Penguin Latin

Erat Ispo Sacra!

Our motto has been mistaken for one translatable to standard Latin. RFCP would like to clarify that our motto is in Penguin Latin.

Long ago, the ancestors of Prior Bumble undertook the Bumble Migration and landed on the creaking iceberg from below the depths of the sea. They survived orca and shark. They carried with them from their native land the remnants of Penguin Latin, taught to them by the Grey Polar Bears of the Int’ai’uto Strait 300 miles northeast from the coast of the berg (only six Grey Polar Bears are left on the Strait today). There are some similarities to standard Latin, but legend has it that the 300 miles Prior’s ancestors traveled in ocean warbled and waterlogged their speech, adapting the language to their own ears even further.

Map of the Bumble Migration

Erat ipso sacra translates in English to “Hold the sacred ground.”

This staff was passed down to Prior, originally given to his ancestors by the Grey Polar Bears.

Our motto will not change.

Here are screencaps of Prior responding to an upset linguist, rosaferri, who we thank for her dedication.

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