Prior Bumble Gets a Fish Tank

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: If you’re wondering what Prior has been up to while RFCP forges on, read our latest op-ed. You’ll also have an opportunity to name one of the tank inhabitants!

We all fondly remember Starfish Prior.

And anyone who remembers the old war leader knows he loved animals. So it should not come as much of a surprise that he has introduced a saltwater aquarium to his life, and he has expressed a desire to share this joy with the army he still loves.

Nature Coral HD Backgrounds.

Uncle Cena was the first to know, via text message, of this new development in Prior’s life.

But it did not always go well.

Indeed, building a saltwater reef tank may harmonize with Prior’s Hawaiian shirt vibe, but it is a lot of work and research.

So far, the 60 gallon hexagon tank includes:

1 Blue Spotted Puffer

2 Clownfish

1 Cleaner Shrimp

1 Sea Cucumber

1 Anemone (which is an asshole)

2 Hermit Crabs

2 Emerald Crabs

2 Conchs

2 Snails

3 Sponges

3 Coral

1 Sand Sifting Starfish

Let’s introduce you to a few of the gang! *Names subject to change if a better name is discovered, obviously.

Beers the Puffer

Prior’s pufferfish is named Beers. Beers has a very sweet disposition and likes to hover in place low on the sand bed much like an aquatic hummingbird. He does nip at the starfish sometimes, but is very unsuccessful at annoying anything, because no one takes him seriously. Prior has not seen him inflate at all yet. Beers is named after the librarian crewmember of the same name on board the RMS Queen Mary.

The RMS Queen Mary - DreamreaderDreamreader

Rongo the Ocellaris Clownfish

Rongo is named after the Polynesian god of agriculture. He loves to swim near the other clownfish and look down on this orange sponge and green candy-cane coral. He is a good little dude.

Murdoch the Dark Ocellaris Clownfish

No one messes with Murdoch, named after the First Mate of the Titanic. She is next to a yellow sponge and the green sea cucumber on the left. The cucumber is named De$hawn.

Rev the Hermit Crab

Uncle Cena got to name Rev. Rev is the smallest hermit crab, but the most deadly. He has already toppled the giant red sponge which is about 30x his size. Rev is pretty bad ass.

Harvey the Hermit Crab

The bigger hermit crab is named Harvey. Prior once had a land hermit crab named Herbert that he loved dearly, so the H theme is living on.

This is Harvey with a couple of unnamed snails. We genuinely aren’t sure what’s going on here.

Windex the Cleaner Shrimp

Windex loves to clean and usually hangs around that red sponge or on the live purple rock.

Elton the Starfish

Sand Sifter Starfish - YouTube

This is actually a rare photo of Elton’s species, because he is a diva and only lives underneath the sand where we can’t see him.

BUT THERE ARE STILL FOURTEEN LIVING THINGS THAT NEED NAMES. Snails, conchs, crabs, and the new fish on their way soon.

Prior would love for YOU, the army, to propose and vote on names much like you did on choosing a neck tie for him. He will use one of the fishy names on an inhabitant in the tank and show you all. It makes him happy to share a little bit of this happiness with you too.

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