The Feddiegate Fallout

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: Has Feddiegate gone too far? A stolen identity, some Constitution confusion, and RFCP’s newest news anchor emerges out of the darkness to tell the tale.

It started with a dare, but not just any dare: a dare so daring that it dared to be dared.

Last night, General Sillabye set out to complete the winning dare: reading the entire RFCP Constitution… backwards.

It took an hour and 47 minutes total, including talking time between amendments, for the dare to be officially completed. During the backwards reading there were some interesting words and phrases that popped up, providing a bit of comedic relief to Silla’s apparent mental anguish. One of the most notable word pairings was “Buck Bumble,” a backwards reading of “Bumble buck” that took on a life of its own when given a personality to fit the name.

Many asked and requested that someone give Buck Bumble life, and Microwaveable Hamster stepped up to the task, presenting RFCP with its very own creation: me, Buck Bumble.

Yes, I’m quite dashing looking, aren’t I?

I’m sure many of you have noticed by now in reading and looking at the screenshots of the chat provided thus far, that something seems out of sorts in the RFCP server, and I’m not just talking about Silla’s brain after reading the entire constitution backwards. If you look closely you can see that many members of the RFCP have changed their nicknames and profile photos to make a mockery of their own Commander, Coolj.

The change took place during the backwards reading of the RFCP Constitution, leading many to speculate that the reasoning behind the change was to point the finger at Commander Coolj for writing the infamous letter threatening Red Baron Opino3 not to announce the Feddies Awards. Perhaps the backwards reading of the Constitution was just a ploy, and people were discussing how to overthrow their Commander?

General Silla has yet to comment on the claims, and at the time of questioning her, another bomb was dropped on our RFCP friends: a mysterious and confusing new user had joined their server.

The messages sent by the user were all in code, but with Colonel CoffeeBean’s help translating, they worked out most of what the stranger was saying.

The full translation of the messages can be found in the newly-revived #feddiegate channel in the server. Most notably, Commander Coolj was absent at the time user 6610510810812 entered the server; could they have waited until he was gone to enter, or was the mysterious helper Coolj in disguise? Commander Coolj has not yet commented on these accusations, but rest assured, Buck Bumble is here to keep you informed on all the latest news. Now, back to Colonel Shy Guy for the weather.

Republican News Anchor with a Moustache
Channel 4 News at 6

What do YOU think about the series of bizarre behavior taking place in the RFCP server following the revelation of another Feddiegate Scandal? Leave us a comment below to let us know your thoughts!


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