Soldiers Celebrate RFCP Anniversary Week with Real Life Monuments!


We’re less than 24 hours away now from the 1 year RFCP anniversary, and excitement has been building all this week. Today, the blog shares spectacular monuments the soldiers erected in their homes and environments to honor the army.

Sergeant Spooky
Sergeant Aqua
Colonel HamsterLover
Field Marshal Sillabye
Brigadier CoffeeBean
Captain ShyGuy
Lieutenant Drewls
Colonel Pixie
Ice Corporal Leelabot
Commissar Opino3
Captain Raider
General Sha
Lieutenant October (alphabet game in the car)
General Coolj (Nicki Minaj collage)
Ice Corporal Mary

Finally, Commander Prior carved RFCP into a tree, which will permanently stand sentinel in his beloved nearby woods.

Remember, this is our first birthday, but not our last. The world will know and admire RFCP.

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