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CPA For Dummies: The RFCP Enemies’ Guide to Making the Raids Stop

General Coolj and General Shallissa have teamed up on a new project! It’s called “CPA for Dummies: The RFCP Enemy’s Guide to Making the Raids Stop.”

This comes after several enemy soldiers have commented on our blog saying, “Please stop the raids!” and, of course, after the savage Scribblio raid of PIC earlier this evening, where two RFCP undercover threw propaganda graffiti onto the walls of their private game:

Call us toxic all you want. Pretend you are the victims. All of you know what you did. To every reader: RFCP did not swing the first punch.

Luckily for you, General Coolj and General Sha lay out a clear, step-by-step process to making the raids stop:

PIC: Transfer Beanie (CPR) to us (we’re boutta invade it anyway, good luck) in a formal treaty in which you, in writing, apologize for your disrespect to Prior Bumble and the RFCP and admit submission

LGA: Transfer Great White (CPATG) to us (we’re boutta invade it anyway, good luck) and have Karma and Fresh apologize to us in a formal, signed letter for their disrespect and nastiness

ACP: Schedule a no-allies war with us, following the WoSC terms, like you shook hands on. Keep your promise–honor your word. Stop kicking it to the trashcan.

DM either General Shallissa#6969 or General Coolj#6351 if you want the raids to end.

We won’t be stopping otherwise.

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  1. Please stop this. We do not want to fight

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