Prior Bumble Nominated for 2019 CPA Legend

Upon the understanding that we have less time to publish this post than we thought, we would like to announce, before the results come in tonight, that Prior Bumble was nominated for 2019 CPA Legend.

The ceremonies were announced by DMT on the official It was imagined at first with three phases–1. Nomination by community direct messages to DMT 2. Community poll to weed out some of the nominees 3. Judge’s final selection.

Because of an unethical imbalance in the polls due to large armies sending in disproportional vote, however, Phase 2, the community phase of this process, has been nixed. It was initially set to end on May 20. Now, popular vote has been suspended and the judges’ inductions will be TODAY, May 11.

This also comes after CPAM reporter, Zing King To, posted criticism of DMT’s handling of the induction process. Originally, the Board of Governors assembled to determine the final selections was to be anonymous. However, this was changed after the community applied pressure to DMT. Zing King To then critiqued the validity of these judges. His comments are in quotes, and DMT’s response is provided in the following paragraph.

DMT’s full response can be read here.

Now, the Board of Governors–DMT, Superhero123, Flen, Greeny, and Emcee–will take the list of nominations provided by the community and decide themselves.

The Legends are set to be revealed this evening.

Club Penguin Reds Become Colony of RFCP

Colonial flag, by RomanPrincey and Opino3

Today, the Club Penguin Reds Premier, BossMan, agreed to colonize under RFCP.

With the same joyousness had when RFCP colonized DKA, both leaders welcomed each other to their servers with special roles. Reds soldiers were granted the lavender “colonist” role in RFCP, which grants them access to family-only channels like #story-time-with-papa-prior and #movie-night. Not even allies see those channels.

Commander Prior was given a “Colonial Overlord” role in the Reds of CP server. Both Prior and BossMan share a love of history, and compared this new relationship to that of the British Empire.

Like RFCP’s other colonial agreements, the deal was as such:

RFCP will:

  • Protect the Reds of CP under all circumstances, even from attack by allies where RFCP would normally stay neutral. This protection is guaranteed past independence.
  • Give the Reds a special role and allow them to come to events dedicated to RFCP enlisted only.
  • Advise and guide this small army towards increased activity and prosperity.

In return, Reds of CP will:

  • Fly the colonial flag and announce colonization.
  • Serve in all RFCP foreign collisions.
  • Commit their land on the CPAM map to the RFCP commonwealth.

RFCP’s goal in any colonization is always to strengthen the colonists so that when the time comes for independence, they will have been empowered and bettered by their time as our colony and emerge greater than before.

We caught Reds Premier BossMan for an interview:

Q: Hello and welcome! What made you decide to colonize under RFCP?

A: My army had been in decline for a while now, and I needed to strengthen my ties to someone to keep it together. RFCP was our strongest and closest ally, and, as such, I agreed to become a colony of RFCP. Becoming a colony was a great choice as I gained way more than I lost. Prior is a great guy and was easily able to reach a favourable deal for both sides.

Q: CP Reds is clearly an army with fantastic potential and passion. What do you want our readers and the world to know about it?

A: The Club Penguin Reds were originally an idea to reorganize Korn’s clan into a proper army, but as it went on, it developed its own personality. It became popular with the other armies, and the aforementioned developed personality seemed favourable to quite a few people. With RFCP’s support, we shot up and we are here today with a great reputation internationally.

Q: Is this your first army?

A: First successful army. I once formed an army called The Main Protectors of Club Penguin. It was a colossal failure as the admin system password was public for both times, and I was couped shortly after.

Q: Prior and you both love history. Do you feel this colonization is historic?

A: Most colonizing was done by force, but diplomacy is a key factor, and due to the flags and the agreement [in this situation], I’d say this is somewhat historic.

Q: You may get some backlash from other armies for this bold decision. What say you to that?

A: If they don’t like what I’m doing, they can bugger off. Me and RFCP have a bond which cannot be shattered. Lemons are included somewhere in the equation; we don’t know where.

Q: Apparently Prior only drinks Fiji water with a lemon wedge in it.

A: Well, I’d like to say that Prior made a good choice including a lemon wedge in his drink.

Q: We can see why this relationship worked out so well.

