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Orange Is the New Purple

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–Why do all officers suddenly share a cryptic status? Is it foreshadowing? Should I obey them? All of those questions and more will be answered in this post by Senior Reporter Arne!

DM (direct message) me the word orange. 

I dare you.

In all seriousness, why is this suddenly a trending thing in the Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP) server?

Well, orange you glad I will tell you now?

I was just checking in on another server when I saw that this guy had a weird status. It said “DM me the word orange.” When you see such an oddly specific status, you just have to follow it. So, I did what he was asking me. And then, it happened.

Patient Zero of the outbreak had been infected. I, at first, didn’t want to comply. Why would I do such a silly thing? However, the thought of being able to bamboozle everyone in RFCP with some good fun was too good an offer to pass up. After all, it’s just a status; it couldn’t be that bad…right? So, I followed his instructions, and then two days later, Field Marshal Randomplayer10 had taken the bait.

The outbreak grew wild from there. I was able to trick Col. Shy Guy and Lt. Chocolateyness, but Random got a massive chain going. Out next were Viz. Don, Brg. Krispy, both Gen. Anilia and Gen. MicroHam, Col. VoidWalker, and last but not least, Commander Coolj. People were reasonably confused and intrigued by the mysterious status.

The chain was growing at an incredible rate, and as doubters became believers, everyone started to join this seemingly random movement. The entire server was suddenly at mercy to the Orange Apocalypse, and it certainly wouldn’t back down from there.

Here we can see it running rampant:

So, that’s how oranges took over our server. Orange you going to join us now?  Do it. Open up your Discord, go to my direct messages, and DM me the word orange to join in on the madness!

What do YOU think about the Orange Apocalypse?  Orange YOU planning on joining in as well?

Senior Reporter

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