How Popular is the RFCP Blog? Stats Released

On the right side widget bar, viewers can now see that the blog has been active for every month in a full year. Today we release insider stats to the public to see just how far our reach has extended.

Our blog is known for being well-read beyond its target audience of RFCP enlisted. It circulates in CPAM as well as other army Discords, and has several non-enlisted subscribers.

^ Says Orange (Chaos 1ic) after gobbling up our post ten minutes after it’s published.

Let’s see if we can prove him wrong with numbers too!

RFCP Blog Stats to Date

Hits: 21,907 and growing

Day Most Frequented: Tuesday (17% of total views)

Time Most Frequented: 9:00 p.m. EST (9% of total views)

Countries Reached: 76

Top Ten Countries:


  • 91 posts were published in 2019, and 53 posts (including this one) have been published so far in 2020.
  • There were 2,685 visitors in 2019 and so far there are 3,203 visitors in 2020. We thus have increased our viewership but 518 readers this year.
  • The most read post of all time is “Something I Never Wanted to Write,” Prior’s personal elegy to a deceased RFCP hicom, with 334 interactions

Our history page, a thorough documentation of all army conflict involving RFCP (and a prologue of Prior Bumble in the 2008 army, PRA) has a total of 1,362 views.

Out top five referring websites that bring us traffic are:

  1. The CPA Wiki
  2. The RFCP Trailer video on YouTube
  4. The RFCP official Twitter
  5. The RFCP official Instagram

A reminder to all as well that RFCP blog (and army!) is not a revival, but an original creation built from dust under a year ago. It has one author (the RFCP reporter, Doug, of course…).

We aren’t posting to compete with anyone, but to celebrate how amazing our sphere of influence has become! Be proud and commend yourselves on being part of an incredible blog supporting an even more incredible organization. Erat ipso sacra!

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