War of the Wheels: Raffle/Lottery Schedule to Change

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA– A new era is about to unfold. An era of…Canadian raffle tickets? Col. Randomplayer10 reports.

In the Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP), you’ll almost never find tyranny of any kind. Our leader is fair and just, our members in positions of power don’t do anything to abuse it, and whenever you hear about people making cruel decisions, it’s usually because they’re another army. However, a foe has been with us for the past few months, and sadly nobody has been able to see the fiend for what they really are. You may ask: “I don’t remember there being anyone or anything like that, what are you smoking?” Well, my friend, I have a picture of the very culprit RIGHT HERE!

A bingo machine. Not just any bingo machine, but (a representation of) the very tool used to draw for the Mountieball™ lottery! For months on end, money has been thrown at this sadistic sphere with the intent of earning more back with a matching lottery ticket. Draws would happen late into every other Saturday, where people with tickets would tune in, carrying 5 numbers from 1 to 99 and a super number that could only match with the super number drawn, but would automatically promise a bigger payout if it matched..

Every ticket bought would not only increase the power of the wretched cage and its horde of malevolent bingo balls, but also put the amount of Bumble Bucks spent on the ticket into the pot to be divided. This may not sound evil to anyone, it may even sound enticing, but I promise you one thing:

It can get so much better. The RFCP lottery nights don’t consist of just one form of gambling, but TWO forms of gambling! The Mountieball™ raffle formerly took place every other week, whenever the lotto wasn’t on. Tickets for it are cheaper, with only $10 Bumble Bucks getting you a spot on the wheel, while adding those $10 Bumble Bucks to the pot. The premise of the raffle is simple: One random slot on the wheel is drawn, and the person who owns the slot gets the ENTIRE POT. For example: The above wheel had a payout of $330 BUMBLE BUCKS, which went to our (very cool and valid) Commissar HamsterLoverL.

Explanation of the raffle aside, you may have happened to notice that I said “formerly” when talking about the bi-weekly raffle structure. Why might that be? Well, the reason is that I used this blog to make a special announcement!

The raffle will now happen for two weeks in a row, with the lotto being every third week, for a schedule of RAFFLE-RAFFLE-LOTTERY-RAFFLE-RAFFLE-LOTTERY (etc.)!

The beast has been pushed back by the righteous wheel! Three cheers!—Wait, I’m getting off track; this is the part where I transition to the soldiers’ opinions. Anyways, I took this news to the members of RFCP, giving them a sneak peek at what the raffle would be like from now on:

Q: The Mountieball™ lottery and raffle have been rotating so each game would be played every other week. We’re about to change that, though, making the raffle happen for two weeks in a row before the lottery. That being said, do you like the Mountieball™ lotto or the raffle more? Why?


Red Baron Exsavitator: I think I like the lotto more, because with raffles when people buy a lot of tickets it seemed barely worth it to buy one, unless you’re also buying them in bulk.

Ice Agent Zeny𝐐✓#5215: The raffle. It happens more often so it’s kinda fun ig and makes things less boring.

Capt. 𝐙𝐞𝐫𝐨𝐐✓ Mountieball lotto because it’s fun to play it and it’s very exciting and more chances to win unlike raffle where you don’t get Many chances.

Commissar HamsterloverL: I prefer the raffle personally because there’s a higher probability of winning given how many soldiers purchased tickets and there’s always a winner. Lottery has a much lower probability of matching numbers and there isn’t always a winner. Also it’s more work matching numbers for the soldiers (easy to make a mistake) and more work for the people making the tickets.

So, preferences between the lotto and the raffle are still pretty split. For those lotto fans out there, don’t worry…it won’t go away–the anticipation for lotto week will just be that much better.

All jokes and favorite picking aside, the Mountieball™ raffle and lottery can both potentially be good ways to make big money in a short time. If you’ve ever got money burning a hole in your pocket, want a ticket or two, want to put money on the line to try to make more money, or just want to fuel the RFCP economy, make sure to buy some tickets when they’re on sale every Wednesday to Saturday!

What are YOUR thoughts on the Mountieball™ raffle/lotto? Let us know in the comments!

Col. Randomplayer10


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