time(edited)one of em go-to RFCP hangouts fo after battles n such as well

Q: What was the inspiration behind your bar’s acclaimed layout and design?

A: Prior’s complete alpha sex appeal n’ masculinity. Kiddin. I just wanted to make a bar that was real nice n cozy, nothin too big or over the top, somethin that got a home-y feel to it, the feelin like if ya went to an empty bar at 12am and it was just u and the bartenda n’ ya just enjoyed yaself n’ felt comfy no matter what

Q: Tell us about the most fun you had there with the army.

A: its prob got to be round that one celebration we had at the bar. it was after the battle with LGA. the bar was packed, drinks were pourin, fellas were dancin n’ singin, it was a bloody good time fo sure. im sure it was one of the biggest RFCP celebrations if i aint wrong. n’ i saw Prior get hot n’ steamy too…. i also had alotta good moments in After Dark but i wont get into it hehe. (#general-chat is a real good one too fellas)

Q: What are the future plans for the bar?

A: i really want me a bloody jukebox

Q: Prior is known for staying in character and being rather militant. Knowing him as his soldier, what is something about him that surprised you/would surprise our readers?

A: im sure the fellas said it before, but underneath all that, the fellas got one big heart. to fellas that aint in RFCP ya’d think he was just some tough as nails militant lad, but RFCP members would know otherwise. hes a real fun n’ cool fella n’ when ya get to know him, hes one adorable lad. Commander Prior to some, Daddy Prior to others. if ya wanna see what im talkin bout, wait till 3am hehe

Q: Where is your accent from?



the REAL land o’ the free




Q: As a proud American, Prior may have to argue that. But more importantly…. Accents don’t usually translate to text….

A: i like to read me own voice in text so i leave em in thereguess its preferenceor is that weird idk¯\_(ツ)_/¯ let ya dreams be dreams mates

Q: What is your favorite color?

A: Green, reminds me o’ lucki like black tooblah blah black is a shade but ya know what, its a colour i dont care what ya say

Q: Anything else you’d like to say to our readers?

A: uhh yeh. Happiness is the key to happiness. that dont make sense but yeh The key to avin a good functionin army, is if all ya fellas are avin themselves a good time while they at it.
Stayin happy is the key fellas. ya oughta live young wild n free, kinda like me hehe but i aint think im a good example Happy Goes Lucky like i always say one of me fave songs for ya

while we at it,

Kailey x Prior is real

Roman x Prior is real

Red [the Commissar] x Prior is real

Sha x Prior is real

anythin thats bein shipped with Prior is real

also shoutout to Moepho <3


and stay Lucky


Lucky in-game:

Lucky irl:

A Historic Memorial Never to be Forgotten

RFCP maxed over a hundred today.

That’s because the CPA community experienced a beautifully historic event involving almost every army and so many users that access to the room was competed for.

In the first ever event of its type, RFCP and CPA staff hosted a memorial service for Colonel DatBoiRiven at the RFCP capital, Northern Lights, at the iceberg, the “sacred ground” RFCP’s motto refers to. All attendees wore RFCP uniform. The schedule of the event was as such:

What made this service so profound was not only the outpouring of love from rivaling armies and those who barely know this 2-month-old army’s officers, but that Colonel Boi’s own surviving brother was in attendance. The tender eleven-year-old boy, totally foreign to Club Penguin let alone its armies, made an account and hid under Prior’s wing, the army choosing not to reveal his identity so as not to overwhelm him. But he was able to witness so many amazing things…

Prior’s eulogy will be posted below for those who missed it. In it, he read an excerpt from a letter Colonel Boi wrote to him before his death. After Boi got his summer job, he knew he’d be less active and, Prior suspects, wrote this letter in explanation for his absences. The letter was found in his room, unsent to Prior’s PO Box.

