A Historic Memorial Never to be Forgotten

RFCP maxed over a hundred today.

That’s because the CPA community experienced a beautifully historic event involving almost every army and so many users that access to the room was competed for.

In the first ever event of its type, RFCP and CPA staff hosted a memorial service for Colonel DatBoiRiven at the RFCP capital, Northern Lights, at the iceberg, the “sacred ground” RFCP’s motto refers to. All attendees wore RFCP uniform. The schedule of the event was as such:

What made this service so profound was not only the outpouring of love from rivaling armies and those who barely know this 2-month-old army’s officers, but that Colonel Boi’s own surviving brother was in attendance. The tender eleven-year-old boy, totally foreign to Club Penguin let alone its armies, made an account and hid under Prior’s wing, the army choosing not to reveal his identity so as not to overwhelm him. But he was able to witness so many amazing things…

Prior’s eulogy will be posted below for those who missed it. In it, he read an excerpt from a letter Colonel Boi wrote to him before his death. After Boi got his summer job, he knew he’d be less active and, Prior suspects, wrote this letter in explanation for his absences. The letter was found in his room, unsent to Prior’s PO Box.

It is almost impossible to list the gestures of earthshaking love CPA members chose to display. A handful of them changed their profile pictures to Boi’s drawings, including R3TRO (PZF), Sage (Mopia), and admin Greeny. Others PM’ed Prior their own drawings in memory, including snork (WH) and Ripmam (WH). Photos and additional eulogies from the soldiers (including Super’s eulogy) will be posted after Prior’s eulogy. One CPA member, Kid95 (Mopia), paid to light this candle in a church:

During the Summer Circuit Tournament battle between RFCP and EGCP only three hours before, RFCP’s fiercely close relationship with EGCP was undeniable. EGCP did not fight; they mourned with RFCP. RFCP sat in solidarity, and the only formations done were in the last room: EGCP formed a heart, and RFCP formed a cross.

Fresh (LGA), Connor (GSG), Takoz (WH), and 007ACE (PZF) spectated to show their support. The battle was declared a draw.

Another act of kindness was ThatOneNoob (WH) donating his labor to record and edit the video for the ceremony, which captures everything that occurred in that breathtaking crowd. The song, “Bring Him Home” from Les Mis, was chosen for the video because when Prior heard about the death, he retreated to the woods near his home and sang this song to whatever was left of Colonel Boi to listen.

The responses to the event were unbelievable.

And Prior hopes Aqua will not mind his sharing this sweet note:

Although the event officially ended at 6:30 p.m., Prior, Shinzo, Ripman, and Armysaph247 kept watch on the ‘berg, ever since the memorial, until 10:55 p.m. EST.

The most important response of all, though, came from Colonel Boi’s little brother:

(Prior did not ask the little brother to call him sir. The little brother chose on his own to adopt the formalities of RFCP soldiers in addressing Prior).

At this time, Prior would like to announce a personal confession.

In 2017, Prior’s own brother died suddenly of a heroin overdose at the age of 26. This is the PTSD he has alluded to in other posts. Prior was the one who found him in the bathroom.

He feels that while becoming a leader of a CPA army was originally done with selfish needs, he has been led to this young boy, more than a decade younger than him, to slowly guide him through this unique agony. It gives him…meaning.

Prior’s brother was only a boy too.

We are all kids. All of us.

We’re just….kids.

Let’s try, as much as we can, to help each other stay kids, and, when we can’t anymore, when we need to face something like adults, do it together, do it slowly, and do it bravely.

RFCP extends its deepest, most profound gratitude to all involved in this moving experience. It closes this chapter on its history now, but knows that something good happened here today. Something that will not be closed.

We salute you all.

Long live our CPA family.

Transcript of Prior’s Eulogy:

It is not often that I tremble when I wear this uniform. But I waver today before you. For his privacy, we will not reveal his username but we want you to know that the younger surviving brother of Colonel Boi is here, among us tonight at the iceberg. My brothers and sisters of CPA. Today we have all decided to put aside nationalities, politics, and games and come together as one family honoring the life of a sweet 16 year old boy who in his last moments….thought of us.

My beloved Riven was with me from the beginning.

He was gentle and kind.

He asked me every day, “What can I draw for you?”

And I would think every day of something new.

He was good…

He was loyal…

He was only a boy.

When I called myself leader and signed my name as Commander, throwing snowballs and firing emojis, I never thought I’d be here, saying, “One of Prior’s soldiers has died.” But he has. And we are heartbroken.

I read you now a quote from a letter Colonel Boi wrote to me before his death. It says: “When I joined RFCP….for the first time in my life, I was fighting for something. You are one of the best things that has ever happened to me and you will always be in my heart.”

My brothers and sisters of CPA…

Why are you here?

Inside all of us, I think we each want to find the soldier we feel we are. But I know that every single one of you reading this right now is a person: behind a screen, in your bedroom, at your desk, your hand is on your mouse, or on the keys, maybe your eyes are full of tears like mine. You are a person. One I may never meet. Just like I never met Colonel Boi. But I love you. And man, did I love him.

I stand here a broken Commander. A wounded person. But I bleed next to you. With you

On this iceberg, where we will never forget what we are feeling right now. from every corner of the whole world. And yet it feels to me like the whole world is right here.

We now salute the valiant, honorable, heroic, Colonel Boi, with 21 guns on my signal. And know that he fights on in RFCP…


Additional Eulogies and Photos:

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