Round One of the Summer Circuit Tournament


RFCP faced off and won against our friends, the Winged Hussars, in the first round of the CPA Summer Circuit tournament!

The attack was led by what Prior affectionately called “the Colonel and the Commissar” duo at 12 noon EST July 16, 2019, as Prior had an in-real-life appointment. RFCP maxed 9 to WH’s 6. We experimented with new formations (an O formation) and tactics, showing that our training event on Monday night payed off well. During this event, RFCP soldiers worked out at Corporal jakemoody’s gym. Prior and the Commissar sparred (no boxing gloves!) in front of the LGA-dressed dummy penguins.

RFCP also practiced with a new equal (=) sign formation. At the end of the night, Prior gave the troops an acronym to stand for the different formations and he blew an in-game whistle which meant “change formations.” The soldiers ran through this with dexterity.

Remember, – R formation

Even – Equal sign (=) formation

Prior – Pinpoint formation

Didn’t – Delta (upside-down triangle) formation

Call – Cross formatiom

Orders – O formation

Friday – Federation (F) formation

X – X formation

Notice Prior’s whistle.

Judging vote for the tournament battle was unanimous (3-0) in our favor.

Both sides experienced in-real-life emergencies it seems, as at one point, with officers needing to duck out temporarily, command dwindled all the way down to then-Ice Agent Lucky Quinn for a moment! Good job under pressure, Lucky.

We congratulate the Winged Hussars on a good battle and look forward to our continued friendship in the New Viking Alliance.

The next tournament battle is Thursday, July 18, 3pm EST against another ally of ours, Elite Guardians of Club Penguin.

Let’s fight RFCP all the way to the gold cup.

And if there isn’t a gold cup, we’ll goddamn make one.


Recon Federation of Club Penguin adds Three Ranks


Commander Prior Bumble has added three ranks to the army: Corporal, Sergeant, and Major.

These ranks and the originals were accompanied by new epaulettes and insignias.

The reason for the additional ranks is complex. Stated simply, more ranks motivates soldiers to reach their goals in the army. It also closes some wide gaps (such as the gap between Lieutenant and Colonel discussed only two blog posts ago). Prior asks that you study the new ranking ladder and become familiar with it. The process and rationale for promotion has not changed.

The officers in the command room still begin with Colonel and above.

Below is the list of ranks, in descending order, in the colors that they are listed on Discord and their symbols. Upon promotion, each solider will now receive a vector file of their epaulette which they can wear on their profile pictures like so:

Commander-in-Chief — 5 gold stars, 6 stripes, wings, and snowflake emblem representing command of all of Club Penguin

Commissar — 4 gold stars, 6 stripes, small snowflake emblem with wings embracing it (symbolizing how this rank supports the Commander-in-Chief)

General — 3 gold stars, 6 stripes, star emblem representing military excellence

Colonel — 2 gold stars, 6 stripes, diamond emblem representing earned leadership (this is the first officer rank to earn a place in the command room channel)

Major — 1 gold star, 5 stripes

Lieutenant — 1 silver star, 4 bars

Sergeant — 2 silver bars, 2 stripes, 1 snowball emblem representing combat

Corporal — 2 stripes, 1 snowball emblem representing combat

Ice Agent — 2 stripes

Agent — 1 stripe

With that being said, Prior wants to use this post to announce exciting promotions!

Tumbling has been promoted to Major

Lucky Quinn has been promoted to Corporal

Rareaninal has been promoted to Corporal

jakemoody has been promoted to Corporal

HamsterloverL has been promoted to Ice Agent

Redbackwards has been promoted to Ice Agent

Kailey310 has been promoted to Ice Agent

And Prior has one more announcement tonight at Lucky’s. See you there.

An Interview with the Commissar

Commissar Redovyco is the esoteric and elusive second-in-command of the RFCP. His reserved and intellectual nature helped negotiate RFCP into the powerful position it is today. The Commissar’s close working relationship with Commander Prior functions mostly behind closed doors. Therefore, an interview with him is rare…

No photo is offered of the Commissar at his request.

Q: What are your special skills at RFCP?

A: My special skills at RFCP are analysis and planning

Q: What makes RFCP special?

A: RFCP is persistent and family-oriented – small and organized unlike bigger fragmented groups – while keeping true to its objectives

Q: Tell us about the most fun you’ve had at an RFCP event

A: I had 2 good instances of amusement in the RFCP. The first was when Prior had an encounter of a unique kind and some of us were watching him, getting our personal amusement as he gave us a good show. Some of us know what I speak of, so I say for him to keep up the good “action”.