A: Indeed. We have so much in common! Time to combine our love for lemons and history. Presenting an historical lemon:

Q: Beautiful. Welcome once again and thank you for making history with us!

A: Thank you; no problem. To a long future!

Indeed, as predicted, attacks were made on the CP Reds server only hours after word got out about the colonization, simply because Prior dared to be present in the server. BossMan stayed strong and stood by Prior, though, repelling the assaults. We honor him for that. It is not easy to make choices that go against the tide. It is not easy to ignore the hordes and do your own investigating. BossMan is a true leader. We salute him, and we ask all RFCP soldiers to give him your regards when you see him and any colonist in the server.

We have a great feeling for the beginning of a wonderful friendship. The invitation to other small armies is open!

Want an in-real-life Reds or DKA colony flag?! Inquire at the RFCP bank for order details!

Standing Powers Syndicate [New Alliance Formed!]

In the aftermath of WW8, a new alliance has emerged. Named the Standing Powers Syndicate (SPS), the alliance is made up of RFCP, Kings of CPR, OMA, and PZF. These are the armies that were “still standing” and ready to fight after abandoned by ACP against RPF in WW8.

Each star on the SPS flag represents an army in the alliance. Stars may be added if another army joins.

Prior Bumble corralled the SPS into being after confirming with the leaders of the old WW8 that they’re still in this thing post-ACP.

This followed Prior Bumble’s statement in his blog post saying that RFCP was willing to take the baton as a new alliance’s Big Brother.

RFCP remains in WW8 against LGA and PIC. PZF, Kings, OMA, and Chaos, we will gladly step forward to replace ACP as your big brother in this conflict. 

Prior Bumble

All but Chaos accepted the rallying call (fittingly, as Chaos was the only allied army ACP consulted with before abandoning the former alliance).

A server was made to discuss immediate plans going forward in the tail end of WW8. It was the SPS that drummed up a huge showing to the WOK/PIC vs. Kings battle, with all SPS representative armies showing to support the Kings.

The leaders instantly bonded.

The Kings even dedicated their new capital, Ascent (CPR), to the SPS.

In many ways, the Syndicate recalls older alliance templates like the New Viking Alliance (NVA) and the RAA (Revolutionary Army Alliance), which RFCP and PZF both partook in. The slogan “Gnor l’yat fjor,” which is “Never kneel” in Penguin Latin, defined the RAA. Here, the SPS wields a similar theme in their namesake, being the standing powers.

SPS’s mission statement, approved by all leaders in the Syndicate, is:

The SPS stands for courage, equality, justice, and perseverance. We are a brotherhood of powers that reinforces each other’s dignity, pulls each other up, and ensures each party closes the day facing forward, standing on their own two feet.

Standing Powers Syndicate

And this just in as we are typing! The Club Penguin Reds, led by BossMan, have officially joined the SPS.

One other army, which for now will remain anonymous, is considering joining the SPS as well. We invite others to grow the Syndicate with us.

:salute: To a new era.

PyxelPranav Joins RFCP as Admiral, Jeremito Joins as Brand New Rank

RFCP didn’t think its heart could swell any bigger than when Shock Troops merged, Jamie joined, and Cena enlisted shortly after. However, more additions were in store to make our family even larger and our army even more powerful.

The swearing in ceremony of Jeremito
The swearing in of Pyxel

Two prominent figures in the army community, PyxelPranav and Jeremito, joined the Recon Federation this spring.

Pyxel and Prior have always had love and respect for each other.

In fact, Pyxel was deep into the process of making the HTML cpps for CPW before the league had to close. It made it as far as the beta stage, where penguins could log in and use the arrow keys to move.

Pyxel’s HTML cpps for CPW. There’s Billy Bot Thorton!

Young Pyxel has always been a great friend. He has taken his place in our family as Admiral, head of the RFCP Navy (AUSIA division), 3ic. And man, is he already getting on great!

Admiral Pyxel and Red Baron Jamie (Air Force/EU) even held a division practice battle, which was in neither of their time zones! They tested their branches to see which would give the toughest showing outside of their time zone.

There was a finely crafted peace treaty by Pyxel to follow:

We did, however, notice that Pyxel was devoid of Nitro. In fact, he told us he had never had Nitro even once. That was immediately rectified, and a Nitro party was held.

