Sunday Fun-Day: Volume 1, Issue 12

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA—It’s that time again! Read on for a detailed rundown of our week (and our latest takeover) in the 12th weekly Sunday-Funday issue, written by your favorite rodent-lover, Editor HamsterloverL! This week features a NEW section by Senior Reporter Arne, your favorite puzzles and graphics by Editor MicroHamster, more incredible comics by our first ever RFCP Times-Dispatch Artist,  Field Marshal Randomplayer10–and so much more!

Weekly Recap

Welcome to another issue of Sunday Fun-day: the blog series where we recap the Recon Federation of Club Penguin’s (RFCP) events and happenings from the past week in newspaper form!  

As per usual, we continued our Monday tradition of Minecraft Monday! Sgt. Rose was kind to once again open her Minecraft server for all to play in! We had a blast!  

Looks like lots of building was done!

Everyone is welcome to participate in Minecraft Monday! Because it is now on a server, all forms of the game can join regardless of whether it is Bedrock, Java, mobile, Switch, etc. So make sure you join us next week for a block-load of excitement!

This week was full of some galactic RFCP fun as we celebrated National Star Wars Day! Our Star Wars Day takeover was the highlight of our week; you can read the entire story here

Here are some of the best moments from the take over!  

Of course, we had to have a “May the Fourth be with you” Practice Battle!  We all dressed up as various Star Wars characters on Club Penguin Rewritten, and went through several fun Star Wars-themed tactics!  

During the event, we also took a few minutes to celebrate Maj. Aquastarr’s birthday!  

Lastly, on Friday Commander Coolj and Commissar HamsterloverL announced various surprises! We first honored our newest Soldier of the Week: Ice Agent E!

Later that evening, Coolj announced a list of RFCP’s newest promotions! Congratulations to Brg. Krispy, Ice Agent E, Lt. Chocolateyness, Lt. Rose, and Ice Corporal Emma! To all of our amazing soldiers at RFCP, keep up the great work! You all are incredible people regardless of promotions or rank title!

Puzzles and Games

Fill in the blanks accordingly to create your own story! Keep it PG-13 and have fun!

Arne’s Poppin’ Facts

  • Most cinemas sell popcorn for a profit margin of a 1000%, pocketing 90 cents for every dollar of popcorn they sell.
  • Super Mario Galaxy was originally called Super Mario R while in development because of the Wii’s codename/prototype alias, Project Revolution, and it was going to be a launch title.
  • While filming the movie Thor (2011), 500 dollars worth of donut props were bought for a scene in a donut shop, but it didn’t make it to the final cut. It can be seen in the background of one shot though.
  • Lunchables were created by Oscar Mayer to improve the company’s bologna sales, and they succeeded with flying colors.
  • You actually absorb less carbohydrates from eating pasta after it’s been reheated in the microwave than if you ate it fresh.


All the comics in this section are courtesy of our first ever RFCP Times-Dispatch Artist, F.M. Randomplayer10!

Meme of the Week

Leave us a comment below and let us know what YOU want to see in future editions of the paper! As always, stay hydrated and have an amazing week!


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