Recon Federation Joins the New Viking Alliance, Prior Gives Three Political Updates

In the past week, the political situation of RFCP has intensified. While things with RPF have slowed for the time being, tensions with Lime Green Army are on the rise, and a historic summit has decided the relationship between RFCP and the mighty NVA (New Viking Alliance).

This post includes three parts: New Viking Alliance, The Trial of Xing, and Brewing Storms. IMPORTANT ORDERS are given in this last section, shown in italics.

New Viking Alliance

On July 5, 2019, officers of the RFCP (Commissar Redovyco, Colonel P3574017, Colonel DatBoiRiven, and Prior himself), after three days of rigorous discussion, agreed to officially join the New Viking Alliance as a full member, not merely an associate.

What is the NVA? It is a coalition of armies dedicated to mutual aid, and include the Winged Hussars, Pizza Federation, Elite Guardians of Club Penguin, and Green Street Gang.

RFCP officers were posed with the challenges that come with joining a large alliance. Main concerns included:

  1. RFCP’s identity possibly being overshadowed in the interests and identity of the NVA
  2. Uncertain future about server divisions after allied campaigns with the NVA (in other words, who gets what territory when all is said and done?).
  3. Gaining many allies is great for many reasons, but also limits the options of servers RFCP can invade.

While these concerns were real, the positives of joining the NVA were overwhelming. These were the core reasons the officers moved to join:

  1. NVA and RFCP share the same enemies: RPF and LGA.
  2. Being a part of a prominent coalition boosts our status and respectability.
  3. The leaders of the NVA, who welcomed us before we even made a decision, have shown unprecedented kindness and solidarity with us, and are clear about intentions to come to our aid

Ultimately, RFCP is thrilled to be joining the NVA. However, it encourages our soldiers to remember that their pride and patriotism rests exclusively with RFCP, and our culture and community will grow and strengthen in the name of our army, not our affiliations.

The Trial of Xing

Yesterday, the military leaders of Club Penguin held council on the CPA Discord. The matter of debate revolved around the user, Xing, and his army, the Templars.

RFCP had the displeasure of meeting Xing at the last battle with LGA at White House (CPATG). Xing spewed abusive language and repulsive behavior. Many other leaders expressed complaints about Xing. Sage, the leader of Mopia, reported screenshots of Xing troopstealing on Mopia’s Discord. Others, like Queenieliz (RPF Leader), actually found common ground with Prior over expressing concern for the safety of her troops. Another accusation against Xing was a tactic used by himself and his Templar soldiers which invoked the name of a recently deceased social media celebrity, Etika, claiming this person supports them.

Xing was banned by DMT (CPA admin), but the Templars and their representatives appealed to be allowed another chance in CPA.

The issue with this was that Xing and his cronies still are affiliated with the Templars, and it was Prior’s impression that the attitudes of the representatives of the Templars, while eager to persuade the sitting leaders, showed little remorse for their actions. They had been given multiple chances to be respectful and cooperative.

In response to the announcement of the council on this, Prior said to the leader’s channel:

“I will be there tomorrow to represent RFCP. My concern is just as deep as yours. I do want to read the [Templar’s] appeal and allow for equal opportunity of voice. I will cast a vote that primarily protects the interests of those who we, as leaders, safeguard below us.”

Prior scrutinized over his vote for 18 hours, overnight. He finally cast his vote, “No.”

“It is not a vote I would have cast were I not responsible for the safety of an entire army. I believe in compassion and giving people chances, even when they don’t deserve it. But I have seen the actions of Xing and the Templars and realized I cannot control the uncalled for damage they may do to my soldiers. As troubled as I am by this poll, I believe that those who follow me always have a right to transparency in how I deal with political and diplomatic matters on their behalf.”

In the end, the poll was moot, as the Templars decided to withdraw from CPA of their own accord.

Brewing Storm

The relationship between RFCP and Lime Green Army is currently as hostile as it has ever been.

Commander Prior made unreasonably extensive personal adjustments to make the battle LGA scheduled for today (Friday, July 5th). Then, LGA rescheduled the invasion for Saturday, July 6th. Immediately, Prior reached out to both LGA leaders and asked if they would find compassion for RFCP’s ability to celebrate the Independence Day weekend with their families and reschedule for a time that works for both armies.

The leaders ignored Prior for 48 hours, and finally sent a low-ranking solider to alert him that they refuse his request and they do not wish to speak to him. Finally, one LGA leader conceded and allowed Prior to message him. The leader explained that the silence towards RFCP was due to LGA staff being on vacation. “And are we not allowed to also have a vacation?” Prior said, calling out the hypocrisy of the LGA leadership. The leader replied and said no reschedule would happen.

This was the last straw of disrespect and lack of basic empathy shown to RFCP by the LGA.

A storm brews. Preparations for large events are being made. If you are an RFCP soldier, you are commanded immediately upon reading this to see the #missions channel in Discord for more information, but Prior urges his troops to brace themselves. More will be posted tomorrow.

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