Prior Bumble Nominated for 2019 CPA Legend

Upon the understanding that we have less time to publish this post than we thought, we would like to announce, before the results come in tonight, that Prior Bumble was nominated for 2019 CPA Legend.

The ceremonies were announced by DMT on the official It was imagined at first with three phases–1. Nomination by community direct messages to DMT 2. Community poll to weed out some of the nominees 3. Judge’s final selection.

Because of an unethical imbalance in the polls due to large armies sending in disproportional vote, however, Phase 2, the community phase of this process, has been nixed. It was initially set to end on May 20. Now, popular vote has been suspended and the judges’ inductions will be TODAY, May 11.

This also comes after CPAM reporter, Zing King To, posted criticism of DMT’s handling of the induction process. Originally, the Board of Governors assembled to determine the final selections was to be anonymous. However, this was changed after the community applied pressure to DMT. Zing King To then critiqued the validity of these judges. His comments are in quotes, and DMT’s response is provided in the following paragraph.

DMT’s full response can be read here.

Now, the Board of Governors–DMT, Superhero123, Flen, Greeny, and Emcee–will take the list of nominations provided by the community and decide themselves.

The Legends are set to be revealed this evening.

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