The second event was likely yesterday, where he discussed the future of our alliance yesterday, while lucky quinn’s bar was lively thus giving me a good time to enjoy myself. Ty to Quinn for the good occasion yesterday.

Q: Many people brush over the word “Recon” in the army’s name, Recon Federation of Club Penguin. As Commissar, tell us how you, and the army, handle reconnaissance and secret work.

A: Prefer not to answer.

Q: Let us clarify. The the question was not “what is the secret work” but “how does the army handle secret work.”

A: Ruthlessly and methodically.

Q: What is your favorite color?

A: Red.

Q: Prior is known for staying in character and being rather militant. Knowing him as his soldier, what is something about him that surprised you/would surprise our readers?

A: Prior is very charismatic and enigmatic, traits rarely seen in people

Q: What is your vision of the future of RFCP?

A: I am not an oracle to tell about RFCP’s future but I can tell our will is stronger than ever. We must stand side by side, and together united with our allies, we can prosper.

Q: Anything else you want to say? This is your podium.

A: Subservient soldiers are the most precious resources an army can have and in times of despair, they become a precious resource to have at hand

The Council of the Auroras

Following RFCP’s defeat at the fifth battle in the War of Smoke and Sour, the Battle of White House Return, named after the fact that RFCP soldiers are native to White House, the officers held a council. The council is known as the Council of the Auroras, for having been held within Northern Lights, our new capital.

Prior did not argue for a tie with LGA at last night’s battle, for we trailed by at least two penguins in each room, and we were sleepy.

“I was not as fast as I’d have like to have been tonight,” said Prior, “and I take a good deal of blame.”

So instead of debating with the LGA, Prior and the officers commenced this council immediately to address “areas of the ship that need to be tightened.”

Topics included:

  1. The goals of the war
  2. The procedure of the officers during battle while Prior is running the orders channel
  3. The rules of procedure for when an officer fills in for Prior during his absence
  4. Ideas for addressing recruitment needs
  5. The security of our Discord
  6. Clarification of the ranking system
  7. Strategy for upcoming battles

Some of these outcomes are confidential, but below they will be discussed to the greatest extent that they can be.

  1. The goals of the war

While much of this is confidential, officers can confirm that the war does not have an anticipated end at this time. RFCP will only walk away when it feels it is ahead and has made significant gains.

2. The procedure of the officers during battle while Prior is running the orders channel


3. The rules of procedure for when an officer fills in for Prior during his absence

The issue arose last night of: What would happen if Prior was not here?

“If I retire, it will come suddenly, without warning, in the form of a blog post as my leader did before me,” said Prior. “However, I can say that I do not want to give up my seat.”

Still, if RFCP is to endure past the summer, Prior will have to lean on the strength of his officers. For example, Prior said,

“What would have happened if I broke my hand on a run fifteen minutes before the battle we just had and needed to go to the hospital?”

It has been worked out that if Prior does not show for anything, it will be understood as an unexpected emergency and the next highest ranking officer will smoothly take control until if and when Prior returns. Everyone should remain calm and not be disoriented by this unlikely event, carrying on as planned with the understanding that we are prepared for this.

Nonetheless, the following rules were decided for those filling in for Prior:

Anyone leading in Prior’s stead has NO power to:

  1. Declare/end war
  2. Promote
  3. Demote
  4. Change rules/procedures of RFCP

They WILL have the authority to:

  1. Give orders
  2. Give medals
  3. Negotiate in the battle room
  4. Schedule non-combat events (this stands for all officers at all times, even while Prior is present)

4. Ideas for addressing recruitment needs.

RFCP has been losing to LGA mainly for being an average of just TWO penguins behind on them. The outcome was unanimous that recruitment needs to be our main priority in this war and we will be trying some new and creative methods.

5. The security of our Discord


6. Clarification of the ranking system

Prior answered a soldier’s question this morning that is good for everyone to refresh on.

Ranks are earned in the RFCP in a variety of ways. Only Prior may promote or demote.

Soldiers defer to the orders of the highest ranking soldier present, and should show respect to them. However, Prior in turn requires his officers to treat ALL ranks with dignity.

Ranks are harder to earn as you climb the ladder.

Agent, Ice Agent, and Lieutenant are awarded for involvement mostly. Once you reach Lieutenant, there is a much wider gap between you and your next rank, Colonel.

