Sunday Fun-Day: Volume 2, Issue 1

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA—It’s that time again! Read on for a detailed rundown of our week (and our latest takeover) in the first edition of our second volume of Sunday-Funday, written by your favorite rodent-lover, Editor HamsterloverL! In this week’s edition, read on for the weekly recap, more of Arne’s Poppin’ Facts, games and puzzles, and a special interview too!

Weekly Recap

Welcome to another issue of Sunday Fun-day: the blog series where we recap the Recon Federation of Club Penguin’s (RFCP) events and happenings from the past week in newspaper form!

We started out our a-MAY-zing week with, of course, a relaxing Minecraft Monday!

Just look at that beautiful sunset!

The army also saw the start of a brand new event on Friday! Fitting to the day of the week, we had a Friday Night Funkin’ competition. The game is an extremely popular music rhythm game, where players have to click arrows to the beat of the music while versing opponents in rap battles.

After a vigorous hour of playing, Lt. Chocolatey ended up sweeping the competition away and winning in a landslide!

RFCP also saw the addition of a brand new FREE item, to the RFCP Store! All enlisted members are now entitled to receive a scroll with their proof of enlistment! The scrolls are hand created by THE legendary Commander Prior Bumble, for absolutely no cost! These scrolls are incredible pieces of RFCP history and lore, and can even be written in Penguin Latin. You can receive a physical copy by Direct Messaging (DMing) Commissar HamsterloverL for details!

The incredible scroll in all its glory

Puzzles and Games

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge

Arne’s Poppin Facts

Video game edition!

  • McDonald’s made two different Nintendo DS games in Japan during 2010, which was supposed to train future and current employees. It now has a speedrunning community.
  • The Wii has a hidden DVD icon in the Disc Channel. This is because the Wii was going to be able to read DVDs, but it was cut to lower the cost.
  • Grand Theft Auto was originally going to be played from the police’s perspective, but testers thought it was boring and they would rather try to break the law instead.
  • There are 141 possible outcomes in any regular day on the Brantsteele Hunger Games Simulator, excluding arena events such as the Feast or the Bloodbath.
  • There are over 3,500 different types and breeds of butterflies living in Colombia, and it’s forests. That’s kind of insane. (Okay that one wasn’t about video games…)

Ask Prior

Gen. MicroHam sat down with Prior Bumble himself to talk about the Sunday-Funday starting its Volume 2, and to get you all an inside look behind the scrolls!

Q: How does it make you feel seeing that we are now on Volume 2 of the RFCP Times?

A: Any accomplishment related to RFCP fills me with overwhelming pride and joy.

Q: What is your favorite section from the newspapers that you’ve seen so far?

A: The themed puzzles, because they’re unique to the paper and mix relaxation with RFCP patriotism.

Q: Where did the idea for the scrolls come from?

A: I wanted to do something special for Gen. Microham because of how supportive she has been to me. I decided to offer a handwritten, heirloom-type document for her sweet son honorarily enlisting him as a member of our army and family. She loved it. As it turned out, I loved making it too. It is hard for me to be without RFCP, so when I can minister to our soldiers from afar, it brings me happiness as well. That’s when I decided to offer these treasures to all enlisted. These scrolls are just another reason our army is the most unique and rich in lore, culture, and depth.

(A Note from Gen. MicroHam: The scrolls are absolutely stunning! I have mine on display on a bookshelf at home. They are not only gorgeous to look at, but an amazing homage to honor anyone’s enlistment in RFCP!)

Meme of the Week

Leave us a comment below and let us know what YOU want to see in future editions of the paper! As always, stay hydrated and have an amazing week!


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