RFCP Top Ten/Top Twenty Rankings

This week, RFCP scored #5 in CPAM Top Ten, and #15 in the Universal Top Twenty, which includes all armies in existence, including CPO armies.

CPAM Ranking:

We scored perfect on event quality and tactics. Our Navy’s growth (AUSIA) has helped us stay in the top 5 among gargantuan armies. The #5 ranking is consistent with our ranking from last week in CPAM.

The Golden Guardians managed to achieve the #4 spot we aimed for this week, but our efforts ensured we were not forced to surrender our position and sink in the Top Ten. Stand strong!

Universal Top Twenty:

Commander Prior is proud of you. Being listed on the Universal Top Twenty is a huge mark of prestige and success. We made the cut to be listed among every army existence. Notice LGA, PIC, PZF, etc. absent from ranking on that global list.

Top Tens award a unique AUSIA point curve, in order to reward multi-divisional armies as an important feature of a thriving military. In other words, armies rank better when they are not strictly performing with their U.S. division. That means our Navy, led by the stellar Admiral Pyxel, is really pulling our weight in the Top Ten/Top Twenty. Assist him. Take this as a call to funnel our energy into more naval events for the grand RFCP.

And keep up those sharp tactics.

Erat ipso sacra.

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