Sunday Fun-Day: Volume 2, Issue 2

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA—It’s that time again! Read on for a detailed rundown of our week in the second edition of our second volume of Sunday-Funday, written by your favorite rodent-lover, Editor HamsterloverL! Read on for the weekly recap, more of Arne’s Poppin’ Facts, games and puzzles, and more news on what’s going on in the RFCP server! Due to unforeseen circumstances (computer glitches), we are running a bit behind schedule. Regardless, we hope you enjoy the “Sunday” paper!

Weekly Recap

This week started out with some exciting news! 

On May 18th, Gen. Sillabye gave a VERY special announcement in #news:

Prior is looking fine in his Commander hat!

This incredible meeting was met with a chorus of reactions and comments from soldiers and officers alike! Silla was so lucky to have been able to shake flippers with Prior!

Aside from this legendary meeting, we had more reasons to celebrate this week! Commander Coolj celebrated his, um, birthday?

Gen. Silla gave a very specific order for soldiers to wish the Commander a very happy “7th” birthday in every single chat.

Please note: Coolj is not actually 7.

We had a suspicious–I MEAN DELICIOUS–cake to celebrate Cmdr. Coolj’s special day!

After all the festivities, the RFCP settled down to enjoy the newest prehistoric catalog items on Club Penguin Rewritten by having a Prehistoric Party! Gen. Microhamster hosted the event in her prehistoric paradise of an igloo!

Eurovision Interview

For European soldiers, and those around the world alike, the Eurovision competition has surely swept RFCP by storm! Throughout the last week, each round of Eurovision has been streamed in the RFCP Voice Chat, with our soldiers on the edge of their seats watching each country perform!  Commissar HamsterloverL sat down to interview several of our most devoted Eurovision fans to answer all of your questions about Eurovision and this year’s competition!  

I first sat down with Cpl. Kona and interviewed her about Eurovision!

Q: Hi Kona! Thank you for letting me interview you!  Let’s start out by answering a question that those who are unfamiliar with Eurovision in the army want to know: what exactly is Eurovision?

A: Eurovision is a singing competition between European countries, and they perform original songs. There are two semifinals before the finals, and the 10 countries that scored the highest in both semifinals (total of 20) move on to the finals. Also in the finals are the big 5 and the host nation (the host nation is the country that won the competition the year prior; this year was the Netherlands that hosted and next year it will be Italy).

Q: Ooh, nice! So, if I recall correctly, you guys were close to the finals, right? What countries are currently scoring the highest?

A: The finals were yesterday!! Italy won the competition with 524 points; France came in second with 499 points; and Switzerland came in third with 432 points!! It really was anyone’s year. Everyone did wonderfully.

I next interviewed with Cpl. Possum!

Q: Hi Possum, thank you for letting me interview you!  In your opinion, what makes Eurovision such an incredible competition?

A: I like it so much because it’s so exciting. A lot of the songs have good meanings too, but you never know what’s going to happen and all the performances are amazing!

I then posed this question to Possum, Kona, and Lt. Rose

Q: What countries were you personally rooting for and which would you say gave the most amazing performances?

Possum: I wanted Ukraine to win and France, Italy, and Ukraine did really well. I loved all of them though.  

Rose: Ukraine, Iceland, and France! I’d say mainly their overall vibes. They all had amazing vocals of course, and visuals too! They all had different meanings behind their songs and that really set them apart from other countries.

Kona: Honestly, it was incredibly hard for me to choose my top favorites. Every time someone else performed, it just get better and even harder to pick my favorites. I really loved France, Finland, Ukraine, Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Italy, and even more [countries]. It’s still hard for me to pick my favorites.

Games and Puzzles

Help Gen. Sillabye get to their RFCP Furby! Click to enlarge.

Find the RFCP Channels in the word search! Click to enlarge.

In the photo above find the: 
– bongo drums
– tea cup
– steak
– dinosaur drawing
– green apple
– red turtle shell bowl
– plant in the purple vase
– rotisserie meat
– drink umbrella

Arne’s Poppin’ Facts

  • The movie with the highest budget of all time is Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, which cost $375 million dollars to produce. 
  • Mario is capable of jumping a little below 5 meters in 1991’s Super Mario World.
  • In the Latin American dub of Monsters, Inc., the 2319 protocol was renamed the 3312 protocol for no real reason.

Meme of the Week

Leave us a comment below and let us know what YOU want to see in future editions of the paper! As always, stay hydrated and have an amazing week!


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