Colonel, General, and Commissar (there may only be one Commissar) join Commander Prior in the Command Room, a private channel here on RFCP. They make political and war decisions, as well as discuss operational procedures in the army. It is top secret.

These ranks are reached also with involvement, but more heavily require that you demonstrate passion, leadership, trustworthiness, and, most of all, consistency in all of the above.

The word “soldier” typically refers to Agent-Lieutenant, the word “officer” refers to Colonel and above, but sometimes soldier can mean all of RFCP enlisted.

7. Strategy for upcoming battles

Confidential at this time.

If any RFCP enlisted has questions or comments regarding the Council of the Auroras, please contact an officer.

Other News

As stated above, Northern Lights is our new capital!

We have made the CPA Top Ten List for the fourth week in a row, and are the highest ranked we’ve ever been at #5!

Gallery of the Battle of White House Return is below. Note especially how diverse the rooms in this battle were, per Prior’s strategy.

:30 Gift Shop (Prior used this as a way to reinforce the joke of LGA appearing naked, and chanted, “THIS IS WHERE YOU BUY CLOTHES.” “PLEASE BUY SOME.” And “DID YOU BUY CLOTHES?” just before switching rooms.)

:40 Iceberg

:50 Pool

Victory! Victory! Victory!

In the fourth battle of the War of Smoke and Sour, the Battle of Northern Lights, RFCP and LGA collided in the bloodiest and most intense combat yet. RFCP maxed 17, compared to an LGA max of 17/18. However, RFCP rose to dominance at the last room of the battle, the iceberg.

A beautifully executed Federation Formation.

Transcript of Prior’s battle speech:











The judges and the leaders spent two days in the battle room server determining the result.

Points raised included stellar tactics on either side, but RFCP wobbling between evenly matching the LGA and trailing by one or two. However, in the ski village, LGA had an afk troop, Snow (the dude chilling on the bottom right of the second photo), who did not count and hurt the LGA’s performance rating.

“I don’t see how the ski village can be won by LGA,” Prior argued. “Snow was just chilling the whole time. Which, you know, I relate to on a spiritual level. But for a battle…”

It was ultimately decided that the rooms resulted: Mine–Tie, Ski Village–Tie, Iceberg–RFCP.

Originally, the judges said this means the overall battle results were a tie, because ties are the majority. Prior challenged this, not understanding why they wouldn’t cancel out, having the math be 0-0- +1 RFCP.

His point was valid enough that the admins held a poll on this rule, pledging the results of the Battle of Northern Lights would rest upon its decision. All the great leaders of CPA would vote upon this poll.

The vote carried in our favor, and, we believe, to what made the most sense.

Still, further confusion ensured when an admin who was not present during the great debates of the Battle of Northern Lights offered their opinions as well, and controversy stirred up once more.

Finally, the admins decided that they would stick to their word that the results of the battle would rest with the poll, but that from henceforth, all CPA admin judging would be done in a private server, further encouraging the army leaders to work things out themselves.

After all was said and done, an official ruling finally was made that RFCP emerged victorious.

RFCP erupted into raucous celebration deep into the night.

The soldiers asked Prior to give a speech. “Glory to the RFCP!” they cried.

The soldiers dance and throw snowballs at Prior, akin to athlete dumping Gatorade on their coach after a win. The Commissar, Redovyco, was ungraciously tackled by Prior in a manly hug here as well.

Lucky gives Prior his cigar, this time a special Cohiba, to smoke.

Related image

And lastly, a slightly drunken Prior stands on “Lucky’s” (the RFCP bar) table and shouts, “WHO IS YOUR COMMANDER?” The replies:

….And then a bunch of other weird stuff happened during the revelry which won’t be blogged about.


We Rage On

The War of Smoke and Sour thunders on through time. RFCP holds fast despite this week’s losses.

This RFCP archival photo was generously provided by Agent Lucky Quinn and is titled
“Photo of Prior Bumble after fierce battle” (colorized, circa 2019)

The determination of the soldiers has been astounding. RFCP reminds everyone in the army that the officers are doing all they can to strategize for the least possible casualties. Our diplomats continue to work with our allies (three RFCP troops, Colonel Cabin0416, Agent MercuryPie, and Commander Prior aided Pizza Federation against the RPF yesterday). The aspired fruits of our warfare are not solely server gains, but exhausting and disorienting the enemy from all sides. We will persevere.