We just love this little guy so much!

¡Ahora damos la bienvenida a Jeremito!

Jeremito’s history with Prior Bumble goes way back to RFCP’s encounters with Wild Ninjas in CPATG, and later, PAF in CPW. Jeremito has served in hicom positions in all of CPA’s strongest Spanish-speaking armies. Upon hearing he was no longer with PAF, Prior Bumble approached him with the offer of enlisting in RFCP and heading up a brand new Spanish-speaking division of the army.

RFCP has a handful of active Spanish-speaking troops, including Major CC_Jay and Corporal Hirijo. The plan was to assign Jeremito the task of developing a Spanish division of RFCP by working with the current bilingual troops and expanding the army’s international accessibility and appeal to soldiers who speak a foreign language. After all, RFCP is probably the only army in CPA not to have English, Portuguese, or Spanish as its official language (which is Penguin Latin).

Jeremito accepted.

A totally new rank was made for this new Spanish-speaking officer: Vizconde. That is Spanish for Viscount.

A bull symbol overlays the standard Colonel badge

Vizconde is 4ic–equivalent to the English rank of Colonel.

This new Spanish division is underway. And Jeremito said it best:

So are you, Jeremito! Congratulations on your many accomplishments and welcome to your new loving home. We invite other Spanish-speaking soldiers to give our new division a try.

Mantén la tierra sagrada. ¡Ven a pelear con nosotros en la Recon Federation de Club Penguin!

Erat ipso sacra.

CPA For Dummies: The RFCP Enemies’ Guide to Making the Raids Stop

General Coolj and General Shallissa have teamed up on a new project! It’s called “CPA for Dummies: The RFCP Enemy’s Guide to Making the Raids Stop.”

This comes after several enemy soldiers have commented on our blog saying, “Please stop the raids!” and, of course, after the savage Scribblio raid of PIC earlier this evening, where two RFCP undercover threw propaganda graffiti onto the walls of their private game:

Call us toxic all you want. Pretend you are the victims. All of you know what you did. To every reader: RFCP did not swing the first punch.

Luckily for you, General Coolj and General Sha lay out a clear, step-by-step process to making the raids stop:

PIC: Transfer Beanie (CPR) to us (we’re boutta invade it anyway, good luck) in a formal treaty in which you, in writing, apologize for your disrespect to Prior Bumble and the RFCP and admit submission

LGA: Transfer Great White (CPATG) to us (we’re boutta invade it anyway, good luck) and have Karma and Fresh apologize to us in a formal, signed letter for their disrespect and nastiness

ACP: Schedule a no-allies war with us, following the WoSC terms, like you shook hands on. Keep your promise–honor your word. Stop kicking it to the trashcan.

DM either General Shallissa#6969 or General Coolj#6351 if you want the raids to end.

We won’t be stopping otherwise.


These past few days, Ghost Recon Raid Division, led by the anonymous Phantom, has pulled off the most savage string of unbroken raids in RFCP history. That’s right: we have not relented on a single PIC or LGA event, and we’ve been hitting ACP too.

Yesterday, RFCP showed up to LGA’s “Costume Contest” dressed in LGA uniform and disguised under aliases. We crowded the town with them.

Then one of our soldiers said, “Why are there so many LGA here?”

And immediately, all the raiders spammed “!army RFCP” and changed uniform right on top of them.

LGA fled.

Ironically, when RFCP raids, our soldiers are by far not the most out of line. They were. Last time we raided ACP, they complained about us to Super, but two ACP ended up receiving bans themselves for saying vulgarities.

LGA popped in this little comment too:

Our goal isn’t malicious–it’s practical. We want to keep you, our enemies, from functioning. There is no order in RFCP to be unclean.

The People’s Imperial Confederation, LGA, and ACP are so fed up with RFCP’s incessant raids, they’ve taken their qualms to CPAM government.

Quick question–what was the mission statement of the Rosea Coalition again?

Interesting! But it’s not okay when RFCP has that mission, right?

PIC also wept to CPAM about RFCP hicom taking a leak on their flag.

Now there is a 19-1 CPAM vote in progress to mitigate raids and outlaw flag desecration. I’m sorry–I thought CPAM wasn’t a league and can’t control what armies do outside of their server? Isn’t that what was told to us frequently?