It is almost impossible to list the gestures of earthshaking love CPA members chose to display. A handful of them changed their profile pictures to Boi’s drawings, including R3TRO (PZF), Sage (Mopia), and admin Greeny. Others PM’ed Prior their own drawings in memory, including snork (WH) and Ripmam (WH). Photos and additional eulogies from the soldiers (including Super’s eulogy) will be posted after Prior’s eulogy. One CPA member, Kid95 (Mopia), paid to light this candle in a church:

During the Summer Circuit Tournament battle between RFCP and EGCP only three hours before, RFCP’s fiercely close relationship with EGCP was undeniable. EGCP did not fight; they mourned with RFCP. RFCP sat in solidarity, and the only formations done were in the last room: EGCP formed a heart, and RFCP formed a cross.

Fresh (LGA), Connor (GSG), Takoz (WH), and 007ACE (PZF) spectated to show their support. The battle was declared a draw.

Another act of kindness was ThatOneNoob (WH) donating his labor to record and edit the video for the ceremony, which captures everything that occurred in that breathtaking crowd. The song, “Bring Him Home” from Les Mis, was chosen for the video because when Prior heard about the death, he retreated to the woods near his home and sang this song to whatever was left of Colonel Boi to listen.

The responses to the event were unbelievable.

And Prior hopes Aqua will not mind his sharing this sweet note:

Although the event officially ended at 6:30 p.m., Prior, Shinzo, Ripman, and Armysaph247 kept watch on the ‘berg, ever since the memorial, until 10:55 p.m. EST.

The most important response of all, though, came from Colonel Boi’s little brother:

(Prior did not ask the little brother to call him sir. The little brother chose on his own to adopt the formalities of RFCP soldiers in addressing Prior).

At this time, Prior would like to announce a personal confession.

In 2017, Prior’s own brother died suddenly of a heroin overdose at the age of 26. This is the PTSD he has alluded to in other posts. Prior was the one who found him in the bathroom.

He feels that while becoming a leader of a CPA army was originally done with selfish needs, he has been led to this young boy, more than a decade younger than him, to slowly guide him through this unique agony. It gives him…meaning.

Prior’s brother was only a boy too.

We are all kids. All of us.

We’re just….kids.

Let’s try, as much as we can, to help each other stay kids, and, when we can’t anymore, when we need to face something like adults, do it together, do it slowly, and do it bravely.

RFCP extends its deepest, most profound gratitude to all involved in this moving experience. It closes this chapter on its history now, but knows that something good happened here today. Something that will not be closed.

We salute you all.

Long live our CPA family.

Transcript of Prior’s Eulogy:

It is not often that I tremble when I wear this uniform. But I waver today before you. For his privacy, we will not reveal his username but we want you to know that the younger surviving brother of Colonel Boi is here, among us tonight at the iceberg. My brothers and sisters of CPA. Today we have all decided to put aside nationalities, politics, and games and come together as one family honoring the life of a sweet 16 year old boy who in his last moments….thought of us.

My beloved Riven was with me from the beginning.

He was gentle and kind.

He asked me every day, “What can I draw for you?”

And I would think every day of something new.

He was good…

He was loyal…

He was only a boy.

When I called myself leader and signed my name as Commander, throwing snowballs and firing emojis, I never thought I’d be here, saying, “One of Prior’s soldiers has died.” But he has. And we are heartbroken.

I read you now a quote from a letter Colonel Boi wrote to me before his death. It says: “When I joined RFCP….for the first time in my life, I was fighting for something. You are one of the best things that has ever happened to me and you will always be in my heart.”

My brothers and sisters of CPA…

Why are you here?

Inside all of us, I think we each want to find the soldier we feel we are. But I know that every single one of you reading this right now is a person: behind a screen, in your bedroom, at your desk, your hand is on your mouse, or on the keys, maybe your eyes are full of tears like mine. You are a person. One I may never meet. Just like I never met Colonel Boi. But I love you. And man, did I love him.

I stand here a broken Commander. A wounded person. But I bleed next to you. With you

On this iceberg, where we will never forget what we are feeling right now. from every corner of the whole world. And yet it feels to me like the whole world is right here.

We now salute the valiant, honorable, heroic, Colonel Boi, with 21 guns on my signal. And know that he fights on in RFCP…


Additional Eulogies and Photos: