Bloody Sunday

RFCP made good on its promise to make Sunday a bloody one.

Today, the army showed up to three LGA battles unopposed, raided PIC, raided ACP, and fought a WW8 battle with the Kings, Os Mascarados, and PZF against WOK and PIC on Sub Zero (CPATG).

What makes it even better is that RFCP split up its forces and sent soldiers to battle and to raid at the same time. We simultaneously clobbered ACP, PIC, and LGA.

The limes proved frail as usual, not showing their faces while RFCP drummed up easy maxes of 21 AUSIA (led by Admiral Sha), 16 EU (led by Commander Prior), and 30 US (led by Commissar Cena), completing our mission to embarrass them in every division. Armies only don’t show when they know they don’t have the strength to win. They don’t show when they know their pride would suffer more from attending than it already is from running.

Navy battle
Rainbow bomb at Air Force battle
Army battle

The raids:

PIC raid, max 8
ACP raid of their “end of war” event (think again!), max 15.

PIC logged off within 2 seconds, they were so scared. ACP had to change servers twice.

Finally, RFCP maxed 27 US at the 8:30 p.m. EST Kings vs. WOK battle, which was “allies allowed” and also saw skirmishing between PZF, Os Mascarados, and PIC. RFCP finally got its pleasure in roasting PIC. All three rooms were dominated by us.

PIC once again accused us of multilogging. Prior still offers free Nitro to anyone who can provide objective proof that RFCP multis.

Between the final LGA battle, the PIC raid, and this WW8 battle, RFCP warred for an hour straight. Tireless.

Sunday, bloody Sunday.

A lot proven today. Erat ipso sacra.

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  1. Why do you continue to declare war on us? We said no.

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