Cowards! ACP Has Knelt to RPF in WW8. RFCP Enforces WoSC Terms for Tonight

ACP has knelt to RPF and agreed to a ceasefire until September 2020. You heard us. September 2020.

None of the alliance armies were consulted with or supported this decision.

Look at the fucking balls on R3tro, PZF 1ic. PZF maxes in the teens and is still not kneeling to RPF. ACP abandoned the people that responded to their call to arms.

CSY, ACP 1ic, implied that this decision happened because Prior Bumble threatened to rescind support of ACP in WW8.

“I said I’d switch sides, in anger,” said Prior, “but RFCP hicom realized we just couldn’t bow to RPF like that. So we revised it to rescinding support.”

This dispute was over the War of Second Coming, which had terms ACP shook hands on with Prior.

We even scheduled DMT officially.

One of those terms was that it would begin May 2nd. Prior never officially released ACP from these terms when WW8 broke out. But with the global developments occurring, RFCP offered to postpone to May 15th. ACP refused to commit. RFCP then offered to extend it to May 17th. ACP refused to commit. Prior then offered to at least shake hands on rescheduling for sometime before May 17th, to be ironed out in the future. ACP refused to commit. Prior finally gave them a deadline of 3:00 p.m. EST to shake on it or he’s rescind support in WW8.

Take a look at the cowardice throughout:

Here is ACP doing its typical, “Oh we need to ask the Panel of Guardians and then it goes to an army vote and then all the mods decide and then we have a meeting with the 2ics and then we have to send a smoke signal to Oagalthorp and then we’ll get back to you.” Act like a goddamn 1ic! ACP has none.

Koloway then entered Prior’s DMs and explained that ACP is “tired” and “needs time.” Prior compromised by saying he’d push the WoSC deadline to May 20th, granting them an extra 5 days of rest. Koloway said ACP is ready to surrender right now.

RFCP remains in WW8 against LGA and PIC. PZF, Kings, OMA, and Chaos, we will gladly step forward to replace ACP as your big brother in this conflict. We now enforce the terms of the WoSC. We cancel the 8:05 p.m. invasion of PIC (Papa will see you soon, kiddos) and resume the battle against ACP for 8:00 p.m.

Run all you want, little clovers. History will follow you.

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