BREAKING! Mopia Withdraws from CPR, Leaves Territory to RFCP

In an astonishing turn of events, RFCP received Mopia’s server, Marshmallow, late last night and declared it the new RFCP Capital.

Marshmallow is the 2nd largest and most powerful server on Club Penguin Rewritten. It swept into Mopia’s grasp during the peak of the mopping fad, and they “cleaned up” the entire island. It was their only server on the CPA map, but it is a mighty one.

On many days, it has as many penguins online as Blizzard:

And on some days, with users ping-ponging between Blizzard and Marshmallow for space, it is FULL:

On July 27th, 2019, CPR endured one of the worst security breaches in its history, with an estimated 4 million users affected. Personal information (including email addresses and passwords) from accounts were leaked to a public database due to an in-staff quarrel. RFCP joined almost every army in CPA in alerting its soldiers and cautioning members to take security measures such as changing their passwords. CPR apologized in a letter, but that’s about where it ended for them. They brushed off their hands.

Meanwhile, CPR, almost without a moment to spare, turned around and “cracked down” on Club Penguin armies in a statement on its Discord, appearing rather hypocritical, and said armies and recruitment activity will “leave a bad impression” and if caught sharing Discord information on CPR will be “permanently safe-chatted.”

Mopia leader Sage and his council took great issue with CPR’s overall behavior, and the safety concerns it fostered. “It’s a big mess,” said Sage. “One even Mopia can’t clean this time.” In what must have been a grueling decision, the Mopia staff moved to withdraw from CPR officially and no longer hold events there.

This included abandoning their Capital, Marshmallow.

What followed in their decision-making is behind Mopia’s closed doors. However, Sage approached Prior and made an astounding announcement.

Commander Prior’s request for Sage to delay until Prior could speak with the officers was strategic. With such an enormous server comes the duty of defense. The officers immediately counseled about steps RFCP would take to ensure its possession. Votes were cast, and the choice was made:

RFCP moves it Capital from Northern Lights (CPATG) to Marshmallow (CPR).

This way, if anyone (RPF is currently sandwiching us on CPR) seeks to take it from us, they’d need to declare war upon us and succeed in invading every other RFCP server first, per CPA’s rules regarding the Capital procedures.

So, late Friday night, Sage and Prior, in a coordinated maneuver, executed the server transfer. Sage posted the deed, and Prior, a millisecond later, posted the capital change in CPA’s #capital-registry.

The RFCP now holds four servers. With growth comes responsibility. The officers are working overtime to ready the army for the future ahead.

Now that the rest of the army knows what only officers knew yesterday, all of RFCP can come together and celebrate this incredible gain. Prior himself requests that, as a way to thank Mopia for their entrusting us their only server, all RFCP troops continue to uphold the values of the army and treat each other with respect. If any of our artist soldiers would be willing to draw pictures of Mopia and/or this historic exchange to share with both our soldiers and present as gifts to Mopia’s moppers, the Commander would be pleased.



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