Happy New Year from RFCP!

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: With good wishes to all for a fresh start, RFCP looks ahead on reasons to hope in the new year.

The first post of 2021!

The Recon Federation wants to extend a warm blessing to all its readers for renewal and strength as we say goodbye to 2020 in the physical world. Here in the world of armies, soldiers have much to look forward to.

January means we will soon hold our winter Feddie Awards! Will FEDDIEGATE strike again? Who will be honored at the ceremonies? It is perhaps the most anticipated event in the RFCP. If you’d like to help plan it, reach out to Gen. Anilia.

This month has also been selected by Prior Bumble as his prayer month for his soldiers–a tradition he observes twice a year (and has decided to continue despite retirement), much like the Feddies. Soldiers may reserve a night this month, and (if they want) specify a particular intention in their heart which they would like Prior to pray for. He will set aside an unbroken 10 minutes to pray for you. Please contact Col. Microham if you’d like a night to be remembered.

Finally, January will witness some interesting new developments in the governmental structure of RFCP and its divisions. Stay tuned for our bloggers to report!

Our best from the RFCP family online to yours at home. 2020 was rough, we know, so truly…Happy New Year! Even to all you lieutenants:

What are YOUR resolutions for the New Year, both in the material world and in RFCP? Comment below!

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