No shade on Pookie we love you

Making news, not rules enforceable outside of your server. Especially for something that enacts no real life harm upon anyone and are contained to the limits of the game, unlike attacks we have gotten. RFCP members (for now…) are not even in the CPAM server.

Prior Bumble to CPAM producer Pookie

Let us be very, very clear. RFCP tried to play this game the standard way. We formally declared war, publicly on our blog, on all three of the armies we are raiding. And guess what? All three of those armies refuse to show up to our scheduled battles.

You want the raids to stop?


You won’t come to battle, so we will bring the battle to you.

“Toxic! Toxic! RFCP is being toxic!”

Are we?

Did we really swing the first punch?

LGA: You know what you did.

PIC: You know what you did.

ACP: You know what you did.

Stop being cowards. Stop running to CPAM staff. Stop crying.

Fight us.

An Open Letter to RFCP: The Interview!

Go ahead. Try to click it.

RFCP is on its seventh open letter addressed to us. For newer members unsure of what that means, we provided some definitions.

From Merriam-Webster:

From Urban Dictionary:

You would think that seven negative publications surrounding our army would hurt it. In reality, that hasn’t happened. While initially these events shocked and saddened us, now they bring humor and a stronger sense of camaraderie. Further, RFCP has seen no depression of recruit inflow due to any of these letters. Conversation and buzz surrounding RFCP increase. None of the letters had sufficient evidence to prove their immoral claims.

But what happens when an open letter actually recruits new soldiers for us?!

That is exactly was happened to Ice Agent Nagito Komaeda. Nagito, who joined the army on April 17th, 2020, heard of RFCP for the first time by coming across one of our open letters on the Internet. But all the RFCP-bashing only prompted them to research us, and after, even end up doing exactly the opposite of what those leaders encourage people to do–they joined.

This is Nagito’s story.

Q: So your story is pretty wild. Can you walk us through it?

A: My story started when I was doing a random Google search while [I was] bored and wanted a good laugh. [I Googled] “club penguin cult,” to be specific, and I ended up on an article describing RFCP and what seemed to be a rough past. Normally, I would have noted it and left it at that, but my heart, mind, and curiosity was telling me otherwise. Bending to that will, I investigated further and found RFCP’s site, where I saw all the good deeds and hardships RFCP faced. I realized that the article was outdated already, and that RFCP was actually a good place. I decided I wanted to meet the souls behind all of this after a while of deciding, still worried my assumption was wrong, but I was quickly proven otherwise when I was greeted as a new recruit. My story was met with some doubt, but soon enough that was cast aside. I ended up on a voice call with Opino and Pixie, where, after we got to know each other and I flooded the new recruit channel enough, I nervously revealed my voice and was oathed through voice chat. I don’t regret following my heart, mind and curiosity one bit, and I’m very glad I did!

Q: I’m sure our security was indeed skeptical of your story at first–sounds like something a spy might say. But you voice revealed, which rules out a lot of suspects for us. Still, why did you randomly think of Googling “Club Penguin cult”?

N: I was playing Club Penguin Rewritten and while I was playing some of the games I thought haha there’s probably some really bad creepypastas about Club Penguin, I should read some, so I ended the round and went to Google. “Cult” was the first word I thought of that was edgy, since if I recall correctly I was listening to this video on cults.

Q: So was it just a gut feeling that the article was wrong, or were there examples in the text that didn’t make sense to you?

A: It was somewhat both. The text tried to frame RFCP as a harmful “cult,” and yet there were some examples of you [Prior] helping others through hardships such as the death of a loved one, and people describing it as more of a family than anything, let alone a cult. My gut told me something was wrong with the article from there, and I knew there was something fishy going on behind the scenes. The back of my mind was scared my intuition was wrong when I first made my Discord account to join the server and see the truth for myself, but I was happily proven wrong.

Q: You went to the website first to begin your investigation. What were the first things you saw?

A: I first saw the $222 you guys raised for coronavirus, which was immediately a good sign! I then read further and found how someone was manipulating younger people to do the dirty work of spying for them against you. I then saw the Easter post, the Hawaiian Shirts post, the RFCP Anthem–everything seemed to be far different than what the article described.


