EXCLUSIVE! Interview with CPA Admin Superhero123

Commander Prior virtually sat down with CPA admin Superhero123 for an exclusive inside look at what happens behind-the-scenes on Club Penguin Armies. RFCP admires Super as a kind and considerate admin, and marvels at his technological architecture. That’s right: Super is also the mastermind behind the latest private server, Club Penguin Armies: The Game (CPATG). Despite English not being his native tongue, he answers our questions with intellect and intrigue.

Q: Welcome, Super, and thanks again for agreeing have your interview featured on our website. Tell us about how you became an admin for CPA. What made you want to do it?

A: I learned about CPA and the issue they had connecting the various armies, and I decided to make a CPPS to help them. An army specific CPPS was a concept I came up with 5 years ago, so I really wanted to make it a reality, especially since the community needed it. After the other admins liked the game I developed, they offered me an admin spot too, which I happily accepted.

Q: What is the hardest part about being an admin? What’s the best?

A: Hardest part is constantly having to check Discord and generally being very active, in order to help community members that have a problem or if CPATG experiences any issues. Best part is making the community happy!

Q: You are there from army inception (registering on the Discrod!) to watching armies sometimes as old as a decade join in on the rivalry. How do armies grow over time, and what changes? What are the major differences between newer armies and older armies, BESIDES size and experience?

A: I would say there are two main things that change. The first has to do with troops that stay weeks and months into an army. The bond they make with each other and with the army leaders becomes stronger day by day, and they all become very close internet friends at some point, which is evident both from how much they care for each other but also how well the cooperate during a battle. I experienced that first hand when I spent four years in my old army. I still speak regularly to many of the awesome friends I made in that army, despite it being closed for 2 and a half years.

The second thing has to do with army leaders. They develop a bigger level of strategic thinking, and they constantly become less naive. That way they handle diplomatic affairs way better than how they did when they started leading.

Q: What percentage of registered armies actually stay active?

A: It depends for how long you mean it. More than 70% of armies stays active for lets say a week or two. But for a month its about 40%, and for three months and more I would say around 20%.

Q: Obviously, with so many interest groups and prominent figures competing with each other, tensions can run high in the discussion channels. What is something that you wish everyone on CPA understood better?

A: Some people don’t understand that we always aim to take the decision that benefits the community the most, even though it maybe won’t help their specific army. We can’t do something for that, we have to take the neutral point of view, in order to keep things fair.

Q: Club Penguin was designed for surfing, pizza, and igloo parties. Why did some of us choose to fight?

A: I guess it’s a different reason for each one of us. Personally I was a fan of both Club Penguin and Strategy Games, so I really like combining both :P.

Q: What happens when the admins disagree with each other when judging, and there is not a tie-breaking vote (for example, if only two judges are available for a long period of time)? Is it similar to a jury, where you cannot leave the chat until a unanimous vote is achieved? Do you cordially debate each other?

A: We don’t really debate with each other, everyone states his decision with facts. In group stage tournament battles there is a tie result option, so its not an issue. For invasions, we usually wait for more admins to check the battle video, in order to break the tie.

Q: What do you consider to be the characteristics of a great Club Penguin army leader?

A: Activeness, kindness towards both the army’s troops and the community in general, strategic thinking, organisation skills, the ability to inspire and impose, and despite sounding obvious loyalty towards his own army (we have seen plenty army leaders being army hoppers).

Q: What is in store for the future of CPA?

A: Can’t reveal :O, it will be awesome tho!

Q: What else would you like to say? Not only RFCP reads our blog, so the podium is yours to all!

Thank you everyone for being such an awesome community!


Q: RFCP wants to surprise you by letting you know that our very own General Cabin was a soldier of the SP (Smart Penguin’s, Super’s old home army where he was leader) !He remembers you and wants to know if you want to say anything to a former solider of yours!

A: Nice :P!

Q: One more quick question!!! What are three words you’d use to describe RFCP?

A: Hmm idk I shouldnt comment on armies tbh, I should stay neutral. But you have grown a lot and good job for that

Q: That’s more than three words but I’ll let it slide! 😉

A: Hahaha cool

Finally, RFCP wishes Sup’ a late happy birthday. Thanks again!

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