RFCP Raises $222 for Coronavirus Relief!

And we’re not talking Bumble Bucks!

This willingness to step up and help someone else is part of what the RFCP is founded on. I honestly don’t think any other army could do this.

Sillabye, Recruitment Coalition division head

This month, Prior Bumble and Recruitment Coalition head Sillabye collaborated to hold a recruitment fundraiser that would result in real-life donations to COVID-19 relief.

The terms of the fundraiser are posted below. In a nutshell, any soldier who recruited 1 new member into the server would = Prior donating $1 USD to a charity focused on COVID-19 relief called “Feed the Fight.” This organization patronizes suffering small business restaurants and delivers free meals to exhausted healthcare workers. Participating soldiers were required to sacrifice their $25 Bumble Buck standard recruitment reward for it to count.

Here are some photos of the great work RFCP just supported at https://feedthefight.org/ ! :

After Prior pledged to donate, other RFCP executives in the Recruitment Coalition decided to pledge donations as well to four other philanthropies dedicated to helping others during the pandemic. The division set certain goals that would unlock the donations if those quotas were met, and many were!

Recruitment Coalition division head, Sillabye, joined us for an interview on this amazing feat.

Q: Silla, this is such a great accomplishment for the army. How are you feeling right now?

A: I’m literally on top of the world. I could not be prouder of how amazing the division did. I saw so much generosity and hard work that it blew me away.

Q: You’ve really revamped the division and mobilized them. What sort of changes did you implement that made this huge input of recruits possible?

A: Well, first expanding the RC from one channel to multiple channels made us much more organized! That made it a lot easier to have more people come out to recruit. On top of this, throughout the contest, the entire division figured out a way of approaching recruitments that made us much more efficient. We changed it so that one person (generally) did all the oathing of new recruits, while the others were (for the most part) solely focused on recruiting. Basically, we found our strengths and weaknesses and figured out how to make our recruiting even better.

Q: Can you describe the spirit of generosity you saw among those who participated in this fundraiser? They not only sacrificed their Bumble Bucks, but a lot of time too.

A: It was amazing. I personally had agreed to donate just as extra motivation, never thinking others would agree to donate as well! Then, on top of that, we had recruiters giving up entire days to recruit. One recruit even came out when she wasn’t feeling her best so she could make sure we reached the goal. It came down to people offering to miss other [non-essential/recreational] events or staying up until 2:00 a.m. just so we could reach the goals we kept setting (and breaking) for ourselves. The best part? Not s single person complained–not about the Bumble Bucks, not about the 1:00 a.m. recruitments, not even about the trolls that were insulting them. Everyone was so dedicated to doing as much as they could.

Q: That’s so inspiring. What do you think this says about what RFCP as an army really is?

A: We are a group of people who truly care about other people. We all put ourselves on the back burner for a week so we could help out others who need it. I’m not surprised by the hard work and caring I saw from everyone; it’s the kind of thing I see every day in the RFCP–people helping and caring about one another. This week, they put that energy into raising money, yet still found time to help and support one another. One solider, Coffeebean, noticed two of our recruits were struggling a bit in their first days and went out of her way to take them under her wing (she already had at least four buddies at that point and had been recruiting all week). This willingness to step up and help someone else is part of what the RFCP is founded on. I honestly don’t think any other army could do this: raise this much money with this much passion, and that makes me extremely proud to be an RFCP member.

Q: Beautifully said. Do you have anything else you want to add?

A: I just wanna thank the Recruitment Coalition for their hard work. You guys did amazing! Also, I wanna welcome all of our new recruits once again. You are all extremely valued here and I’m so excited to get to know each and everyone of you. Joining the RFCP will be the best decision of your life!

Below are screenshots of the receipts proving RFCP’s donations. Prior stayed true to his word that he’d comment that the donation was made possible by the Recon Federation of Club Penguin when filling out the donation form.

“This is the greatest army in Club Penguin,” said Prior, “for reasons like this. And I daresay, if we as a community continue to act as a force for good in the world, we will be one of the greatest armies in existence, period.

A huge thank you to the participants, their supporters, the new recruits (you’re part of history now!), and the whole Recruitment Coalition. We’re sure some amazing things are in store for this division. Reach out to the head, Sillabye, and consider joining today.

Erat ipso sacra.

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