The Plot Thickens! FEDDIEGATE Continues

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: As more clues come in, RFCP soldiers solve some mysteries, and keep scratching their heads at others. But one lead may result in discovering the identity of the secret robotic voice…

The Feddiegate Part 2 mystery left off yesterday with a second robotic message.

“Do you have the number ready? You will need it.”

Investigative reporter Da Best details the new developments in his second case-file installment. Again, make sure to click to enlarge.

Screenshot from the scavenger hunt post

Our investigators spent quite some time deliberating on the clue embedded in the binary. Who is 21? Some thought it was Redovyco, because of a message he sent saying, “I’m 21.” But that was last year, retorted others.

Other theories rose and fell. It was clear the team needed another hint. A third robotic voice message was released at 10:48 p.m. on August 4:

It said:

“It looks like you need another hint. I don’t have much time. 21 is the number you seek. Ask Lieutenant Randomplayer what he is waiting on.”

After further debate, the majority consensus agreed that the answer must be Billy Bot Thorton. Lt. Randomplayer is waiting on a Billy Bot Thorton pillow he ordered with his Bumble Bucks, and Billy’s item ID number in the store is 21.

Then, Prior Bumble posted in #news at 4:11 p.m. EST. “Who ordered a fruit basket?”

The basket had another encoded message with tiny, repeated text making up the image.

“So? Have you determined who 21 is? If so, schedule an interrogation of him in #event-alerts and I will meet you there.”

Interrogate Billy Bot Thorton on Ukahala cpps?! Some had doubts, because, they argued, Billy is a bot who cannot talk. But the last clue did say, “We didn’t know he’s alive.” Maybe Billy…can!

And so the team agreed to schedule an interrogation at 6:30 p.m. EST on Thursday August 6th. If their mystery informant shows up as promised, they’ll know they were right and can receive the next instruction. If no one shows up, well….

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  1. […] the name, we were able to deduce that this was no other than Billy Bot Thorton [throwback to Feddiegate 2.0!], who was actually was the one helping us the entire time. He wanted to expose Coolj, Ham, and […]

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