In his councils with the leaders of the NVA, Commander Prior also has learned that Rebel Penguin Federation has joined in what the NVA called “the most half-hearted alliance ever” with Lime Green Army to defend against us. LGA gave RPF some of its servers in return for their aid. Although LGA criticizes our use of allies, remember that fear strikes even the oppressor, and we are not the only ones combining our might in this war.

A recruitment was held yesterday as well and resulted in four new enlisted members! RFCP soldiers took hourly shifts at this recruitment, so large max sizes naturally were not expected.

Prior also held an hour-long confidential meeting with SWAG PENGU1N of Omega Security. The two leaders discussed current and future plans while weightlifting and spotting each other. Serious developments are ahead.

At this time, nothing can be revealed.

Penguin Latin

Erat Ispo Sacra!

Our motto has been mistaken for one translatable to standard Latin. RFCP would like to clarify that our motto is in Penguin Latin.

Long ago, the ancestors of Prior Bumble undertook the Bumble Migration and landed on the creaking iceberg from below the depths of the sea. They survived orca and shark. They carried with them from their native land the remnants of Penguin Latin, taught to them by the Grey Polar Bears of the Int’ai’uto Strait 300 miles northeast from the coast of the berg (only six Grey Polar Bears are left on the Strait today). There are some similarities to standard Latin, but legend has it that the 300 miles Prior’s ancestors traveled in ocean warbled and waterlogged their speech, adapting the language to their own ears even further.

Map of the Bumble Migration

Erat ipso sacra translates in English to “Hold the sacred ground.”

This staff was passed down to Prior, originally given to his ancestors by the Grey Polar Bears.

Our motto will not change.

Here are screencaps of Prior responding to an upset linguist, rosaferri, who we thank for her dedication.

RFCP Declares War with LGA

Its first war in history, RFCP entered into official war with the Lime Green Army.

The war will be known as the War of Smoke and Sour. The reason for this name is because Prior declared the war while in the Great Smoky Mountains, and the enemy, the Limes, are sour indeed.

Much anticipation surrounded this war in the New Viking Alliance.

While RFCP is strong, this war could not happen without our brothers.

“… Part of strategy is negotiating strong relationships, especially as a new and small army like RFCP,” Prior said in the CPA Battle Room channel.

Three battles were scheduled at once against LGA:

Monday July 8th, Fog, 10:00 PM EST

Thursday, July 11th, Northern Lights, 10:00 PM EST

Friday, July 12th, White House, 10:00 PM EST

LGA scheduled a counter-attack Monday, July 8th, 2:30 PM EST, of RFCP’S capital, Beanie, following its last failure on Saturday, July 7th, to take the capital:

The First Defense of Beanie

Saturday’s invasion was pushed back by RFCP and the NVA in overwhelming numbers and can be viewed below. Prior, although he attempted to negotiate with three of the LGA leaders to reschedule, could not attend the defense and thus RFCP’s forces were led by General Sha and EGCP leader, Cookky2.

The battle henceforth known as the First Defense of Beanie

Promotional video made by Colonel Cabin for the First Defense of Beanie

The Second Defense of Beanie

Unfortunately, on Monday, the capital fell to LGA’s invasion in the battle known as the Second Defense of Beanie. Prior commanded this battle, and negotiated strong formations and tactics. He planned for hours, hand-drawing the war plans, and reasserted his relationships with the other great leaders of the NVA. The RFCP outperformed the LGA, moving around more often, having more noise, and using more creative tactics (of course, LGA would disagree), and fell only due to having less men. Prior was weary, but pressed on for the battle that would happen later that night.

Transcript of Prior’s Battle Speech:















The battle
RFCP makes the Nike “Just Do it” symbol in the first room
RFCP forms a beautiful V for Victory in the next room of the battle, the iceberg (erat ipso sacra!)
The last room of the battle

Although it was a loss, esteemed leaders from the NVA praised the RFCP’S performance under Prior’s command:

Battle of Fog Docks

The next and third battle in the War of Smoke and Sour was the Battle of Fog Docks. This battle earned its name for the successful execution of the Federation Formation at the docks as RFCP invaded Fog. Again, Prior led with ferocity. Again, RFCP only retreated due to lack of numbers, as its performance was vicious. Prior sweat bullets in the battle room arguing for RFCP, but the admins ruled that the surplus of LGA penguins (they had us by 5 users) outweighed our excellence in formations and tactics. RFCP adapted with viper-like speed. When LGA took the perimeter, Prior ordered scrambling and joke-spamming the center ground. When LGA made diagonal lines, we crossed it to make and X. When they made an X, we severed it with a +.

