We Rage On

The War of Smoke and Sour thunders on through time. RFCP holds fast despite this week’s losses.

This RFCP archival photo was generously provided by Agent Lucky Quinn and is titled
“Photo of Prior Bumble after fierce battle” (colorized, circa 2019)

The determination of the soldiers has been astounding. RFCP reminds everyone in the army that the officers are doing all they can to strategize for the least possible casualties. Our diplomats continue to work with our allies (three RFCP troops, Colonel Cabin0416, Agent MercuryPie, and Commander Prior aided Pizza Federation against the RPF yesterday). The aspired fruits of our warfare are not solely server gains, but exhausting and disorienting the enemy from all sides. We will persevere.

In his councils with the leaders of the NVA, Commander Prior also has learned that Rebel Penguin Federation has joined in what the NVA called “the most half-hearted alliance ever” with Lime Green Army to defend against us. LGA gave RPF some of its servers in return for their aid. Although LGA criticizes our use of allies, remember that fear strikes even the oppressor, and we are not the only ones combining our might in this war.

A recruitment was held yesterday as well and resulted in four new enlisted members! RFCP soldiers took hourly shifts at this recruitment, so large max sizes naturally were not expected.

Prior also held an hour-long confidential meeting with SWAG PENGU1N of Omega Security. The two leaders discussed current and future plans while weightlifting and spotting each other. Serious developments are ahead.

At this time, nothing can be revealed.

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