Sunday Fun-Day: Vol. 5, Issue 2

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–Our soldiers reach the school year finish line one by one. Adventure ahead!

Weekly Recap

This week continued the steady de-thawing of the Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP)’s academic paralysis as May moves in and more activity livened the server.

On Monday, we enjoyed our regular Meme Monday theme. Gen. Microwaveable Hamster, predictably, contributed the most memes, but our Commander was a close second. Who had the dankest memes, though? You yell us.

Spoiler: It was Prior.

Tuesday was Counting Bot Day, and due to some exceptionally math-challenged soldiers, we kept spoiling the streak and didn’t get too far, nor did we meet the 500/1,000 challenge for prizes…

Wednesday, Casino Night, saw a simple game of UNO.

Thursday was recruitment night, and due to Commander Prior Bumble suffering from a bad headache, the Navy gave recruitment a shot themselves past midnight. Three new Navy recruits joined the server this week.

The army took the day off on Friday as Commander Prior attended a wedding all day–but the chat was booming, because Commissar HamsterloverL and Maj. CC couldn’t stop talking about the Commander wearing his in-real-life service uniform to the wedding. Woof! Red Baron Exsavitator, meanwhile, got the army talking about dancing–how to ask someone, whether it’s awkward, etc. The Red Baron is on Team Awkward.

On Saturday, the raffle drawing occurred, and Commissar Ham took home the pot of $150 BB!

This day also marked the important, historic publication of RFCP’s newest document, the Terms and Conditions of Apology Acceptance (TCAA). Please check it out.

Finally, all throughout the week, soldiers have been submitting their final grades (overall or exam) from B-A+ for a Bumble Buck reward as part of the Commander’s encouragement for his soldiers’ real-life success, and in accordance with the ECHO. (Please click the link to the ECHO if you don’t know what it is!). Field Marshal DJChoruskid, congratulations on those three A’s/B’s!

Submissions accepted until the end of June, so keep submitting your good grades for a reward!

This Week in History

Soldier of the Week



HamsterloverLWe are seeking PAPERBOYS/PAPERGIRLS to deliver the Sunday Fun-Day, RFCP’s newspaper (this one!), to our soldiers. Pay is $3 BB/a delivery and comes with a special role. Inquire in #division-applications.


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