A gorgeously executed F for Federation made by RFCP troops, defiling the LGA’s own formation.
Notice LGA profanities…
And LGA’s homophobia

The rooms were: Stadium, Docks, then Iceberg.

Transcript of Prior’s Battle Speech:








As the speech says, the infamous Xing, recently banned, donned LGA uniform at this battle before being kicked by Memmaw.

Commander Prior Bumble took the loss hard that night, and was not seen on Discord until the next morning.

The war rages on and will continue with two more battles at the latter end of the week.

Other News

  1. RFCP makes the Top Ten Army List for the third week in a row!

2. Many of our soldiers have been promoted. See the ranks page for new updates.

3. RFCP held a fun practice battle with Mopia

Prior shook hands with his dear friend and ally, Sage, the leader of the Mopia.

4. RFCP held a recruitment event maxing 7

An Interview with Lieutenant Cabin0416

Lieutenant Cabin0416 arrived at RFCP by pure chance. A veteran of many campaigns years ago and profiled on Club Penguin Armies wiki, earlier this month Cabin found himself on the CPA Discord, looking for a fresh start. He closed his eyes and clicked randomly on the list of armies.

RFCP is what he landed on.

Since, Cabin ascended rapidly through the ranks from Agent to Lieutenant in just over a week, something Prior is not known to often do. Cabin is the designer of our flag at the head of this page (not to be confused with our victory flag made by Colonel Boi), our in-progress CPA Wiki page, and the videos pinned to the blog.

He gives an interview below for the third post in our series, Interviews with the Soldiers.

Q: What are your special skills at RFCP?

A: Connecting with other members for one. RFCP isn’t just an army — it is a family. Second, my leadership skills. Even though I am not in a leadership position, I am not afraid to do what a leader would do in any given situation. Thanks to RFCP and Prior, I have learned so much more about what it means to be a leader.

Q: You may have alluded to this already, but we’ll give you this question anyway. Lieutenant Cabin, you’re a veteran of many Club Penguin armed conflicts. What makes RFCP unique or special?

A: The RFCP is a family, like I had mentioned before. I never really felt that close to other people before, in any Club Penguin Army. Here, the leader is active, open to suggestions, and most of all, cares. I didn’t really have that privilege back in the day. RFCP is really one of the smallest armies I have ever been in. RFCP is also special when it comes to the battlefield. For example, we can get into formation quickly. It takes quite some time for a larger army, like the ones I were in previously.

Q: It is quite odd and random, if one really thinks about it, that a colorful, cheerful game like Club Penguin could breed armies. Why do you think this culture arose? Why do some penguins fight?

A: I believe this culture arose due to boredom. I can speak from experience. I joined Club Penguin in 2013. As I grew older, Club Penguin started to get boring, but I just couldn’t give it up. It probably got boring for everyone at some point. The game rarely changed! That is about when I decided to give Club Penguin Armies a go. People growing up can be a reason why this culture arose. Teenagers are rebels. The reason why some penguins fought and still fight today is because it is not personal (to some it is), but it passes the time. Also, fighting can be fun.

Q: What is the most fun you’ve had at an RFCP event?

A: Either it is when we had that recruitment event not that long after I joined RFCP or when we lost Antarctic to RPF. We really came closer together as a family after that loss.

Q: What is your favorite color?

A: Yellow

Q: Prior is known for staying in character and being rather militant. Knowing him as his soldier, what is something about him that surprised you/would surprise our readers?

A: I didn’t know he was so open. Both emotionally and to the suggestions of the troops. From my experience, no leader has ever been that way.

Q: Anything else you want to say to our readers? This is your podium.


Q: !!!

Recon Federation Joins the New Viking Alliance, Prior Gives Three Political Updates

In the past week, the political situation of RFCP has intensified. While things with RPF have slowed for the time being, tensions with Lime Green Army are on the rise, and a historic summit has decided the relationship between RFCP and the mighty NVA (New Viking Alliance).

This post includes three parts: New Viking Alliance, The Trial of Xing, and Brewing Storms. IMPORTANT ORDERS are given in this last section, shown in italics.