A: Yeah, that was a wild ride start to finish, haha! Funny thing about it is when my story was met with suspicion I was somewhat worried I had to go through a trial like that in order to prove my innocence. I knew I was innocent, of course, but I’m not the best at detecting what’s going on behind the scenes without seeing it in front of my face.

Q: I’m going to play devil’s advocate. What did you make of the fact that there are more open letters than the one you read? Some would say that a pattern of open letters has to mean something is true here. But RFCP notices that all the letters just recirculate the same old and out of context evidence.

A: I was quite surprised at first, but quickly noticed the pattern when I got my hands on a few of them. The same old “RFCP is a sex cult and hosts predators” mumbo jumbo, which I had enough experience first-hand to know that was false. Hell, I’ve even had to defend a friend against false allegations of being a predator. I’d know what a predator looks like and, like my friend, I didn’t see it here whatsoever.

Q: It is such a horrible and serious accusation to make. We hate it. And we’re so sorry to hear you have had to go through experiences with actual bad people. Was this also the first time you ever heard of a Club Penguin “army”?

A: It really is an awful accusation, and I feel awful for those falsely accused of it. This was in fact my first time hearing about a Club Penguin army, which I thought was bizarre and I had no idea how it would even work, let alone be big enough for multiple to exist. Later, at my first actual battle, the first World War 8 battle, I was further bewildered when it flat out crashed my Flash and even my computer at one point. When I wasn’t crashing, I couldn’t get into any rooms without them being full, and I really saw the picture of how many people there really were in this community I otherwise would have never known about.

Q: I think many of your comrades felt that way when this world was first opened up to them. And most of them here were brought into this world by Prior Bumble. Papa Prior. Let’s talk about him–the main pariah. What were your first impressions of seeing him not frozen in an open letter, by alive and typing in the server?

A: I was quite anxious at first, but I was surprised to find someone who actually was quite a gentleman, and after shaking his hand and each interaction afterwards, I got less anxious talking to him. I still do get a little anxious, but often it’s about not wanting to be annoying more than anything.

Q: Nerves around the Commander! He can be a real General Patton, but you know his soldiers just call him a boomer. What do you find the be the funniest thing about RFCP’s response to the letters and cult allegations?

A: Yeah, haha! The funniest thing to me was how RFCP fully embraced the “cult” allegation as an inside joke, and I’ve even chipped in: “If this is a cult, consider me part of it.” How RFCP handled everything was great and I love hearing the occasional joke about being a cult now.

Q: As a new and valued member of our family, tell us something about yourself you want us to know!

A: I really like creepy and crawly animals like tarantulas and snakes, as well as moths and scorpions! I think they deserve more love too.

Q: Our own entomologist! We will have to do some spider events just for you. And we very much agree. All creatures deserve love and respect (Prior has proudly never squashed a single bug). What do you hope to make of your future in RFCP?

A: I do know my stuff on the smaller members of the animal kingdom and I agree they deserve love and respect! I hope to make a ton of friends and really get to know everyone! Everyone here seems really nice and I can’t wait to get to know everyone better!

Q: What would you say to anyone else who has come across an RFCP open letter?

A: Do your own research and think critically; you might be surprised to see what you find. Also form your own opinions. Just because an opinion seems to be popular doesn’t mean it has to be yours!

Q: Thank you for one of our truly most fascinating interviews. Is there anything else you’d like to say to our readers? You can plug anything you want!

A: No problem! For the readers, feel free to talk to me whenever about whatever! I love meeting new people and I don’t usually have much going on anyway!

Now the open letters have not only done us no lasting harm, but they are bringing soldiers to us.

Soldiers, keep being RFCP: kind, resilient, humorous, fun, strong, and loving. Keep being you. That’s really all we need to do. Keep being us–putting as much good out as we can–and the hate will never win.

The good will come back to us.

Erat ipso sacra.

Bloody Sunday

RFCP made good on its promise to make Sunday a bloody one.

Today, the army showed up to three LGA battles unopposed, raided PIC, raided ACP, and fought a WW8 battle with the Kings, Os Mascarados, and PZF against WOK and PIC on Sub Zero (CPATG).

