Hail the Fatherland! Duck Defenders Become the First Official Colony of the RFCP

In the prelude of the Big Bang-esque explosion of twenty-three new servers set to hit CPA next week, RFCP has established its first colony: the Duck Defenders of Club Penguin.

Duck Defenders (DD) registered on CPA on August 16, 2019. They are captained by leader Cena, the former Cuddle Kittens’ “Sexy Leader” and a steady ally of the RFCP.

Cena approached Prior in the RFCP Discord, and the leader of the infant DD expressed interest in a relationship. The two contemporaries moved to PMs. Here, before diving into the negotiations, Prior learned the devastating news that Chainpro, the leader of Red Rebellion (RR), and Prior’s close friend, closed down the army late last night.

Cena enjoyed a close relationship with RR, and found many of the heartbroken soldiers fleeing to his new army. With this bolstering of numbers (a leg-up vital to new armies, much like a fallen tree allowing sunlight onto a sapling), Duck Defenders can claim ambitious ideas for its first month of life.

But RFCP has big ideas too. Thus, once again, conversation turned to striking this fatherland-colony deal.

RFCP officers have discussed aggressive plans for making a strong entrance into the new arena of servers, and, consequentially, the new map. With the academic lull threatening RFCP (as well as all of CPA), resources cannot be spread too thin, and efforts must be exerted where it benefits the army. Prior laid out his proposition to Cena.

“Soon, twenty-three new servers are going to be released in CPA,” said Commander Prior. “RFCP wants seven of them. Seven specific ones [ones that are together]. But people are going to lunge for servers fast, and we are only allowed one invasion a day.

Too slow.

What we want from you: Be a colony of RFCP and help us invade these unclaimed servers faster with your army. You get the event points, and you transfer the servers to us.

What we give in return: After the servers are claimed (estimated time: one week), we transfer our server, Deep Freeze (CPATG), to you, and we give you one more server (either we will take it for you or we will give you one of the ones you help us get). You become independent (if you want) and we help you defend those two servers permanently.

Caveat is we have a limit to what sort of tactics we support [in other words, we want dignified fighting].

Do you agree?”

And so, it was done. It is an historic and monumental day to see such a young army like RFCP assuming the role of big brother, just like its big brother, EGCP, before it.

DMT was less than pleased.

Later, Cena met online to celebrate with the army at The Four Leaf Clover Club, Lucky Quinn’s new CPATG venue.

Prior also made the DD a regular flag to use once the colony is ready for independence.

As we flood the CPA #events-results page with trainings, recruitments, and parties this week with the objective of defending our #4 position in the Top Ten, Commander Prior urges soldiers to remember that we face a firestorm of activity ahead of us after the weekend, as we move into the new map, a new colonial relationship, and into a new chapter of RFCP’s glorious history.

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