New Viking Alliance

On July 5, 2019, officers of the RFCP (Commissar Redovyco, Colonel P3574017, Colonel DatBoiRiven, and Prior himself), after three days of rigorous discussion, agreed to officially join the New Viking Alliance as a full member, not merely an associate.

What is the NVA? It is a coalition of armies dedicated to mutual aid, and include the Winged Hussars, Pizza Federation, Elite Guardians of Club Penguin, and Green Street Gang.

RFCP officers were posed with the challenges that come with joining a large alliance. Main concerns included:

  1. RFCP’s identity possibly being overshadowed in the interests and identity of the NVA
  2. Uncertain future about server divisions after allied campaigns with the NVA (in other words, who gets what territory when all is said and done?).
  3. Gaining many allies is great for many reasons, but also limits the options of servers RFCP can invade.

While these concerns were real, the positives of joining the NVA were overwhelming. These were the core reasons the officers moved to join:

  1. NVA and RFCP share the same enemies: RPF and LGA.
  2. Being a part of a prominent coalition boosts our status and respectability.
  3. The leaders of the NVA, who welcomed us before we even made a decision, have shown unprecedented kindness and solidarity with us, and are clear about intentions to come to our aid

Ultimately, RFCP is thrilled to be joining the NVA. However, it encourages our soldiers to remember that their pride and patriotism rests exclusively with RFCP, and our culture and community will grow and strengthen in the name of our army, not our affiliations.

The Trial of Xing

Yesterday, the military leaders of Club Penguin held council on the CPA Discord. The matter of debate revolved around the user, Xing, and his army, the Templars.

RFCP had the displeasure of meeting Xing at the last battle with LGA at White House (CPATG). Xing spewed abusive language and repulsive behavior. Many other leaders expressed complaints about Xing. Sage, the leader of Mopia, reported screenshots of Xing troopstealing on Mopia’s Discord. Others, like Queenieliz (RPF Leader), actually found common ground with Prior over expressing concern for the safety of her troops. Another accusation against Xing was a tactic used by himself and his Templar soldiers which invoked the name of a recently deceased social media celebrity, Etika, claiming this person supports them.

Xing was banned by DMT (CPA admin), but the Templars and their representatives appealed to be allowed another chance in CPA.

The issue with this was that Xing and his cronies still are affiliated with the Templars, and it was Prior’s impression that the attitudes of the representatives of the Templars, while eager to persuade the sitting leaders, showed little remorse for their actions. They had been given multiple chances to be respectful and cooperative.

In response to the announcement of the council on this, Prior said to the leader’s channel:

“I will be there tomorrow to represent RFCP. My concern is just as deep as yours. I do want to read the [Templar’s] appeal and allow for equal opportunity of voice. I will cast a vote that primarily protects the interests of those who we, as leaders, safeguard below us.”

Prior scrutinized over his vote for 18 hours, overnight. He finally cast his vote, “No.”

“It is not a vote I would have cast were I not responsible for the safety of an entire army. I believe in compassion and giving people chances, even when they don’t deserve it. But I have seen the actions of Xing and the Templars and realized I cannot control the uncalled for damage they may do to my soldiers. As troubled as I am by this poll, I believe that those who follow me always have a right to transparency in how I deal with political and diplomatic matters on their behalf.”

In the end, the poll was moot, as the Templars decided to withdraw from CPA of their own accord.

Brewing Storm

The relationship between RFCP and Lime Green Army is currently as hostile as it has ever been.

Commander Prior made unreasonably extensive personal adjustments to make the battle LGA scheduled for today (Friday, July 5th). Then, LGA rescheduled the invasion for Saturday, July 6th. Immediately, Prior reached out to both LGA leaders and asked if they would find compassion for RFCP’s ability to celebrate the Independence Day weekend with their families and reschedule for a time that works for both armies.

The leaders ignored Prior for 48 hours, and finally sent a low-ranking solider to alert him that they refuse his request and they do not wish to speak to him. Finally, one LGA leader conceded and allowed Prior to message him. The leader explained that the silence towards RFCP was due to LGA staff being on vacation. “And are we not allowed to also have a vacation?” Prior said, calling out the hypocrisy of the LGA leadership. The leader replied and said no reschedule would happen.

This was the last straw of disrespect and lack of basic empathy shown to RFCP by the LGA.

A storm brews. Preparations for large events are being made. If you are an RFCP soldier, you are commanded immediately upon reading this to see the #missions channel in Discord for more information, but Prior urges his troops to brace themselves. More will be posted tomorrow.