What makes it even better is that RFCP split up its forces and sent soldiers to battle and to raid at the same time. We simultaneously clobbered ACP, PIC, and LGA.

The limes proved frail as usual, not showing their faces while RFCP drummed up easy maxes of 21 AUSIA (led by Admiral Sha), 16 EU (led by Commander Prior), and 30 US (led by Commissar Cena), completing our mission to embarrass them in every division. Armies only don’t show when they know they don’t have the strength to win. They don’t show when they know their pride would suffer more from attending than it already is from running.

Navy battle
Rainbow bomb at Air Force battle
Army battle

The raids:

PIC raid, max 8
ACP raid of their “end of war” event (think again!), max 15.

PIC logged off within 2 seconds, they were so scared. ACP had to change servers twice.

Finally, RFCP maxed 27 US at the 8:30 p.m. EST Kings vs. WOK battle, which was “allies allowed” and also saw skirmishing between PZF, Os Mascarados, and PIC. RFCP finally got its pleasure in roasting PIC. All three rooms were dominated by us.

PIC once again accused us of multilogging. Prior still offers free Nitro to anyone who can provide objective proof that RFCP multis.

Between the final LGA battle, the PIC raid, and this WW8 battle, RFCP warred for an hour straight. Tireless.

Sunday, bloody Sunday.

A lot proven today. Erat ipso sacra.

1-0 in War of Second Coming

ACP did not show.

DMT and Pookie437 observed the performance, with DMT serving as judge. RFCP maxed 40. DMT ruled RFCP victory.

ACP leaders, despite shaking hands on this war and giving their word, refused to communicate with RFCP and by default surrendered like pansies. “ACP, DO YOU KNOW WHAT A 1ic IS?” chanted RFCP at the berg.

Army of Cowardly Pussies. Not an army at all.

The Recon Federation fought valiantly in all three rooms.

We announce another invasion for Friday, May 8th, 2020 at 8:00 p.m. EST of Mammoth (CPATG). Rooms are: Docks, Stadium, Berg.

Cowards! ACP Has Knelt to RPF in WW8. RFCP Enforces WoSC Terms for Tonight

ACP has knelt to RPF and agreed to a ceasefire until September 2020. You heard us. September 2020.

None of the alliance armies were consulted with or supported this decision.

Look at the fucking balls on R3tro, PZF 1ic. PZF maxes in the teens and is still not kneeling to RPF. ACP abandoned the people that responded to their call to arms.

CSY, ACP 1ic, implied that this decision happened because Prior Bumble threatened to rescind support of ACP in WW8.

“I said I’d switch sides, in anger,” said Prior, “but RFCP hicom realized we just couldn’t bow to RPF like that. So we revised it to rescinding support.”

This dispute was over the War of Second Coming, which had terms ACP shook hands on with Prior.

We even scheduled DMT officially.

One of those terms was that it would begin May 2nd. Prior never officially released ACP from these terms when WW8 broke out. But with the global developments occurring, RFCP offered to postpone to May 15th. ACP refused to commit. RFCP then offered to extend it to May 17th. ACP refused to commit. Prior then offered to at least shake hands on rescheduling for sometime before May 17th, to be ironed out in the future. ACP refused to commit. Prior finally gave them a deadline of 3:00 p.m. EST to shake on it or he’s rescind support in WW8.

Take a look at the cowardice throughout:

Here is ACP doing its typical, “Oh we need to ask the Panel of Guardians and then it goes to an army vote and then all the mods decide and then we have a meeting with the 2ics and then we have to send a smoke signal to Oagalthorp and then we’ll get back to you.” Act like a goddamn 1ic! ACP has none.

Koloway then entered Prior’s DMs and explained that ACP is “tired” and “needs time.” Prior compromised by saying he’d push the WoSC deadline to May 20th, granting them an extra 5 days of rest. Koloway said ACP is ready to surrender right now.

RFCP remains in WW8 against LGA and PIC. PZF, Kings, OMA, and Chaos, we will gladly step forward to replace ACP as your big brother in this conflict. We now enforce the terms of the WoSC. We cancel the 8:05 p.m. invasion of PIC (Papa will see you soon, kiddos) and resume the battle against ACP for 8:00 p.m.

Run all you want, little clovers. History will follow you.