An Open Letter to RFCP: The Interview!

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RFCP is on its seventh open letter addressed to us. For newer members unsure of what that means, we provided some definitions.

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You would think that seven negative publications surrounding our army would hurt it. In reality, that hasn’t happened. While initially these events shocked and saddened us, now they bring humor and a stronger sense of camaraderie. Further, RFCP has seen no depression of recruit inflow due to any of these letters. Conversation and buzz surrounding RFCP increase. None of the letters had sufficient evidence to prove their immoral claims.

But what happens when an open letter actually recruits new soldiers for us?!

That is exactly was happened to Ice Agent Nagito Komaeda. Nagito, who joined the army on April 17th, 2020, heard of RFCP for the first time by coming across one of our open letters on the Internet. But all the RFCP-bashing only prompted them to research us, and after, even end up doing exactly the opposite of what those leaders encourage people to do–they joined.

This is Nagito’s story.

Q: So your story is pretty wild. Can you walk us through it?

A: My story started when I was doing a random Google search while [I was] bored and wanted a good laugh. [I Googled] “club penguin cult,” to be specific, and I ended up on an article describing RFCP and what seemed to be a rough past. Normally, I would have noted it and left it at that, but my heart, mind, and curiosity was telling me otherwise. Bending to that will, I investigated further and found RFCP’s site, where I saw all the good deeds and hardships RFCP faced. I realized that the article was outdated already, and that RFCP was actually a good place. I decided I wanted to meet the souls behind all of this after a while of deciding, still worried my assumption was wrong, but I was quickly proven otherwise when I was greeted as a new recruit. My story was met with some doubt, but soon enough that was cast aside. I ended up on a voice call with Opino and Pixie, where, after we got to know each other and I flooded the new recruit channel enough, I nervously revealed my voice and was oathed through voice chat. I don’t regret following my heart, mind and curiosity one bit, and I’m very glad I did!

Q: I’m sure our security was indeed skeptical of your story at first–sounds like something a spy might say. But you voice revealed, which rules out a lot of suspects for us. Still, why did you randomly think of Googling “Club Penguin cult”?

N: I was playing Club Penguin Rewritten and while I was playing some of the games I thought haha there’s probably some really bad creepypastas about Club Penguin, I should read some, so I ended the round and went to Google. “Cult” was the first word I thought of that was edgy, since if I recall correctly I was listening to this video on cults.

Q: So was it just a gut feeling that the article was wrong, or were there examples in the text that didn’t make sense to you?

A: It was somewhat both. The text tried to frame RFCP as a harmful “cult,” and yet there were some examples of you [Prior] helping others through hardships such as the death of a loved one, and people describing it as more of a family than anything, let alone a cult. My gut told me something was wrong with the article from there, and I knew there was something fishy going on behind the scenes. The back of my mind was scared my intuition was wrong when I first made my Discord account to join the server and see the truth for myself, but I was happily proven wrong.

Q: You went to the website first to begin your investigation. What were the first things you saw?

A: I first saw the $222 you guys raised for coronavirus, which was immediately a good sign! I then read further and found how someone was manipulating younger people to do the dirty work of spying for them against you. I then saw the Easter post, the Hawaiian Shirts post, the RFCP Anthem–everything seemed to be far different than what the article described.


A: Yeah, that was a wild ride start to finish, haha! Funny thing about it is when my story was met with suspicion I was somewhat worried I had to go through a trial like that in order to prove my innocence. I knew I was innocent, of course, but I’m not the best at detecting what’s going on behind the scenes without seeing it in front of my face.

Q: I’m going to play devil’s advocate. What did you make of the fact that there are more open letters than the one you read? Some would say that a pattern of open letters has to mean something is true here. But RFCP notices that all the letters just recirculate the same old and out of context evidence.

A: I was quite surprised at first, but quickly noticed the pattern when I got my hands on a few of them. The same old “RFCP is a sex cult and hosts predators” mumbo jumbo, which I had enough experience first-hand to know that was false. Hell, I’ve even had to defend a friend against false allegations of being a predator. I’d know what a predator looks like and, like my friend, I didn’t see it here whatsoever.

Q: It is such a horrible and serious accusation to make. We hate it. And we’re so sorry to hear you have had to go through experiences with actual bad people. Was this also the first time you ever heard of a Club Penguin “army”?

A: It really is an awful accusation, and I feel awful for those falsely accused of it. This was in fact my first time hearing about a Club Penguin army, which I thought was bizarre and I had no idea how it would even work, let alone be big enough for multiple to exist. Later, at my first actual battle, the first World War 8 battle, I was further bewildered when it flat out crashed my Flash and even my computer at one point. When I wasn’t crashing, I couldn’t get into any rooms without them being full, and I really saw the picture of how many people there really were in this community I otherwise would have never known about.

Q: I think many of your comrades felt that way when this world was first opened up to them. And most of them here were brought into this world by Prior Bumble. Papa Prior. Let’s talk about him–the main pariah. What were your first impressions of seeing him not frozen in an open letter, by alive and typing in the server?

A: I was quite anxious at first, but I was surprised to find someone who actually was quite a gentleman, and after shaking his hand and each interaction afterwards, I got less anxious talking to him. I still do get a little anxious, but often it’s about not wanting to be annoying more than anything.

Q: Nerves around the Commander! He can be a real General Patton, but you know his soldiers just call him a boomer. What do you find the be the funniest thing about RFCP’s response to the letters and cult allegations?

A: Yeah, haha! The funniest thing to me was how RFCP fully embraced the “cult” allegation as an inside joke, and I’ve even chipped in: “If this is a cult, consider me part of it.” How RFCP handled everything was great and I love hearing the occasional joke about being a cult now.

Q: As a new and valued member of our family, tell us something about yourself you want us to know!

A: I really like creepy and crawly animals like tarantulas and snakes, as well as moths and scorpions! I think they deserve more love too.

Q: Our own entomologist! We will have to do some spider events just for you. And we very much agree. All creatures deserve love and respect (Prior has proudly never squashed a single bug). What do you hope to make of your future in RFCP?

A: I do know my stuff on the smaller members of the animal kingdom and I agree they deserve love and respect! I hope to make a ton of friends and really get to know everyone! Everyone here seems really nice and I can’t wait to get to know everyone better!

Q: What would you say to anyone else who has come across an RFCP open letter?

A: Do your own research and think critically; you might be surprised to see what you find. Also form your own opinions. Just because an opinion seems to be popular doesn’t mean it has to be yours!

Q: Thank you for one of our truly most fascinating interviews. Is there anything else you’d like to say to our readers? You can plug anything you want!

A: No problem! For the readers, feel free to talk to me whenever about whatever! I love meeting new people and I don’t usually have much going on anyway!

Now the open letters have not only done us no lasting harm, but they are bringing soldiers to us.

Soldiers, keep being RFCP: kind, resilient, humorous, fun, strong, and loving. Keep being you. That’s really all we need to do. Keep being us–putting as much good out as we can–and the hate will never win.

The good will come back to us.

Erat ipso sacra.

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