Exclusive Look into RFCP Bar, “Lucky’s”

Today, the RFCP gets an exclusive look into the official bar of the army, “Lucky’s”, and speaks with the owner and proprietor, its own Sergeant Lucky Quinn.


Sergeant Lucky Quinn is one of RFCP’s most vibrant soldiers, and no doubt will be the first to read this latest blog post, which he calls his daily “cuppa joe.” By his own request, Lucky provided a unique photo of himself in lieu of the player cards we usually include in our series, “Interviews with the Soldiers.”

Sgt. Lucky Quinn

The bar began construction on July 7, 2019 and enjoyed its grand opening the same night, costing an estimated 20,000 coins to furnish and complete. The tables are climbable for dancing upon, and its trademark gnome tends the bar when Lucky himself isn’t around. As for its structural design, the bar utilizes an igloo model with a secret steel door that gives it an RFCP-speakeasy vibe.

Lucky’s has become extremely popular among RFCP soldiers, and even its allies. It is open to the public, but hosts the army for its major victory celebrations. The notoriety of the venue has even inspired EGCP to create a similar bar for themselves:

We are pleased to now share an interview with the man himself, Sgt. Lucky Quinn.

Q: What are your special skills here at RFCP?

A: Me think one of me special skills is more in the R&R part of the army. R&R meanin rest and recreation. Fo sure theres always time fo me to get serious, but whenever Im ’round I always wanna make sure me fellow lads are all in good shape and avin themselves a good time, whether it be comfortin or just avin yaself a good ol’ laugh. I think I always shine in tryna make other lads ave a good day and I consider makin others happy one real special skill hehe. also i got me a bar, grab yaself a drink too

Q: You had a unique origin story to RFCP. Tell us how it happened that you enlisted.

A: Ah well one day I was on CPR avin meself a coffee and i was talkin to a bud of mine when the subject of Club Penguin Armies from them old days got brought up. I used to be a part of an army back in OGCP, even tho i aint play a huge role in it (like being second in command in the army hehe). So we was talkin and me friend brought up the RFCP, who the lad saw promotin/recruitin n stuff like that. He said he saw em a bunch round the island. did me some research n ended up runnin into the Blog and i kinda just showed up on the discord, n’ i saw big papa Prior n started talkin to em, where i asked for a real formal enlistment, oath n such. it all came together after that me think

Q: Which army?

A: Original UMA

(Underground Mafias Army)

Q: What makes RFCP different from your experiences in other armies, and what makes it the same?

A: fo difference, i’d say RFCP itself got itself a real tightknit groupa fellas, we like one big happy family n’ we real close. kinda like em fellas in Dora. except less animals mo’ on the friendship part. me think thats a bad example. anyway the point is, RFCP aint just an army, its a nice cozy family whos there for ya fo similarities, i guess we’re both armies hehe n’ did similar stuff in battles n what not

Q: Is there still room for aggression and warfare in all that love?

A: fo sure, theres always time to get serious, we are an army after all. but if there aint love between soldiers, ya dont move as smoothly, it’ll turn more into a chore than somethin ya enjoy. like eatin ice cream in the sun, it aint fun, becomes a chore its like if ya got all this icecream all over ya, but if ya eatin ice cream not in the sun, ya can enjoy firmness of it. i swear me example is related to the topic–IN SHORT, THERES ALWAYS TIME TO BE SERIOUS BUT ITS IMPORTANT THAT YA STILL ENJOY YASELF–with family

Q: Let’s move onto Lucky’s bar. It’s open to the public, but is the official bar of the RFCP. Explain how that works and what that means.

A: when i was fairly new to RFCP, i told the fellas i was gon make a bar n’ Prior came n’ asked if he could make it the bar of the RFCP. this means that the bar can be used for anythin RFCP-related or even just fo hangin out. RFCP members get exclusive access to the bar (like if iggy is locked) and the fellas can enjoy emselves an open bar all the time(edited)one of em go-to RFCP hangouts fo after battles n such as well

Q: What was the inspiration behind your bar’s acclaimed layout and design?

A: Prior’s complete alpha sex appeal n’ masculinity. Kiddin. I just wanted to make a bar that was real nice n cozy, nothin too big or over the top, somethin that got a home-y feel to it, the feelin like if ya went to an empty bar at 12am and it was just u and the bartenda n’ ya just enjoyed yaself n’ felt comfy no matter what

Q: Tell us about the most fun you had there with the army.

A: its prob got to be round that one celebration we had at the bar. it was after the battle with LGA. the bar was packed, drinks were pourin, fellas were dancin n’ singin, it was a bloody good time fo sure. im sure it was one of the biggest RFCP celebrations if i aint wrong. n’ i saw Prior get hot n’ steamy too…. i also had alotta good moments in After Dark but i wont get into it hehe. (#general-chat is a real good one too fellas)

Q: What are the future plans for the bar?

A: i really want me a bloody jukebox

Q: Prior is known for staying in character and being rather militant. Knowing him as his soldier, what is something about him that surprised you/would surprise our readers?

A: im sure the fellas said it before, but underneath all that, the fellas got one big heart. to fellas that aint in RFCP ya’d think he was just some tough as nails militant lad, but RFCP members would know otherwise. hes a real fun n’ cool fella n’ when ya get to know him, hes one adorable lad. Commander Prior to some, Daddy Prior to others. if ya wanna see what im talkin bout, wait till 3am hehe

Q: Where is your accent from?



the REAL land o’ the free




Q: As a proud American, Prior may have to argue that. But more importantly…. Accents don’t usually translate to text….

A: i like to read me own voice in text so i leave em in thereguess its preferenceor is that weird idk¯\_(ツ)_/¯ let ya dreams be dreams mates

Q: What is your favorite color?

A: Green, reminds me o’ lucki like black tooblah blah black is a shade but ya know what, its a colour i dont care what ya say

Q: Anything else you’d like to say to our readers?

A: uhh yeh. Happiness is the key to happiness. that dont make sense but yeh The key to avin a good functionin army, is if all ya fellas are avin themselves a good time while they at it.
Stayin happy is the key fellas. ya oughta live young wild n free, kinda like me hehe but i aint think im a good example Happy Goes Lucky like i always say

https://youtu.be/Wa5B22KAkEk one of me fave songs for ya

while we at it,

Kailey x Prior is real

Roman x Prior is real

Red [the Commissar] x Prior is real

Sha x Prior is real

anythin thats bein shipped with Prior is real

also shoutout to Moepho <3


and stay Lucky


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