PyxelPranav Joins RFCP as Admiral, Jeremito Joins as Brand New Rank

RFCP didn’t think its heart could swell any bigger than when Shock Troops merged, Jamie joined, and Cena enlisted shortly after. However, more additions were in store to make our family even larger and our army even more powerful.

The swearing in ceremony of Jeremito
The swearing in of Pyxel

Two prominent figures in the army community, PyxelPranav and Jeremito, joined the Recon Federation this spring.

Pyxel and Prior have always had love and respect for each other.

In fact, Pyxel was deep into the process of making the HTML cpps for CPW before the league had to close. It made it as far as the beta stage, where penguins could log in and use the arrow keys to move.

Pyxel’s HTML cpps for CPW. There’s Billy Bot Thorton!

Young Pyxel has always been a great friend. He has taken his place in our family as Admiral, head of the RFCP Navy (AUSIA division), 3ic. And man, is he already getting on great!

Admiral Pyxel and Red Baron Jamie (Air Force/EU) even held a division practice battle, which was in neither of their time zones! They tested their branches to see which would give the toughest showing outside of their time zone.

There was a finely crafted peace treaty by Pyxel to follow:

We did, however, notice that Pyxel was devoid of Nitro. In fact, he told us he had never had Nitro even once. That was immediately rectified, and a Nitro party was held.

We just love this little guy so much!

¡Ahora damos la bienvenida a Jeremito!

Jeremito’s history with Prior Bumble goes way back to RFCP’s encounters with Wild Ninjas in CPATG, and later, PAF in CPW. Jeremito has served in hicom positions in all of CPA’s strongest Spanish-speaking armies. Upon hearing he was no longer with PAF, Prior Bumble approached him with the offer of enlisting in RFCP and heading up a brand new Spanish-speaking division of the army.

RFCP has a handful of active Spanish-speaking troops, including Major CC_Jay and Corporal Hirijo. The plan was to assign Jeremito the task of developing a Spanish division of RFCP by working with the current bilingual troops and expanding the army’s international accessibility and appeal to soldiers who speak a foreign language. After all, RFCP is probably the only army in CPA not to have English, Portuguese, or Spanish as its official language (which is Penguin Latin).

Jeremito accepted.

A totally new rank was made for this new Spanish-speaking officer: Vizconde. That is Spanish for Viscount.

A bull symbol overlays the standard Colonel badge

Vizconde is 4ic–equivalent to the English rank of Colonel.

This new Spanish division is underway. And Jeremito said it best:

So are you, Jeremito! Congratulations on your many accomplishments and welcome to your new loving home. We invite other Spanish-speaking soldiers to give our new division a try.

Mantén la tierra sagrada. ¡Ven a pelear con nosotros en la Recon Federation de Club Penguin!

Erat ipso sacra.

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