Feddiegate 3.0

Northern Lights, Ukahala: As the 4th semi-annual RFCP Feddie Awards approaches, the Recon Federation of Club Penguin is struck by yet another round of Feddiegate!

Many of you have been around for a while and know all about the Feddie Awards, but for our newest RFCP family members and friends who may be confused, Commissar Hamster has provided an explanation:

In essence, the Feddies are the Oscars of the RFCP, but many of you are probably asking yourselves, what is Feddiegate?” Simply put, Feddiegate is the RFCP equivalent of Watergate. It is a sabotage, or series of sabotages, made up by someone to prevent or delay the Feddies.

Earlier this evening, General Sillabye made an announcement that brought forth many questions, most of which are still unanswered:

It appears that the RFCP has once again been plagued by the nuisance that is Feddiegate. This seems to be corroborated by the reopening of RFCP’s old #feddiegate channel in our server; a channel in which we discuss Feddiegate occurrences and potential suspects.

So far, our suspect list seems to be a decent size, but we will need your help to figure out who exactly is behind the Feddiegate 4.0 scandal.

The Suspects:

Silla- Rumor has it that Opino doesn’t like Furbies, and everyone knows Silla loves Furbies so much, she has an entire channel devoted to the fuzzy creatures. Silla is also a talented writer, so the threatening note could easily have come from her.

Hamster- The Old Commissar vs the New Commissar? This is a tale as old as time. Could Hamster be feeling threatened by the reemergence of an old RFCP favorite, Opino?

Coolj- Coolj and Opino are close friends, but could there be some secret bad blood between the ex-RFCP-commander the current commander?

Anilia- Anilia is always sus. How is it that someone so in-the-know about everything happening in the RFCP has no clue who the culprit behind Feddiegate could be?

Billy Bot Thornton- Never trust a bot–they’re always up to something. Let us not forget that Billy was a prime suspect for our last Feddiegate scandal.

The New Host- Could the new host have tried to manipulate their way into becoming the host?

I, MicroHamster, will be reporting in as we get more information on this developing story. In the meantime, don’t forget to cast your votes for the Feddies! You can find the link in the RFCP server. Voting closes soon, so make sure you get your votes in!

Who do YOU think is behind the Feddiegate scandal? Leave us a comment below and let us know your thoughts!


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