Standing Powers Syndicate [New Alliance Formed!]

In the aftermath of WW8, a new alliance has emerged. Named the Standing Powers Syndicate (SPS), the alliance is made up of RFCP, Kings of CPR, OMA, and PZF. These are the armies that were “still standing” and ready to fight after abandoned by ACP against RPF in WW8.

Each star on the SPS flag represents an army in the alliance. Stars may be added if another army joins.

Prior Bumble corralled the SPS into being after confirming with the leaders of the old WW8 that they’re still in this thing post-ACP.

This followed Prior Bumble’s statement in his blog post saying that RFCP was willing to take the baton as a new alliance’s Big Brother.

RFCP remains in WW8 against LGA and PIC. PZF, Kings, OMA, and Chaos, we will gladly step forward to replace ACP as your big brother in this conflict. 

Prior Bumble

All but Chaos accepted the rallying call (fittingly, as Chaos was the only allied army ACP consulted with before abandoning the former alliance).

A server was made to discuss immediate plans going forward in the tail end of WW8. It was the SPS that drummed up a huge showing to the WOK/PIC vs. Kings battle, with all SPS representative armies showing to support the Kings.

The leaders instantly bonded.

The Kings even dedicated their new capital, Ascent (CPR), to the SPS.

In many ways, the Syndicate recalls older alliance templates like the New Viking Alliance (NVA) and the RAA (Revolutionary Army Alliance), which RFCP and PZF both partook in. The slogan “Gnor l’yat fjor,” which is “Never kneel” in Penguin Latin, defined the RAA. Here, the SPS wields a similar theme in their namesake, being the standing powers.

SPS’s mission statement, approved by all leaders in the Syndicate, is:

The SPS stands for courage, equality, justice, and perseverance. We are a brotherhood of powers that reinforces each other’s dignity, pulls each other up, and ensures each party closes the day facing forward, standing on their own two feet.

Standing Powers Syndicate

And this just in as we are typing! The Club Penguin Reds, led by BossMan, have officially joined the SPS.

One other army, which for now will remain anonymous, is considering joining the SPS as well. We invite others to grow the Syndicate with us.

:salute: To a new era.

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