Club Penguin Reds Become Colony of RFCP

Colonial flag, by RomanPrincey and Opino3

Today, the Club Penguin Reds Premier, BossMan, agreed to colonize under RFCP.

With the same joyousness had when RFCP colonized DKA, both leaders welcomed each other to their servers with special roles. Reds soldiers were granted the lavender “colonist” role in RFCP, which grants them access to family-only channels like #story-time-with-papa-prior and #movie-night. Not even allies see those channels.

Commander Prior was given a “Colonial Overlord” role in the Reds of CP server. Both Prior and BossMan share a love of history, and compared this new relationship to that of the British Empire.

Like RFCP’s other colonial agreements, the deal was as such:

RFCP will:

  • Protect the Reds of CP under all circumstances, even from attack by allies where RFCP would normally stay neutral. This protection is guaranteed past independence.
  • Give the Reds a special role and allow them to come to events dedicated to RFCP enlisted only.
  • Advise and guide this small army towards increased activity and prosperity.

In return, Reds of CP will:

  • Fly the colonial flag and announce colonization.
  • Serve in all RFCP foreign collisions.
  • Commit their land on the CPAM map to the RFCP commonwealth.

RFCP’s goal in any colonization is always to strengthen the colonists so that when the time comes for independence, they will have been empowered and bettered by their time as our colony and emerge greater than before.

We caught Reds Premier BossMan for an interview:

Q: Hello and welcome! What made you decide to colonize under RFCP?

A: My army had been in decline for a while now, and I needed to strengthen my ties to someone to keep it together. RFCP was our strongest and closest ally, and, as such, I agreed to become a colony of RFCP. Becoming a colony was a great choice as I gained way more than I lost. Prior is a great guy and was easily able to reach a favourable deal for both sides.

Q: CP Reds is clearly an army with fantastic potential and passion. What do you want our readers and the world to know about it?

A: The Club Penguin Reds were originally an idea to reorganize Korn’s clan into a proper army, but as it went on, it developed its own personality. It became popular with the other armies, and the aforementioned developed personality seemed favourable to quite a few people. With RFCP’s support, we shot up and we are here today with a great reputation internationally.

Q: Is this your first army?

A: First successful army. I once formed an army called The Main Protectors of Club Penguin. It was a colossal failure as the admin system password was public for both times, and I was couped shortly after.

Q: Prior and you both love history. Do you feel this colonization is historic?

A: Most colonizing was done by force, but diplomacy is a key factor, and due to the flags and the agreement [in this situation], I’d say this is somewhat historic.

Q: You may get some backlash from other armies for this bold decision. What say you to that?

A: If they don’t like what I’m doing, they can bugger off. Me and RFCP have a bond which cannot be shattered. Lemons are included somewhere in the equation; we don’t know where.

Q: Apparently Prior only drinks Fiji water with a lemon wedge in it.

A: Well, I’d like to say that Prior made a good choice including a lemon wedge in his drink.

Q: We can see why this relationship worked out so well.

A: Indeed. We have so much in common! Time to combine our love for lemons and history. Presenting an historical lemon:

Q: Beautiful. Welcome once again and thank you for making history with us!

A: Thank you; no problem. To a long future!

Indeed, as predicted, attacks were made on the CP Reds server only hours after word got out about the colonization, simply because Prior dared to be present in the server. BossMan stayed strong and stood by Prior, though, repelling the assaults. We honor him for that. It is not easy to make choices that go against the tide. It is not easy to ignore the hordes and do your own investigating. BossMan is a true leader. We salute him, and we ask all RFCP soldiers to give him your regards when you see him and any colonist in the server.

We have a great feeling for the beginning of a wonderful friendship. The invitation to other small armies is open!

Want an in-real-life Reds or DKA colony flag?! Inquire at the RFCP bank for order details!

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