HISTORIC AND BREAKING! The “ECHO” Established on RFCP’s One-Year Anniversary

Today, on June 5, 2020, the one year anniversary of the RFCP’s founding, the high command proclaimed a new official edict that establishes the army as a real world organization.

With this formal document, RFCP declared itself as an entity that supersedes not only Club Penguin, but the digital realm. It reads, “RFCP…shall institute itself as a real world organization.”

“I am looking into trademarks, copyright, and nonprofit corporation formation avenues for RFCP as we speak,” said Commander Prior Bumble.

The edict stands out from other official army documents in both style and timing. First, its futuristic theme alludes to the message of progress and continuity the ECHO asserts. It is also hopeful. “Hortative” is a seldom used word in the English language which means “giving strong encouragement.”

Its timing is also significant, being signed on the sacred date of June 5.

“This makes it one of the most important official documents in RFCP history,” said Prior. “It answers formally the question ‘Is RFCP still an army?’ for the chapters moving forward and opens doors to us for physical world operations.”

In the past weeks, hicom in #command-room have been discussing how RFCP might evolve into an active “irl” organization, including one that practices fraternal volunteer engagement (like the Lions Club and Rotary Club) as well as offers opportunities for employment and internship to grow life skills and build young resumes to better the lives of our members.

“It’s not at all out of the question,” said Prior. “We raised $222 USD for coronavirus relief when we concentrated our energy on it as an army.”

And Prior argues that RFCP officers are already the equivalent of real volunteers. They run the organization with him, offer their time to counsel members, and consistently problem solve, without pay.

For those who don’t know, the Salvation Army is a worldwide organization focused on relief efforts, that functions with military ranks, faith tenets, and even a supreme commander.

All of these above ideas are in line with the possibilities opened up by the ECHO.

To many, this edict won’t come as too great of a surprise. Since entering Ukahala, RFCP has expanded to games other than Club Penguin, including Animal Crossing, Minecraft, Roblox, and Terarria. All of these mediums are alien to Prior Bumble, the army’s beloved “boomer.” He does not join the soldiers in these endeavors, but he supports it out of a desire to see the army happy.

Of course, the ECHO does not say that Club Penguin will cease being an integral part of the army.

“We are still a Club Penguin army,” said Prior, “we’re just not only a Club Penguin army.”

The RFCP intends to continue using Club Penguin and will not be dropping it from its historic name. In fact, RFCP is maybe the only Club Penguin army in existence that already has preparations in place to survive the Flash apocalypse so Club Penguin usage can endure past 2020 for us.

The ECHO document is currently being signed by all other officers in contrasting time zones, but, per the terms laid out in the Constitution, Commander Prior and Commissar Opino’s signature alone have passed the document into law.

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