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NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA—Former RFCP Commissar, Redovyco, has come out of retirement! Read on for a full exclusive interview with Red to discover what the beloved veteran has been up to, and see what he has to say about his plans for the future of RFCP!

As an OG (original) member of Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP), Redovyco has accepted a returning enlisted rank of lieutenant, but he has been in the server for much longer than most of the people there today. Red was even a member before we were officially classified as a Club Penguin Army. He fought in RFCP’s famous Mopia Conflict, a battle that is infamous for bringing the RFCP into the Club Penguin Army circuit. He was Prior’s right-hand man and Commissar (2ic) before Red’s retirement a year and a half ago. Red is also famous in RFCP history for being the Dean of RFCP University, as well as being the featured penguin on the $10 Bumble Buck!

With such an impact on the history of RFCP, I (Gen. MicroHamster) decided to sit down and chat with Red to relive his RFCP glory days and discuss his future with the army.

Q: Red! How have you been? Has retirement been treating you well?

A: First, I’d to thank you for this interview. I have been well these past few weeks, thanks to family and friends around me. They helped me get back up in these inhospitable times. Without them, it would be more challenging. Retirement has been treating me with challenges. Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, I have been in a constant loop between school, work, and social media. I have been there, and I can say that I’ve at last overcome mental challenges that some of us were and still are going through. I learned important lessons during this year and a half that will help me in the future.

Q: That’s completely understandable. I know a lot of people have been struggling with the pandemic, but I’m happy to hear you were able to surround yourself with loved ones who helped you through it! Some of those loved ones are of course right here in the army. It’s been amazing to see you back in the server recently! Is it strange being back with everyone after being gone for so long?

A: I have seen some new faces since I started being active once more; trying to talk a little each day accustoming myself. I wouldn’t say it feels strange, but when someone is gone for long periods of time, changes can happen and a feeling of novelty can arise. This is how I feel, and I would love to know the soldiers more personally. In a new day and age, new things happen, for the more interesting part. I have been retired for about 1 1/2 years (give or take a few days) due to odd circumstances. I came back out of retirement in early May (this month) to see how the RFCP was doing and lend them a hand.

Q: Everyone seems excited to see you back in the server! Do you have any plans for the army? Perhaps reclaiming your Dean of RFCP-U role and reviving our classes?

A: I am glad to see that everyone appears to be excited that I am back in the server. I do have plans for the army and for the better of it. I used to be Prior’s 2nd-in-command, almost 2 years ago, and I enjoyed the position. Today, I will aim for something more active on my part and help contribute to the army in a meaningful way. One part of my plans is to re-organize the channels, as well as have a few more divisions related to gaming and programming. Let’s face it: who doesn’t enjoy learning new things when you are with friends and trusted people? I will certainly come back as Dean of RFCP-U, but with a more active lead in other army divisions as well. Reviving our classes will be among my top priorities, as the university seems to have been vacant for several months now. It pains me to see my classes empty.

Q: I’m sure everyone will be excited to see the University active again! I know you’re one of the “OG RFCP” members, so I personally hope to see a few classes about RFCP history and what army life was like before we were even an army!

A: I sure am, and I do hope to bond with more people this time around. I have a feeling this can turn into something promising if we have everyone committed on a project or two.

Q: For our newcomers who may not know you very well yet, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

A: Of course! For our newcomers, I am the former 2nd-in-command of the RFCP and I served under Prior for a few months from June 2019. He conducted an interview with me within a month of me joining the army, promoting me to Commissar as well. I received the title of “Illusive,” but I would say that I am not such a person. I am a simple man with dreams and thoughts, just like everyone else in the army. I led the army well in our golden age during the summer of 2019 but at a price–lack of sleep. I made a few sacrifices to ensure the army succeeded, and my efforts didn’t go to waste. I’m currently studying in a field related to technology, and I am months away from graduating. My knowledge in this area will help the RFCP, and I am confident in it (my skills). I also happen to be an animal lover; with cats taking the top list with a few other exotic animals, but I do love certain dog breeds as well. I wish I had a pet these days; they can be very helpful.

Q: Prior has referred to you as his “right hand man” and “his great friend and brother.” He has also said you are extremely loyal to both him and RFCP. It is clear from this interview that you are still very faithful to the army!

A: They say that a picture is worth a 1,000 words, and it is true. Prior and I shared a brother-like relation, and we still do. I am still faithful to the army that became one of the most famous and successful 2 years ago. Yet again, just like in any other relationship, Prior and I have had our challenges. He’s a very passionate man, and I can be quite hard-headed. We’ve both had disagreements and mistakes, but in the end I learned to forgive, just as he already had. Forgiveness is one of the reasons we were so successful. He taught me well and showed me the ropes of leadership, but I took my skills a step further and finished teaching myself based on what I had already learned from him. I am very thankful that he let me be his right hand and that we trust each other so much. He’s a valued Commander in my heart.

Q: You are a very valued member to everyone in RFCP, both past and present! Did you have anything that you’d like to say to our soldiers and officers?

A: Absolutely! The RFCP has been through a lot of challenges and obstacles since my last visit. I have kept a close eye to any major events, but my personal life has kept me from taking any action. I was busy, just like a lot of people. I feel sorry for not acting earlier. However, I am here and I have returned. I’m very pleased the RFCP is still standing; this means we are still as strong and united as ever! I also wish to thank our soldiers, because they are the army, and without them we would not be here today.

There are also a few of the officers whom I have a few words to say about.

Coolj–We haven’t spoken a lot, but you’re a chill guy to be with. Even more so, the fact that that Prior made you Commander means you did a beyond excellent job. Thanks for taking up the role for us.

HamsterLoverL–Ham, you’ve been there for the officers, the soldiers, and the army. You worked your way up and became 2ic, just as I did before you. You’re one of the OG RFCP members, and this means a lot to people who have known and trusted you for so long. You work harder than anyone I know, both for your own future and the army. You’re the toughest hamster I know. Thank you for being a friend even after I retired. We (RFCP) wouldn’t be here today without you. I’ll be looking towards a future with you in the army once more. You are the best of the best!

Anilia–You’ve been one of the few people to have kept an active contact with me after retirement. It helped me a lot, and made me want to be active once again, so thank you.

Sillabye–You’re an energetic person who has come a long way as an officer, since I last remember. You also are an avid gamer; keep up the good work! Also, I love Furbies.

ShyGuy–You’re very mature and polite.; I like those traits of yours. Good job on being an officer so far as well! You’re a trusted member of the high command.

VoidWalker–We haven’t spoken a lot throughout these past few months, but you are an excellent person to be with, and a skilled programmer as well. Thanks for being there for the RFCP.

And thank you to everyone else helping out in the RFCP! Have a very nice day!

Make sure you take a moment to say hi to Red in the server and welcome him back to our ranks! As you can see, he is very eager to catch up with all of our older members, as well as befriend all our newest soldiers.

Leave us a comment below and let us know what YOU think about Red’s ideas for RFCP, or leave us some of your own ideas for our army!


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