NORTHERN LIGHTS, CPATG–CPAM leaders respond to RFCP’s unparalleled raid aggression by considering a total removal of an historic part of army culture. Read to the end to see the crazy twist that began one of RFCP’s raid campaigns.

That’s right–RFCP’s incessant campaign to raid every single LGA and PIC event has caused uproar among CPAM leader circles. Last night, Tymatt proposed a BAN of raids in response to RFCP’s aggression, and discussion erupted.

Tymatt demanded that CPAM purge RFCP from the army community.

Emcee, Ayan (CPAM administrators), and Ultipenguinj (RPF), political opponents of Prior Bumble, fairly defended RFCP’s right to raid as part of a decade-old tradition in army culture. How can an army news site or an army league ban conflict?

Still, tensions have been high ever since an RFCP soldier took insults too far of his own volition at the last PIC raid, unbeknownst to RFCP hicom.

Amidst RFCP raiding PIC and a few LGA renegades, PZF surprise-logged in to support and uplift RFCP spirits.

After learning about the isolated incident where an RFCP soldier got carried away, as Emcee stated above, Prior reached out to apologize and the soldier was punished. However, Prior posted a rigorous argument in the leaders channel to the absurd proposals.

IMPORTANT screenshot, please read in full.

Some leaders in CPAM supported Tymatt’s rage.

The vote was offered to the leaders with two options initially: Ban raids entirely, or do not ban raids and only prosecute out-of-line behavior at raids. RFCP is in full support of the second option! No shady shit should be at raids; that is why Prior apologized twice! But raids themselves cannot be administratively abolished.

Within minutes, the vote was 10-5, the ban in the lead, with Commander voting for the second option, of course. The vote was revised to what you see at the beginning of this post to add a third option: allow only one raid a day. Now the vote stands at 10-3-13. Prior did not change his vote.

Meanwhile, PIC leaders–Eva invited Emma and Pho (LMAOOOOOOOOOO) to “Commander” with her–laid back and watched as they let other people attempt to resolve their army issues for them.

Then “Commander” Pho contributed the to conversation with authoritative remarks:

And the best quote:

No shit, PIC “Commanders.”

You can’t do anything for yourselves.

The RFCP blog now adds one more piece of amusement to this story of perhaps the most aggressive raid campaign in CPA history. We find it funny (truly, not in a salty way) that the instigating moment of this campaign began when a certain Koloway popped into Prior’s DMs with an offensive screenshot from Karma and basically said, “Here, boy! FETCH!”

HOORAH! indeed bro. We went howling.

CPA is at a bizarre crossroads in army history. A frightening percentage of army leaders are in favor of making in-game conflict itself in a pseudo-military community punishable. If RFCP is remembered by time for, among other reasons, being the army that raided so hard that raids were banned after being a part of army culture for ten years, may we be both proud of our intensity and horrified for the future of penguin warfare.

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